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Today 10:26 AM
Cube orientation
You're driver won't be able to see much, but it is possible for your robot to see clear as day all the way on the other side of the field. It may even be possible (dependent on programming and vision...
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Today 10:26 AM
pic: Coach-Mentor Pin 2018
Have to admit a preference for the triangle, circle, square series of pins that were evocative of the FIRST logo...
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Today 10:24 AM
Climbing Strategy
You can take up the whole rung so long as you make an extension to the rung for your partner. :D
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Today 09:57 AM
[YMTC]: What determines a robot's intentions?
It is dangerous to predict what the bumble bee is going to do in these kinds of grey situations. But going on past years games with similar rules. (Also dangerous.) A robot ejecting a cube while...
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Today 09:46 AM
Recursion and Instance Variables in LabVIEW
Unfortunately the vi is already reentrant. As far as I know in order to make a recursive vi this is already a requirement. However the problem is that labVIEW does not allow the use of preallocated...
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Mark McLeod
Today 09:46 AM
Magnetic sensors
Thanks for the clarification.
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Today 09:44 AM
"Quotes" that were said during build season
"Hear me out, a robot game where you have to build other robots"
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Today 09:10 AM
pic: Am I Doing It Right Guys?
Yes unless the actuator had it's own detent built in or you added your own detent. Every lock actuator I've seen had no detent (plunger was free-moving when not powered) as they used the door lock...
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Today 09:10 AM
Help with Java on Raspberry Pi - creating a runnable jar/exe
Got it working after messing around a bit with the java -D parameter. It looks like I had to add the trailing "/" to the path (i.e. /usr/local/wpilib/lib/ instead of /usr/local/wpilib/lib ) in order...
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Greg H
Today 09:03 AM
Eclipse C++ "not resolved" error
Take a look at the #includes in your working example vs. chassis.h
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Today 09:01 AM
Localization Using Tape Lines
I can't spend the time to help with the math right now (I might edit this post later tonight if I have time then), but I would caution against relying on gaffers tape lines for autonomous...
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Today 08:58 AM
2018 FIRST PowerUp Rules Quiz
Could I also get the key by any chance! Thanks
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Today 08:49 AM
The Robonauts 118-Everybot
Have you seen this technical paper? It is very detailed on how to assemble things.
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Today 07:48 AM
10-32 Threaded Standoff Stock
McMaster FTW. Lots of options.
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Today 07:08 AM
AndyMark Compliant Wheels Warning
Per the product page, the bores are actually 0.425 in for 1/2 in hex, 3.125 for 3/8 in hex, and 0.31 in for 8 mm shafts. I also assumed the bore was 3/8 on the wheels that we used, but upon measuring...
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Today 07:03 AM
G20/G25 Scale Scoring Grey Area?
I can think of two possibilities: The members of the GDC are still discussing the situation and haven't yet come to a consensus on how they want to deal with it. Their interface to the Q&A isn't any...
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Today 06:48 AM
Compressor not auto powered- pneumatics help
Thatís what I was trying to say...I just mentioned that even if you have the compressor set to be on in the code, the pnemumatics system will still override that and shut it off when you hit max...
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Today 05:35 AM
Rev robotics linear bearings...any others?
I was seeking other alternatives without much luck so hopefully in a couple days I can have rev parts coming.
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Today 03:38 AM
Motion Profiling with Pathfinder and Talon SRX
Seems my reply to this got lost in transit. Oblarg is correct, you need to set the isLast flag on your TrajectoryPoint you are loading, since there is no guarantee the end of the Talon's internal...
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Today 02:23 AM
ADIS16448 C++ and LabVIEW Update
Updates to Java are now live! Check out the repository for more information! https://github.com/juchong/ADIS16448-RoboRIO-Driver
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