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Today 11:13 PM
Team 624 CRyptonite 2018: PaCRat
Nice, I like yall's single post elevator Why did yall name it pacrat? Other than the C and R being next to each other
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Today 11:12 PM
Starting Autonomous Without The Robot
It is really cool that you have made your own encoder. I imagine that your robot is in the bag now so when you get to your competition, please take a photo and post it back in this thread.
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Peter Johnson
Today 11:07 PM
ELP Wide Angle Camera Help
After adding CameraServer.getInst ance().startAutomati cCapture(); to your code, try connecting to http://roborio-TEAM-frc.local:1181/ (where TEAM is your team number). Does it show a video feed? ...
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Today 10:56 PM
Poll-How many teams scrap their robots after the season ends?
We keep the only one the got us blue banners (2016) around. We use it for demos and practice, but the hardware is untouchable. Except for that radio that disappeared last Saturday...
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Today 10:55 PM
The Robonauts 118 - 2018 Video
I can also imagine 148 grabbing the third robot (possibly last pick in the serpentine) to guarantee it got lifted while 118 scored one or two more cubes before climbing on their own. The third robot...
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Today 10:53 PM
2018 AZ North Regional Scouting Alliance - Team 1836
Hello everyone! Now that Stop Build Day is behind us, we're ready to begin to finalize our scouting alliance plans. Please click the links or view below for more details and to sign up. If you have...
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Today 10:49 PM
Lightning Robotics #5763: FRC Power Up Robot Reveal
Really awesome to see a reveal from you guys! Can't wait to see this in action at Colorado. Here's to a great season!
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Joey Milia
Today 10:47 PM
Custom Compliant Wheels
In 2012 and 2013 118 used a couple of different urethane rubbers for the treads on their drive wheels. 192 then tried to copy them but had issues with getting the rubber mix right and they didn't...
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Today 10:45 PM
2018 Team Update 13
Need a line or some other object for reference...some distance does not cut it unless marked out.
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Today 10:33 PM
Power Up Driver's Test
Can you plz send me the answer key, thank you so much!
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Today 10:33 PM
pic: Team 701 Presents: Mjölnir
This year it seems we went in entirely different directions, our two teams. I really like it, and I'll keep saying that I hope to play with y'all again some day.
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Eugene Fang
Today 09:55 PM
2018 FRC/TBA API Score Breakdown
No, since there's no way to know which side is which.
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Today 09:41 PM
If you can't figure it out, a picture would work too.
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Today 09:25 PM
Team 5045 Presents: POLYBIUS
Well, there goes name idea #4. I'm surprised there haven't been more teams with a double ramp off the back. It seems like a reasonable way to save space (depending on how your other mechanisms work...
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Today 09:16 PM
Accelerator/Decelerator in Java
What's your drivetrain? What wheels are you using? Chains/belts/separately powered? What motors are you using? What gearbox and gear ratio?
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Kevin Leonard
Today 09:06 PM
[FRC Blog] Events Start Next Week!
So wings on me Friday night, @Frank? We're excited to have you at the inaugural Central New York Regional!
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Today 08:57 PM
Calculating F Feed for Motion Profile (2018)
Use PercentOutput mode. Are you sure you are reading the updated docs? The updated CTRE documentation is here.
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Today 08:55 PM
Brownouts , PDP and roborio
That gearing is quite a bit more aggressive than anything I would consider in a single-speed, and probably even in a shifting drive. Even if you don't have brownout problems (you almost certainly...
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Eugene Fang
Today 08:55 PM
Webcasts 2018 Week 1
Oh is it this time of year already? I'm not ready for this... :(
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Bob Steele
Today 08:39 PM
Changing Mechanisms at Comp.
I would suggest that you look at your timing carefully. IF you have made the arrangements for pre-inspection in advance with the LRI or an individual inspector you might go ahead and make a...
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