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Yesterday 10:45 PM
Rev Robotics Expansion Hub
To connect two ExH's to a phone, you plug one ExH into the phone with the OTG cable directly, and then chain the hubs together using the provided 3-pin JST (RS 485) cable and XT30 power cable. No...
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Yesterday 09:17 PM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #684
The new test to see if you ball thrower is overkill. Step 1:Launch ball in between rung and hole in wall If it gets stuck maybe knock it down a bit.
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Joey Milia
Yesterday 08:50 PM
pic: Flipped CIM Gearbox Attempt #2
Yes and afterward it was decided separate thinner belts were a better path. 2016 had a different gearbox belt configuration that I believe didn't have issues. I'm a fan of a 6mm wide GT3 belt for...
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Yesterday 08:36 PM
[FRC Blog] Preference System for Event Registration
Yes, I'm pretty sure it's from Jingle All the Way. Connecting that to 2007 Rack-N-Roll is a real stretch. Connecting it to 1996 Hexagon Havoc appears to be a complete non sequitur; am I missing...
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Lil' Lavery
Yesterday 07:53 PM
"Outside-In" 775pro gearbox
It's probably nothing, but I'm a little leery of those extra-length pinions. I feel like you're exposing the 775 Pro output shaft to a lot of potential side loads that way.
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Yesterday 07:46 PM
Methods of strengthening material?
a really simple way to add rigidity to sheet material is to clamp a piece of angle or box tube to the the sheet and just drill and rivet. Works well in a pinch especially on large thin polycarb...
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Yesterday 06:52 PM
Compressor Not Turning On?
Wow a lot of basic questions about pneumatics in a short time span! Check out the PCM User Guide, particularly pages 17 through 19 which are specifically about troubleshooting a compressor that...
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Yesterday 06:10 PM
pic: I was making a diagram to explain our new framework and decided to make this
Good you thing you said it was a parody, else this would be a clear case of Poe's Law in effect.
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Yesterday 04:22 PM
Eclipse from the Edge of Space
This look really awesome! Can't wait to see some of that footage.
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Yesterday 03:31 PM
Ignore enabled/disabled, control motors anyway
Alternatively you could use CTRE's HERO board which has this behavior by default, although you would have to use their C# libraries rather than C++.
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Yesterday 01:46 PM
Run Multiple Compressors with Relay in C++
Yes. If for some reason you don't want to use the PCM, you can wire the pressure switch to a DIO on the RIO. If you do this, wire and program it just like a normally closed limit switch; one wire...
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Yesterday 01:07 PM
pic: Flipped CIM Drive Train
I don't think it's a huge deal either, but OP was mentioning bellypan space as a priority, in which case there would be situations where the space in the center of the robot may be more preferably...
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Cothron Theiss
Yesterday 12:31 PM
pic: 1-Stage 2-Speed WCD Gearbox
Also, you've got three bearings pretty close together on the output shaft. I'd get rid of that largest bearing.
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