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Elizabeth Lowe
Yesterday 10:30 PM
2017 ROBO-CON Festival of Robotics & STEM Learning
Hi, here are some ROBO-CON updates: If you've never been to ROBO-CON, this happens July 22 (10-4) at Lapeer West CFI, 170 Millville Rd., Lapeer. It is free for teams and the public. You play in...
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Yesterday 10:12 PM
[FTC]: Speak to me of FTC Leagues
Leagues in PNW provide 2 league matches that lead into a league final combining multiple leagues. Performance is cumulative including league finals to qualify for state championships. Judging only...
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Yesterday 09:42 PM
Running Multiple Auto cases simultaneously
Absolutely! It's easiest to start of at a slow speed (say 1 ft/s) and tweak the effects of the peg being in the wrong place while you're moving slowly enough to see what's going on. Then increase...
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Yesterday 09:37 PM
Names Help
In 2015 and 2016 (perhaps a year or two earlier), we had a similar situation, and used "varsity" and "junior varsity". I never noticed any confusion that these were qualifications within the team,...
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Yesterday 09:18 PM
Field Rope use
1836 climbed 5499's rope a few times on the practice field right before elims at the Idaho Regional. Turns out it worked so much better that we copied their rope (and made 10 more) for champs! Our...
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Yesterday 09:14 PM
Gearbox Standoffs & Electronics Mounting on WCD
Other WCDs avoid this problem by running the sprocket inside the gearbox instead of outside it. Make the spacers holding the gearbox together longer, and put the gearbox right against the drivetrain...
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Yesterday 09:09 PM
paper: Fun WCD attempt
Shutdowns/reboots/etc. only occur under very high voltage drops. A regular run-of-the-mill brownout will cause stuttering due to output being shut on an doff quickly but it won't reboot your robot...
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Yesterday 07:40 PM
frc 2010 game manual
Concurring with Ari and Eric: we did 2008 FIRST Overdrive as a dry run of our strategy process in late 2016, and 2005 Triple play in late 2017. Keeping with the idea of being a multiple of four...
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Yesterday 07:12 PM
A Scouting Tale from the Ages
Funny story about that... 1257 actually had to learn that lesson again. 1257 was disbanded a year after Max graduated, and was resurrected in 2009. For 5 seasons, the team only made it into...
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Top Succo
Yesterday 07:06 PM
2018 FRC Game Hint Released
Coincidentally you sent this out at 2:54pm... Thats a Top Succo if I've ever seen one.
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Yesterday 06:37 PM
2017 Bay Area Business/Media Workshops | July 8 & August 26
6/28 Update: Our August workshop will be rescheduled (and possibly relocated) due to scheduling conflicts with the SAT tests - it will no longer be on the 26th. We’ll send out the new details...
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Hitchhiker 42
Yesterday 05:00 PM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #677
Remember, when you stick the numbers on the actual bumper, use your actual team number, and don't put the word "Bumper" in front of it.
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Yesterday 03:10 PM
pic: 3d printable HTD pulley Generator
I've been experimenting with 3D printed gearboxes and pinions to use with 775 pros for a little bit this summer. I'm using HTD 5mm belts because that's what we had. For the pinions I got the initial...
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Yesterday 02:48 PM
FRC Auction Draft
When they pick up #17 for 0 or 1 points, they can get #3 for 19 or 20 points.
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Yesterday 02:21 PM
2017 IRI Bracket Challenge
1) 2767 195 2169 910 SF 2) 2122 2056 4587 5842 W 3) 118 2451 469 4188 QF 4) 125 1619 2168 1987 F 5) 1114 33 5406 2791 QF 6) 2337 1732 67 1806 SF 7) 2481 225 217 1676 QF 8) 4967 2590 1640 1477 QF
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Yesterday 01:36 PM
2017 Big Bang
We still have room for more teams if any team is interested just let me know. We can work out payment details later Looking for Referees also Teams wanting to help setup can show up around...
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Yesterday 11:58 AM
Financial Support for Struggling Teams?
Maybe if someone provided details on why things are like this, people could offer for useful and accurate solutions? Why a homeschool association would not want corporate sponsorship of a team is...
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Yesterday 09:56 AM
2017 Hudson Valley Rally
Sorry, I haven't been very good at checking this thread recently. Yes, if you are looking to volunteer for the event, our volunteer registration is on the same page as our team registration...
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Yesterday 09:18 AM
P60 gearbox life
If I'm not mistaken, the p60 pinion is press-fit and specific to the size motor being used, the Vex pinion isn't really a pinion per-say, it's more of a coupler that interfaces between the motor and...
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New Post
Yesterday 08:16 AM
Rookie Team Logistics/Advice
Yup, I contacted my region mentor as someone suggested above. :D Thanks!
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