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Today 10:33 AM
Are multiple pressure regulators possible
Interesting question! I'm not currently sure if pneumatic component manufacturers produce such a device, and if they do, it may not be compliant with the manual. The only way I could see this being...
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Today 10:31 AM
FRC 95 2018 Build Thread
Yes. Even a 3/4 paper mask does wonders at keeping spray out of your respiratory system. I suggest cleaning safety glasses/goggles with IPA or paint thinner (mineral spirits) immediately after...
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Today 10:29 AM
Just a Quick Question(s)
not to :deadhorse: but search is your friend. and to answer your questions: Yes and yes. Is it a good idea? that's another issue altogether.
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Today 10:26 AM
The Robonauts 118-Everybot
We did a robot last year with a 21.3" long frame perimeter using the kit chassis. We cut it at the point shown below, and left off the "rear" wheels. If you do this, be sure to cut the left end off...
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Today 10:18 AM
987 Tragic News
Condolences from Team 2168 to all of 978 as well as the rest of Oscar's family
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Today 10:17 AM
XboxController Command Based
I tried using the Joystick class and it all worked fine! Thank you all for your great help.
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Today 10:05 AM
Detecting Keyboard
https://forums.ni.com/t5/FIRST-Robotics-Competition/Keyboard-Navigation-with-the-roboRIO/ta-p/3500776 For the Dashboard code, you can register keypresses and use network tables to send to the robot....
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Today 10:02 AM
2018 Shirt Trading Thread
I have almost 100 2168 shirts, I suppose I could part ways with a few of them. I've got tee's, pullover hoodies, zip up hoodies, pullover 1/4 zip's (Super soft), and a few polo's. Mostly large and...
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Today 10:02 AM
Rookie Team Help Request - Kit of Parts Chassis
one thing about moving the end frame pieces closer to the wheels, is that it gets just about impossible to assemble the frame screws and nuts, because there's no room to fit fingers in. We notched...
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Today 09:42 AM
"Quotes" that were said during build season
"Was that intentional?" "...Mostly."
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Mark McLeod
Today 09:40 AM
Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 'No Camera Selection' in Dashboard
Which of the programming languages are you using?
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Today 09:39 AM
FIRST Choice Round 2 Shipping?
Our 3 cubes on FIRST Choice and a few small things was $81 shipping, but then it showed order total $59 something. Our 12 cubes from VEX was only $34 shipping. Maybe I should call Andymark.
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Kevin Leonard
Today 09:20 AM
2018 POWER UP Game Manual Test
Thanks, Peter. Quite the extensive test.
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Today 09:19 AM
Electrical planning
Inventor is the best option for the final presentation of it but I need to be drawn out so you can make sure the lines are the least cluttered.
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Dave Hurt
Today 09:14 AM
Issues with new Talon libraries
Yea, we didn't have limit switches, but we did have encoders that were no longer plugged in. So that may have been what the issue was.
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Today 09:09 AM
Timed robot advantages
TL;DR1 - Use Timed. More detailed: Strictly speaking, no chunk of code should run until at least one new input is available, and the output is ready to receive a new value (otherwise you're...
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Today 08:32 AM
LiveWindow, SmartDash, SmartDash 2.0, Shuffleboard?
An alternate DIY Approach: host a website on the RIO, using handwritten html/javascript to pass info back and forth with websockets. What I really really liked about smartdashboard was how easy it...
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Today 08:31 AM
Pixy and its different communication protocols
The roboRIO has 2 I2C "ports" What we do as a team is plug the navx directly into the MXP port, and then plug in the pixy to I2C. If you need code, we think we have it figured out for java. Respond...
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Today 08:26 AM
SD540C Motor Controller native library issues
Thanks for the info.
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Today 07:43 AM
Polycarbonate vs. Aluminum
When my teams build something that will extend outside the frame, I tell them to build it one of 3 ways: 1> so flexible that it will 'bend like a reed' and come back to it's normal shape. 2> Build it...
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