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Today 12:27 AM
Homemade CAD system?
Inventor is not cross-platform. You must be thinking of Fusion 360.
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Today 12:09 AM
VEXpro 2018 Product Unveil
Just want to say thank you to VEX/IFI for releasing a bunch of new products that are either incidentally or directly for FTC-- I'm sure some of them will make it onto our robot this year, and...
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Brian M
Yesterday 11:45 PM
I noticed the 32DP gears and GT2 belts and pulleys didnt get much recognition here on CD. I really want to extend a huge thank you to VEXPRO for stocking these, it makes it possible for us Canadians,...
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Yesterday 11:40 PM
4th Annual F4 CADathon
We do allow teams of 3 in certain cases, mainly when the group of three has 1 or more people that have very little time and won't be able to contribute much, or don't have much cad experience. If...
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Yesterday 11:18 PM
Introducing Limelight for FRC
Brandon is working on it. Soon we plan to do a pre-order for the units already under construction. He will post all of the details, we don't want to over-promise anything so we're trying to make...
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Yesterday 10:18 PM
Why disable firewall?
My 2 cents. Set aside a single laptop as the drive station is the way to go. If you can afford it, get a backup drive station would be a good idea too (because a drop laptop never happen). For us,...
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Yesterday 10:08 PM
Robot Not Moving
I've never used this language but I'm pretty sure "if(gamepad2.a = true)" is still an assignment statement. So you either need to do "if(gamepad2.a == true)" or just "if(gamepad2.a)" . Usually, that...
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Yesterday 09:49 PM
MAR 2018
Glad TechFire got into CHS for week 2, we can't wait to compete with our friends from CHS!!
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Yesterday 07:58 PM
[Behind The Lines] Leveraging COTS with Justin Foss! 8pm ET Wed
How do you differentiate between good COTS and bad COTS? (i.e. would or would not be useful to a large subset of teams)
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Yesterday 07:45 PM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #701
Hey, we have the same name :p Here's may caption: Now, as I demonstrate with my hand, if we can move the robot fast enough, we can make the robot go invisible and gain a strategic advantage.
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Yesterday 07:17 PM
pic: Looking for feedback on our drivetrain
Whoops -- I think we accidentally posted a broken link. The correct one is https://drive.google.com/file/d/1x4lqKBTQV_Kil7Ug2ST 6dEpHx6oFLgcW/view Thanks! We were actually already considering doing...
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Yesterday 06:15 PM
Eclipse Doesn't Even Start to Deploy
Sounds like the majority of the problems I run into on my job :) - $1 to turn the knob, $99 to know which knob to turn. No worries, glad it's working!
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Yesterday 05:49 PM
Does anyone recognize this hardware?
I'd bet it's some sort of PWM switch or lighting controller. You can probably control the outputs of the fets depending on the range the input PWM is in. The DIP switches control whether the output...
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Yesterday 05:38 PM
FRC Team 1296 Annual 2017 Car Raflle
Hello, I'm a student on 1296 and I'd just like to thank anyone who bought a ticket for the raffle this year, it really goes a long way toward helping the team.
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Yesterday 05:30 PM
Build fails when uploaded over radio wirelessly and RoboRIO can't be pinged
Thank you so much!! This worked!! I have been trying to fix this for two weeks. Thank you!!
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Yesterday 01:16 PM
[FF]: Orange County Regional 2018
We'll take 7042
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Jimmy Nichols
Yesterday 12:27 PM
Miami Valley Regional Team Social
Should Probably merge this with the Official MVR thread so all info is there.
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Mark McLeod
Yesterday 11:25 AM
Registration 2018
Here's a stab at showing what teams were lost from where. Each color represents a specific number of team-years, e.g., lavender represents teams with 1-year experience. Colors may be a problem...
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Ryan Dognaux
Yesterday 11:15 AM
Where to buy 12 volt battery caps?
This seems like a great opportunity to take a look at the BattHawk - a product developed by FRC 1720 and sold by AndyMark: http://www.andymark.com/BattHawk-p/am-3824_4.htm If you're in the market to...
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Ryan Dognaux
Yesterday 10:59 AM
Possible Applications of new Brushless Motor?
Literally just showing it in various FRC-type applications on a robot, in action. That's all they needed to do. It looks like FRC 4330 from the St. Louis area is featured and it would be interesting...
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