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Today 05:52 PM
[FF]: CHS Day Two
No jokes today, since day two is SERIOUS BUSINESS https://media.giphy.com/media/8BlntAKe6ljJS5sqQ0/giphy.gif Times enforced at 8 PM EST on 12/10 Lists from JSM and Mr. Commissioner TLC ...
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Today 05:44 PM
pic: 195 6 Stack
I think a couple Indy teams can do 6 (1720, 1747, and 1741 if Iím not mistaken)
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Today 05:28 PM
Drivetrain design for difficult terrain
Yet another: Octocanum!
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Connor McBride
Today 05:24 PM
paper: JVN's Mechanical Design Calculator 2016
Are there plans for the calculator to support the NEO Motor in the near future?
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Jon Stratis
Today 05:11 PM
FIRST Choice What did you get?
Exactly what I expected we'd get - control system parts, encoders, and some pink hex shaft collars.
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Today 04:19 PM
2 robots at competition
What is in the bag has nothing to do with the 30 lb allowance so it is not really bypassing that rule. It will be interesting the changes 2020 brings since the bag will be gone.
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Today 04:09 PM
Single Belt West Coast Drive
Can you post a screenshot? The main problem I see with driving multiple wheels on one belt is that you want the belt to mesh with more than just a few teeth of each pulley. And, that means a long,...
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Today 03:46 PM
2018-19 National Instruments Grant
It blows my mind that so many of these types of grants are given out so late in the offseason. Nothing like not knowing how much money you're gonna have.
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Today 03:45 PM
"Black Friday" - Robowrangler Sheet Metal Giveaway 2018
I have been wondering what you guys are using against the round tube. Iíve seen the CAD but was wondering if you ordered them from somewhere, or if you made them, what are they made out of?
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Today 03:36 PM
A profound thought
I have checked TBA and there doesn't seem to be any fortnite related names. (yet)
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Today 03:27 PM
Protopipe - Spectrum 3847
FWIW, similar pieces are available commercially. I noticed "saddle tees" at Lowe's yesterday when shopping for stanchion materials.
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Danny Blau
Today 03:18 PM
AndyMark Ri3D Sponsorship Application 2019
Hello Ri3D Teams, AndyMark is excited to continue supporting Ri3D teams, and is offering sponsorship again for the 2019 season. In order to best serve the community we ask that you provide some...
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Today 03:06 PM
[FF]: [SLFF] San Francisco 2019 Tier 2
Questionable Decisionmakers 254 8:37 8:39 The Dinner Company 8:03 8:35 8:41 Falcon 8:06 8:33 8:43 Flux Capacity ...
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Caleb Sykes
Today 02:22 PM
pic: Average Stack
Make a 4-stack and put a 4 stack on top of it, think like how some teams stacked in 2015
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Today 02:15 PM
pic: Average Swerve Module
I didn't even need to click that link to know where it leads...
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Danny Diaz
Today 02:15 PM
#25 double idler sprocket for 1/2" hex shaft?
Just FYI, it worked beautifully. Thanks so much Carlos, Allen, and Karthik! What I eventually used: 1x VexPro 217-3234 VersaHub 2x VexPro 217-2690 Sprockets 2x AndyMark FR8ZZ-HexHD Flanged 1/2"...
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Mohamed Fawzy
Today 02:08 PM
can't connect my kinect 360 model 1473 to my raspberry pi 3 b+
i can't connect my kinect 360 model 1473 to my raspberry pi 3 b+ i followed this guide https://www.mariolukas.de/2015/04/proof-of-concept-3d-scanner-with-kinect-and-raspberry-pi2/ but when i try to...
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Today 02:05 PM
Eclipse - import com.ctre cannot be resolved
Thank you!! It was a breeze.
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Today 12:44 PM
Build Season Scheduling Results / Lessons Learned
Here is what we try to do on 1014. Week 1: (A)2-3 days to finalize our strategy and our design hierarchy. This hierarchy prioritizes what capabilities take priority when there are design conflicts....
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Today 12:24 PM
The Great Drive Base Performance Characterization Data Sharing Thread
There won't be a good correlation between acceleration and voltage alone, because your accelerations are all at different velocities. What the analysis is actually doing to determine intercept, Kv,...
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