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Richard Wallace
Today 10:52 PM
Refs not calling G23 (LA Regional)?
At MISJO (Q5) one referee called G23 in spectacular fashion: 19 fouls. Ten G23 for moving the entire pyramid, and nine G22 for controlling ten cubes. Harsh, but it is the correct call. 4:47 in...
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Today 10:37 PM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #714
"You said you need a peace."
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Today 10:36 PM
Full Field View Only PLEASE
I'll pop in here with a conversation I had with some AV people who had run both of the two Kansas City events (Heartland, than Greater Kansas City three days later). If you look, all of the Heartland...
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Today 10:27 PM
Introducing FAST for iOS
Thank you so much! New features are being beta tested now and will be released to the public soon! These include, but are not limited to: .CSV exporting, background updating of Blue Alliance data...
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Today 10:22 PM
[FTC]: Running an FTC Program
As someone who went from being an FRC student to being an FTC mentor for the last four years, I think one of the biggest thing is to remember that FTC is not FRC. The entire competition is much more...
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Today 10:19 PM
Gearbox with Encoder -- how do you program it using Java?
My team and I have been stuck on this for two months now. We have this gearbox with a built-in encoder and we have tried wiring it as described in this thread. We're trying to get it to move...
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Today 10:15 PM
Command Voltage without Talon SRX
Probably being naive, but what is a %Vbus command and how can I use it?
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Today 10:09 PM
Pathfinder Help
As you said, it's very similar to Java, I would browse the various threads on ChiefDelphi about pathfinder and take that advice into account. In my limited experience playing with pathfinder, I've...
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Today 10:05 PM
2018 WFFA Thread
Updating for Week 3: Burhan Sengul, Team 6415 (Istanbul) Nilesh Shaw, Team 6024 (Southern Cross) Julie Occleshaw, Team 6390 (Canadian Pacific) Ricardo Iamamoto, Team 6404 (Rocket City) Alex Davis,...
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Today 09:54 PM
Need 10-32 elbow fittings at Springside Chesnut Hill
We still need these if anyone has them and can bring them in the morning.
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Today 09:48 PM
Team 1114 - Simbot Smokescreen
Is that a polycarb intake?
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Today 09:24 PM
Defense: What role do you see for defense in 2018?
In finals match 1 our pneumatic system blew out. we use pneumatics to compress the cube so loosing pressure made it difficult for use to do anything with cubes :) In finals 3 we choose (perhaps not...
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Brian M
Today 09:19 PM
Jaci's Pathfinder not responding as expected
Why is your Max velocity and acceleration such low numbers. And try generating the points onboard. When we read from csv it made our bot jiggle alot, onboard generation for some strange reason makes...
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Today 09:12 PM
"launching" tech foul resulting in yellow card
I saw this happen to a team today in the PCH district where they dropped/pushed a cube out...and it fell straight to the floor in auto. It was called as "launching" ...and then another not really...
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Today 09:04 PM
How to do better logging? How to write out to a file?
I don't recommend doing raw joystick input playback; it's highly dependent on battery voltage and quality. Better to use closed-loop controls like the various path-planning libraries or PID...
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Today 09:01 PM
JVM Crash due to camera feed
(1) The jvm runtime is crashing and claiming that it's writing core files in '/'. I would login to the rio and make sure that any core files get removed so it doesn't fill the 'disk'. (2) It appears...
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Today 08:38 PM
Wisconsin Regional Scouts
Adam, this is great news. I will check out the update. You caught me just in time.... I haven't printed the paper yet. Happy trees! Happy day!
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Today 08:34 PM
Mountain Man's Summit: Week 3
Dag nab, we are doing our best Mr. MountainMan Sir.
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Today 08:19 PM
Wobble in Vex short shaft ball shifter
The normal ball shifter is supported by a 0.75 ID bearing on the end of the shaft. After the larger ball gear, there is a c-clip and a wave washer, followed by the 0.75 bearing. In this arrangement...
(241 views, 1 replies)
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Today 08:00 PM
Best Power Up Intakes
Team 225's intake is one of the best, they have a free-spinning wheel in the back that quickly straightens cubes that come in diagonally.
(4,146 views, 27 replies)

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