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Today 03:37 PM
Drive Station and Radio not connecting?!?!
1. What are the Ethernet status lights on the RoboRio, are they blinking as if transmitting data, or off? If Off the connection is bad, if on/blinking, the cable is fine, and the issue is somewhere...
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Today 02:53 PM
Jetson TK1 OpenCV development
So we have used both the TK1 and TX1, and have had great success with both. There are a few terms in your message which may mean other things, but here is what I would recommend: 1. When talking...
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Today 02:24 PM
WCD Versablock vs. WCP Side Bearing Block
I have never seen a 2x1 tube more than 0.005" out of dimension on the outside. Wall thickness variance I have seen more than that however.
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Today 02:22 PM
CNC Routers for FRC Robotics
Velox uses Acme screws with backlash compensating nuts and they are well shielded against contaminants. The steppers are directly mounted to the screw. As long as you keep them oiled they will last a...
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Today 02:08 PM
OpenMesh Radio not giving an IP address
We couldn't communicate at all with the Rio, but we got it fixed finally.
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Today 02:03 PM
pic: 5987 Swerve Example
In our design the radial bearing doesn't take up much room. It is a plastic ring of delrin cut on the lathe (some of the modules have a 3d printed ring of plastic instead). The wall thickness of the...
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Today 02:00 PM
You know you're addicted to FIRST when...
Eh, I can one up that with using a chrome page refresher extension so I can just click in every now and then.
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Today 01:54 PM
NavX Gyro Issues
Thanks, we'll try that as soon as possible
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Today 01:40 PM
DM Robotics AZ State Championships Teaser
We’ve wiped the dust off Gearcedes Benz(aka Bob depending on who you ask) and are excited to see you there! -1726
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Today 01:39 PM
I made burrito batteries for our chem-e-car team. They did well, placing 7th in the national competition. The basic instructions are the same. Instead of putting an alligator clip in the activated...
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Today 12:45 PM
Kansas Cup Q & A
The event dates time has changed. To allow more teams who have a ways to travel the event will only be on Saturday November 11th all day. For a more detailed schedule visit our website here...
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Mr. Mac
Today 11:59 AM
[OCCRA]: Dump Zone Safety Dimensions
Teams, The Dump Safe Zone was supposed to be 6' deep, not 4'; this was to allow robots to position trash cans into the Dumpers without being contacted by opponents. The size is correctly depicted on...
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Michael Corsetto
Today 11:52 AM
Capital City Classic 2017 - Registration Open
Hey Teams! We have a fantastic set of 17 workshops for CCC 2017! Check out the list of workshops on our Fall Workshop page: http://www.citruscircuits.o rg/fall-workshops.html As in past years, we...
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Today 11:37 AM
Using a numbering system for CAD files
Thanks for the feedback! Part number and assembly numbers are all generated for you on the backend (assemblies have a drop down and parts are just generated). I clicked on my own link and realized...
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Today 10:07 AM
Roboticon Rankings
I don't know the rankings, but the finalist alliances were: winning alliance (red) 179 - Children of the Swamp 79 - Krunch 6842 - Royal Robotics 2 finalist alliance (blue) 2154 - S.M.A.S.H. 2 2384...
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Today 10:00 AM
New AndyMark Product Game Hint???
Eh, after midnight on stop build day you wouldn't be able to smell the difference... If only there were infinite of me we could easily work out the game eventually
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Today 09:26 AM
Greater Kansas City and Heartland Regionals 2018
Team 5801 has reached out to members of 3528 so that if any should still want to participate in FRC that they may have a place to go. Hopefully the Up Next program can be revived next year and...
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Nate Laverdure
Today 09:20 AM
2017 Rumble in the Roads
Meet the Key Volunteers that make this year's Rumble in the Roads possible!
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Doug Frisk
Today 08:47 AM
2017-2018 STIMS Guide (Youth/Parent Registration)
Have you verified that the email address you're sending the invite to matches the account email the parents are using and the student specified? If the team member said the parent is mom@mail.frc...
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Today 08:35 AM
Error Using CAN Talon SRX
I've never actually seen this before, but just from reading the error description it looks like you're missing a library function called by the CAN Talon library. Assuming you've tried closing and...
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