Go to Post Yes, it is fun. Its fun to watch the students expand their thinking and look outside the "normal" and watch their thoughts explode! Its also fun to watch the mentor's minds fry trying to out think the students.;) - Robert Cawthon [more]
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Today 12:51 AM
Rule changes for next season
FTFY. It's not that they DON'T see it, though that certainly could be the case. It's that they don't WANT to see it, or ignore it. I had a team to inspect that couldn't bring their claw inside...
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Today 12:26 AM
Religious affiliated teams and outside mentors
As a FIRST high school student, mentor, and now in industry who works with a religious affiliated high school, there was never a problem with me or other mentors joining. To the schools benefit, they...
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Yesterday 11:09 PM
Programming languages
Hi Aaron, I'm from the Albany area, and I'm not quite sure what teams are using C++ or Python from that area. Most teams I know use Java (like 2791 or 20 or 3044 or 5881). I highly recommend you...
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Yesterday 11:08 PM
Registration 2019
Also if you keep an eye on an FRC event page on the main FIRST website, once the 1st event preference window closes and FIRST accepts the teams to those events, the list of competing teams for each...
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Yesterday 10:30 PM
Destination: Deep Space Teaser
If we get to have robots at a space station, I hope that we at least employ text to speech technology.
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Yesterday 10:25 PM
pic: Average Travel Distance for FRC Teams to US
I wonder how deep you would have to put south champs to minimize the straight-line distances.:]
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Yesterday 10:14 PM
Sign of Encoder Value Randomly Flips?
Hello everyone, My name is Ankith Udupa, a programmer from Frog Force 503, and we are using a versaplanetary integrated encoder in our gearbox for our elevator. We haven't had a problem with it all...
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Yesterday 10:08 PM
Bumper Frames - Are They Legal?
If that 1/4" protrusion is between the frame perimeter and the inner face of the 3/4" wood, then yes, that makes perfect sense. Otherwise, it is not supported by any reasonable reading of 2018's...
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Yesterday 10:05 PM
Newegg.com has been hacked
This is getting scary, no matter how much security stuff you add on the website it seems like the hackers get to bypass it easily.
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Yesterday 10:05 PM
bus error opencv on jetson tk1
A bus error would typically occur if the buffer being written to is not correctly byte aligned. The arm processor like intel doesn't like it when a 2 or 4 byte entity is written to at an odd byte...
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Yesterday 09:42 PM
pic: Captain USA Update
Your spinner bar does kinda look a little strange. I'd recommend rather than having the impack face be flat liek you do now with a large lightening hole in it What I would do is get rid of lightening...
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Yesterday 08:48 PM
Best bandsaw for aluminum sheet?
Bandsaws work great on any aluminum that's 1/16" or thicker. Great for FRC, and a must-have IMO. I'm sure you can cut thinner, but you need to swap the blade out for one with fine teeth. My...
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Yesterday 08:44 PM
[FF]: [OFF] BOB 2018 Tier 1
Hailey.faiella 1629 3941 9999 rkap51 225 5115 4242 nomythicalbeast 384 686 3793 Golfer4646 2537 2539 4505 Attention 2534 5945 4099 Caleb Sykes 888 2199 4050 abbymarie ...
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Yesterday 08:43 PM
[FF]: [FF]: [OFF] BOB 2018 Tier 2
pchild 225 2199 4242 AceOfSpades0 1629 2106 3941 SPang 384 5945 686 Electronica1 2537 2534 3793 tmpoles 614 2377 9999 MetroMan19 2912 4505 4099 Big-b ...
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Yesterday 05:48 PM
If You Could Choose Where the FIRST Championship Goes Next Where Would it Be?
Considering that they struggled to find a suitable venue for DCMP on the west side, I wouldnt keep your hopes up. Apparently CO would be geographically the best spot for Southchamp teams, so there...
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Akash Rastogi
Yesterday 05:35 PM
Status of NEMO
While nemo is now inactive, please let us know what kind of help you are looking for. Also check out The Compass Alliance as they might have info to help fill the gaps.
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Mark McLeod
Yesterday 05:05 PM
Robot Randomly Disconnects
This can be as simple as a 3rd party background task running on the PC that takes the network connection briefly. It's actually pretty common if you have 3rd party software installed that...
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Yesterday 03:40 PM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #741
Why waste all that candy when it could be part of their attire?
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Yesterday 03:32 PM
Use the I2C protocol on LabView
Check out the above links and see if they help - they should have a decent amount of info on "How to get started". If you're still stuck, it would be best if you could post code and/or the symptoms...
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Yesterday 03:24 PM
Design and Communication
I already shared it privately with Andrew, but I figure I'll share it here publicly too. I was inspired by 299's Part Indexing Sheet to create my own version, better suited to the way my team...
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