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Today 03:12 PM
Frank Merrick Email - "A Note to Ohio and West Virginia Teams"
My understanding is that the state of PA would fund more teams if the entire state were in one competition structure, so FMA (MAR) is essentially starting this conversation with FIRST HQ. While...
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Today 03:09 PM
[RSN] GameSense TONIGHT with Brendan Simons from 5406!
Let's talk robots TONIGHT at 9 PM ET w/ Brendan from 5406 Celt-X! https://i.imgur.com/MzzsjgWl.png Join RSN for GameSense with our guest Brendan Simons, lead mentor of team 5406 Celt-X, winners of...
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Today 03:08 PM
Scoring 2 Cubes at once, G22 or G20
Placing two cubes at once is using cubes as directed - cubes are for placing on plates and switches, and passing through the exchange to be scored in the vault. Further, placing cubes on plates is...
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Today 03:05 PM
Team Update 18
I had discussed this defense option with the team. It was not a foul as the rules were written. It was determined to be a very risky tactic.
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Today 03:01 PM
NavX Gyro Returning '0' Yaw Periodically
Thank you for the help! Updating the firmware and switching from SPI to I2C fixed all of the issues we were experiencing before.
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Today 02:59 PM
Ignored Students in FRC
Personally, I think one of the best parts of FRC is that you need no experience. My freshman year, I had never used a tool. That same year, I was on pit crew down at the field at Worlds. How did I...
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Today 02:55 PM
Removing E4T encoder from Toughbox Mini
In previous years, we had mixed success removing them with a faucet handle puller. This year, we gave up on them and switched to the SRX magnetic encoder on three gearboxes (drive and lift) and a...
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Today 02:52 PM
Battery Cart
You Wrote: On some multistage chargers, this may confuse the microcontroller and screw up the charging cycle. While seeming plausible, I have not experienced it. What results would mean that the...
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Today 02:51 PM
G14: The Pinning Rule is Broken.
Starting new thread for the multiple cubes debate. Sorry I hijacked this thread.
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Today 02:31 PM
Best Pits?
3309s awesome truss is my favorite. I might be biased because they lets us tie our rope to it and climb multiple times last season. Not to mention they had a boiler we used aswell. Who needs a...
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Today 02:24 PM
[paper] 2018 raw score data and analysis
For each of the 77 events completed as of 3/18/2018 I have created a qual match schedule analysis in matrix format: one matrix showing how many times your team played on the same alliance as every...
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Today 02:23 PM
Iowa Regional
If your scouting is the same I just found on your website, this has to be the coolest scouting system ever. We seriously thought about doing a little box similar to this but didn't have the resources...
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Today 02:05 PM
Help deploying SmartDashboard
Well, turns out I was running java 9 in conjunction with java 8 somehow, and removing both and reinstalling 8 fixed it!
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Today 02:00 PM
PCH District: 2018 Columbus Predictions
We are noodling out how to elevate our game. Looking forward to playing with and against our friends in Columbus.
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Joe Johnson
Today 01:56 PM
Dr Joe's Gif of the Week Contest 2018: Week 2 Voting
Team 25 at Mount Olive District https://media.giphy.com/media/moLmwYaZ73Q75Iz3OR/giphy.gif THIS GIF HAS MOVED???? The Autonomous Everyone Dreams Of https://j.gifs.com/G5xVzJ.gif
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Today 01:55 PM
Team 5675 WiredCats Mr. Radar Pics
https://i.imgur.com/lJCwVbw.jpg https://i.imgur.com/Fe4kDiY.png Trying links
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Today 01:35 PM
Team Fusion 364 - 2018 Bayou Improvements
In general, you will have better repeatability if you base your autonomous routines on sensor feedback (wheel encoders, cameras, and such) than open-loop control, even if it is based on something...
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Ginger Power
Today 01:23 PM
Chairman's Predictions: Week 4
Wouldn't have expected to be in 3rd... there's like 10-15 years of work to do before we're even close to being on the level of a CCA team. Really cool to see 2220 on top of the Detroit list! Talk...
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Andrew Duerner
Today 01:20 PM
Lessons learned and new strategies created
Since you asked, yeah that was one of those "that didn't quite go as planned moments." We had an all scale alliance that had some defensive capable drivetrains. Our robot was having issues with...
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Today 01:17 PM
Placing a cube on the switch from the backside during autonomous
Yeah, my solution isn't viable for most robots. 5115 happens to have an arm that goes out to 16" past the frame at its max AND a bumper gap in the front of our robot.
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