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Today 12:24 AM
paper: Using JeVois camera in FRC
Pushed code updates from tonight with some after-hours cleanup. We can get MJPG streaming to run, and can read serial packets from custom code on the Jevois simultaneously. RIO processor load...
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Today 12:07 AM
VersaChassis rivets vs bolts
We use 3/16" rivets for our corner gussets, but make our own gussets with more rivet holes. If we were using the standard T shaped Vexpro gusset, I would want to use bolts for the gusset segment that...
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Yesterday 11:06 PM
Surgical Tubing Rollers
We've used alcohol which gives a good lubricity on latex tubing but has a very short working time before it evaporates.
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Yesterday 10:23 PM
"Quotes" that were said during build season
Student (definitely not me:p ): "You can never have too much lube" *while spraying robot slides with white lithium grease Mentor "You can MOST DEFINITELY have too much lube" (Can attest, you can...
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Yesterday 09:54 PM
[FF]: Orange County Regional 2018
7230 please
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Yesterday 09:21 PM
[FF]: Smoky Mountains 2018
First Pick 3824 3201 4504 Falcon 2614 6858 1293 The Lunch Company 4265 1038 4630 The Kellen Hill Fan Club 2638 6928 3966 Cup Of Joe ...
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Yesterday 08:41 PM
[FF]: Greater Pittsburgh 2018
Falcon 217 1708 7274 The Lunch Company 303 7165 4269 The Kellen Hill Fan Club 48 3955 2641 Cup Of Joe 3260 6054 3511 The Breakfast Company ...
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Yesterday 08:07 PM
FRCTop25 Popularity Poll Results!
unless you mean 2486, or 2648, or 2846, or any of the other combinations of even integer teams that always trip me up.
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Yesterday 07:26 PM
[FRC Blog] Einstein Report Released
Use the search function for "Einstein Report". There's a more recent thread. https://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=159 415&highlight=Einste in+Report
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Yesterday 07:24 PM
In-Training vs Shadowing
I've had some unofficial In-Training, and have opened up a shadow program at a local offseason for some positions. It REALLY helped when I was able to be in places I'd need to be later. I think that...
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Yesterday 06:50 PM
Lone Star Central Regional 2018
Good, I was a little worried if you were planning to drive that again, thats a long drive and I'm not sure how you did the first time. Look forward to seeing you again and the team at LSC. Teams...
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Yesterday 06:45 PM
Best New England teams that folded
Thanks for the research and responses... Very interesting to read. I just started on Team 61.
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Yesterday 06:11 PM
Registration 2018
They had a new teacher/sponsor last year and one of their best years ever! The team seemed so excited in Waco. They helped 1296 with some machining work in our early years - great folks. I hope...
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Yesterday 04:56 PM
pic: DataZ for FRC: Full Field View? Why not DataZ?
I don't mean to shoot you down, but most of these ideas are not yet possible with DataZ, and I don't think they'll happen this season. For the drive team ideas, it's important to remember that...
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Yesterday 04:53 PM
NASA and possibly FIRST budget cuts
If you'd like an official response, or have any concern about this build season, I'd suggest having your head mentor reach out to arc-rap@mail.nasa.gov If you'd like an unofficial response - it'd...
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Yesterday 04:53 PM
Announcing FIRST Alliances: Creating a More Interconnected FIRST
In that example, it's partially up to you. Our goal with the site was to give your team the option to either A) contact the creators of the program and ask questions, get assistance, and/or partner...
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Yesterday 04:34 PM
VEXpro 2018 Product Unveil
For sure! We'll have all the products up on our site sometime today. Thanks!
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Yesterday 04:05 PM
Robot Not Moving
Hmm... are you sure all of those objects are in your config? It's been a while since I did FTC (almost a year now), but I'm pretty sure if you try to pull something out of the hardware map that...
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Mark McLeod
Yesterday 04:03 PM
Programming an encoder in LabVIEW?
Wrap just the Motor Set Output in a Case statement, where the button feeds the case. True, do what you have already. False, set the motor to neutral.
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Yesterday 03:54 PM
[FF]: 2018 Season Long Fantasy FIRST
Oklahoma to El Paso
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