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Today 11:28 PM
Adopt an AndyMark Engineer
I think we can find room on the robot for a GEM or two this year...
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Today 11:27 PM
pic: Team 701 Presents: Mjölnir
Neat looking machine! We look forward to meeting you guys in Arkansas.
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Today 11:25 PM
Skunk Works 1983 Power Up Robot Teaser 2018
Cant wait to check it out (and hopefully trade shirts again) at Idaho. Good luck guys!
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Ryan Dognaux
Today 11:18 PM
Robowranglers 2018: Uppercut
The bumper nom's are epic. Easily my favorite robot so far, absolutely love it. Robowranglers once again knock it out of the park.
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Today 11:16 PM
Team 7013 Presents: Raptor
We were kindly invited by John Polayni C.I. to their practice field, located in northern Toronto.
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Today 11:14 PM
When is it acceptable to switch teams?
What you may need to do next year is to flatly refuse to do the CAD (or whatever else you've been doing) so you can focus on something else you'd like to (learn to) do (say, machining). Make sure you...
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Today 11:14 PM
Team Expansion And The Future
I can relate , It's tough to keep a team going as the core students graduate. We look around and see mostly the same mentors as when we started . The kids change year to year some stay some leave,...
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Today 11:10 PM
FRC 4607 C.I.S. 2018 Robot - Pitchfork
This is a very nice design. It seems that the shooting has a bit of a mind of it's own too. It makes your shots that much more fun to watch.
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Brian M
Today 10:54 PM
2609 BeaverWorX: 3 cube auto teaser
Looks awesome! Hope to see you at DCMPS!
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Today 10:53 PM
2018 Team Update 13
HEYYYY I finally got time to talk about this. Wahoo ANYWAY... This all just reminds me of my elementary school days of playing tag with a group of people and having that one person in the group who...
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Today 10:51 PM
Play Record Macro for LabView
Anyone using this or any troubles using it?
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Today 10:51 PM
FRC 2648 Presents: Havoc
FRC 2648 - Infinite Loop is proud to present our 11th creation: Havoc https://i.imgur.com/RbRCQK1.jpg Reveal Video
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Today 10:44 PM
help with Vex versaplanetary gear ratios
You did the right thing by asking. Never stop learning!
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Today 10:38 PM
Team 610 Coyotes: 2018 teaser
Looks good, can't wait to see it at Durham!
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Today 10:37 PM
Team 2614 Presents: MARVIN XI
2011 Palmetto - wow, that's a legendary event in MARS lore.
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Chief Hedgehog
Today 10:37 PM
Team 5638 Presents our 2018 Robot!
Nice looking robot. One of these years 5638 and 4607 will have to play on the same alliance!
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Today 10:27 PM
Bag and Tag Question
I'd take a look at R19Giii, and its blue box. Yes, you can drive, briefly. The suggestion from FIRST is to use non-main drivers and only short periods of time.
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Tom Abbott
Today 10:27 PM
Barker Redbacks 4613 Robot Reveal 2018
The tube hight is 100mm, and width is 25mm.
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Today 10:23 PM
2018 FIRST PowerUp Rules Quiz
I would love the key as well. I was going to make a quiz for my team and then I found yours. You just saved me me a ton of work! Thank you!!
(3,423 views, 27 replies)
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Today 10:22 PM
What Is Brake/Coast Mode?
Some background on what’s going on w.r.t. brake/coast mode inside the motor controller. It involves how the transistors of the motor controller are configured when commanded to idle (zero) and/or...
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