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Andrew Schreiber
Yesterday 11:09 PM
DataZ for FRC: Heatmap Edition
Any chance of raw position data for the entire event? Tuples of (teamId, matchId, timestamp, x, y) would be preferable. Sorry, YOUR pretty pictures don't excite me nearly as much as raw data I can...
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Yesterday 11:07 PM
Registration 2018
The only time I've personally been to Hell was in the Cayman Islands, on the honeymoon of a marriage which lasted about 8 years but which produced 3 children who did a total of 8 years of FRC, the...
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Yesterday 10:32 PM
Best alternative to Anderson Power Poles?
That wouldn't work too well for motor controllers :) In order to change the direction of the motor the controller switches +/- of the output.
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Yesterday 10:10 PM
2018 Game Speculation
Should this happen, I would hope that the GDC didn't try to explicitly REQUIRE walkers, but to make the challenges of the game implicitly make them clearly superior. (DARPA challenge has done this...
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Yesterday 09:58 PM
FIRST Choice
It was donated by West Coast Products and has the same part number as the 775pro. I'm not any official source, but that's totally a 775pro.
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Yesterday 08:58 PM
[FTC]: New Part Supplier: Ozzyboards.com
FTC Product Update: We now have an affordable NeveRest Encoder cable available: http://ozzyboards.com/neverest-encoder-cable-30cm/ A lot of teams don't purchase a proper JST-XH cable because of...
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Yesterday 06:52 PM
[FF]: 2018 Season Long Fantasy FIRST
KHFC selects QD's trade.
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Yesterday 06:01 PM
One CAD to rule them all
Like I said, we have a mentor who works for Siemens PLM. He teaches an introductory class and helps with our robotics team. There is no free license, but they do release a student license for around...
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Yesterday 05:32 PM
FIRST Robotics Podcast
Thank you!
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Yesterday 05:06 PM
Code Ran successfully but not being able to deployed
To my knowledge, static mean that there is one copy of the member exist within the code. Since this is a pointer to an object, we wouldn't want its content to change. Please correct me if I'm wrong,...
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Yesterday 04:34 PM
[FF]: Montreal Regional 2018
Times will be enforced 11/24, in PST (due to draft runner commitments) Hammerheads 7:00 8:02 8:04 The Breakfast Company 7:03 8:00 8:06 ...
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New Thread
Yesterday 04:15 PM
[FF]: Dallas Regional
Boop. It's your captain here speaking, please fasten your seatbelts and remain seated until the seatbelt sign turns off... Times enforced on 11/25/17. Send me lists, or pick early if it's your...
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Yesterday 12:36 PM
Best Battery Charger
Speaking of, I happened to find this on Amazon's Black Friday deals. Excellent price, although it looks like it's only active for a couple...
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Yesterday 12:11 PM
Virtual KOP lists and issues
Thanks, buddy! Happy Thanksgiving!
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Yesterday 07:23 AM
old tutorial videos, quick reference guides moved or deleted?
Okay, I'll work on getting those fixed. The community platform migration at PTC has really made a mess of things. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
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New Post
Yesterday 02:49 AM
544 no power ups https://imgur.com/a/nfQni I've just about maxed it out, maybe room for one or two pressure. Unless someone finds a loophole to the hopper limit.
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