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Today 06:45 PM
2018 Alliance Selection Results
Las Vegas Regional 1. 2485 - 3255 - 6411 2. 842 - 987 - 3965 W 3. 2710 - 5285 - 3021 4. 687 - 399 - 6824 F 5. 2543 - 4486 - 5059 6. 3009 - 5012 - 2659 SF 7. 1388 - 1160 - 60 Alliance 8 4738 - 3495 -...
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Today 06:39 PM
Engineering Awards Quinfecta
4256 joins the 4 seeking 5 club with our Quality Award at the St. Louis Regional! We also won Creativity for the second time in our history at CIR! Seeking Industrial Design.
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Joe Johnson
Today 06:21 PM
Dr Joe's Gif of the Week Contest 2018: Week 3 Submissions
No more GIFs? Seems like Week 3 was more exciting than that. Should I cancel the contest for lack of interest? Dr. Joe J.
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Joe Johnson
Today 06:15 PM
Dr Joe's Gif of the Week Contest 2018: Week 2 Voting
Voting closes soon. Get your votes in now. Also, get your GIF submissions in for Week3: Dr Joe's Gif of the Week Contest 2018: Week 3 Submissions Dr. Joe J.
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Today 06:04 PM
2018 Greater Pittsburgh Regional
Congratulations to Team 303, the T.E.S.T. Team, Team 4027, Centre County 4-H Robotics, and Team 6032, Pirate Robotics for winning the 2018 Greater Pittsburgh Regional! This year's regional was an...
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Today 06:04 PM
Advice on Qualifying for FiM CMP
Nathan, you guys did awesome this week! Finalist and an award, isn't that great! You are moving to State Championship with 77 point (I am 99.9% sure).
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Today 05:46 PM
Team 2706 Presents: Mergio!
Thank you! The intake took a lot of iterating and experimenting to find a combination of wheels and rotation speeds that would suck in a cube efficiently. We actually cut our own bumper numbers. We...
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Today 05:20 PM
Microsoft LifeCam 3000 mounting
We just drilled a hole through the base of the included mount and bolted it on. Works perfectly fine. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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Today 05:15 PM
Equiping a Machine Shop
Sheets of 5052 aluminum for routing and bending (.09, .125). Stock 6061 aluminum tubing(2x1, 1x1). VEXpro hax shaft, thunderhex, and tube axles. Polycarb in various thicknesses(1/4, .09, .06,...
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Today 05:13 PM
What Kind of Encoders Does Your Team Use?
We're using the CTRE magnetic encoders everywhere on our robot, they've worked well for us in the past and haven't let us down, so to us they're the best.
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Today 04:32 PM
Advanced Networktables
What if I were to create my own network table to store values in? How might I go about assigning my own tables and keys?
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Today 04:25 PM
Competition Predictions 2018
Your not wrong Sent from my Z798BL using Tapatalk
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Today 04:19 PM
1717 back???
The top tier of high school science fairs are equivalent to respected conferences across all of academia. Except for Dean's List finalists, the students that compete at ISEF and ISWEEEP get into...
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Today 03:33 PM
IllegalState Error
We updated to the latest version of the Phoenix framework and firmware and I think this issue has stopped. We deployed many times today without this problem occurring.
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Today 03:18 PM
CAN Error -200
Hi everyone, Does anyone know the cause for CAN Error -200. The error message from the Driver station logs is: ERROR -200 CTR: No new response to update signal Talon SRX 41...
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Today 02:30 PM
NY Week 4 Preview: The Miracle on the Hudson
Hey, Co-captain and operator of team 2638 here. Our team just read your post and all of us wanted to say a big thank you for mentioning us being down here in Tennessee! :) Our robot performed as...
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Today 02:08 PM
Game Simulation For 2018 Game!!!
Hey there FRC teams! We hope that you have enjoyed so far from the PowerUp events this year (because who hasn't?!). In this year's game, the win depends on your strategy. Therefore, Team 5635 -...
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Today 01:29 PM
ShuffleBoard is not showing the data.
Go to File->New to create a new layout with the default tabs
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Today 01:08 PM
Pittsburgh Regional Scouting Presentation
Glad to help! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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Today 12:55 PM
Talon SRX don't Work
We just had the same problem as well. Luckily I found your post and redeploying LifeBoat made it work. Thanks!
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