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Rachel Lim
Yesterday 10:55 PM
[C^3] Playing twice in CA: 2018 vs 2017
Inspired by recent threads where people have noted the number of teams unable to get into a second event, especially in California, I thought I'd take a closer look at those numbers, and bring back...
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Yesterday 08:57 PM
FRC Waitlists for Dummies
If i wanted "-a-roo" posts i'd go back to Reddit.
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Yesterday 08:27 PM
Drive Station and Radio not connecting?!?!
Dumb question: you had to configure your radio for Roboticon, correct? And you've reconfigured for home use, correct?
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Yesterday 08:10 PM
Finally announcing the update of Steampowered the video game! After weeks of work on this update, (and a month left to go), we are getting ready to unveil the same lovable, glitchy game with more to...
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Yesterday 07:53 PM
Limited number of cameras allowed?
We have been using code from: https://github.com/chenxiaoqino/udp-image-streaming We take 2 feeds from the cameras, run them through the code, combine the images into one image (side by side images...
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Yesterday 07:34 PM
WCD Versablock vs. WCP Side Bearing Block
I've always done 0.020" add for C-C #25 chain and 0.012" for #35 without issues. It still slackens a little over its lifetime for drivetrain, although not for things like climbers or rollers....
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Yesterday 05:17 PM
Move to Java
There's a checkbox labelled "Export Subsystems" in the property table for the root node in the tree. That has probably been inadvertently unchecked.
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Michael Corsetto
Yesterday 05:10 PM
Registration 2018
And who gets only one event this season.
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Yesterday 04:46 PM
Researching Folklore of FIRST Robotics
Water Game.
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Koko Ed
Yesterday 04:33 PM
FIRST Power Up Arcade Machine
We can only pray the Yellowstone super volcano erupts before this horrible plague is unleashed upon the land.
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New Post
Yesterday 02:53 PM
Jetson TK1 OpenCV development
So we have used both the TK1 and TX1, and have had great success with both. There are a few terms in your message which may mean other things, but here is what I would recommend: 1. When talking...
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Yesterday 02:08 PM
OpenMesh Radio not giving an IP address
We couldn't communicate at all with the Rio, but we got it fixed finally.
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Yesterday 02:03 PM
pic: 5987 Swerve Example
In our design the radial bearing doesn't take up much room. It is a plastic ring of delrin cut on the lathe (some of the modules have a 3d printed ring of plastic instead). The wall thickness of the...
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New Post
Yesterday 02:00 PM
You know you're addicted to FIRST when...
Eh, I can one up that with using a chrome page refresher extension so I can just click in every now and then.
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New Post
Yesterday 01:54 PM
NavX Gyro Issues
Thanks, we'll try that as soon as possible
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Yesterday 01:40 PM
DM Robotics AZ State Championships Teaser
Weve wiped the dust off Gearcedes Benz(aka Bob depending on who you ask) and are excited to see you there! -1726
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New Post
Yesterday 01:39 PM
I made burrito batteries for our chem-e-car team. They did well, placing 7th in the national competition. The basic instructions are the same. Instead of putting an alligator clip in the activated...
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Yesterday 12:45 PM
Kansas Cup Q & A
The event dates time has changed. To allow more teams who have a ways to travel the event will only be on Saturday November 11th all day. For a more detailed schedule visit our website here...
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Mr. Mac
Yesterday 11:59 AM
[OCCRA]: Dump Zone Safety Dimensions
Teams, The Dump Safe Zone was supposed to be 6' deep, not 4'; this was to allow robots to position trash cans into the Dumpers without being contacted by opponents. The size is correctly depicted on...
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New Post
Yesterday 11:37 AM
Using a numbering system for CAD files
Thanks for the feedback! Part number and assembly numbers are all generated for you on the backend (assemblies have a drop down and parts are just generated). I clicked on my own link and realized...
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