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Today 12:13 PM
Sugar rocket
As someone who played around with a lot of ESTES rockets as a kid, I've been wanting to try making a sugar rocket ever since seeing that video. The biggest issue I think you're going to have with...
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Today 11:52 AM
Thank you, this seems to have fixed the problem!
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Mark McLeod
Today 11:52 AM
Problem deploy to RoboRio
Have you tried disabling the user program on the roboRIO? http://wpilib.screenstepsli ve.com/s/4485/m/13811/l/288893-waiting-for-target-to-respond-recovering-from-bad-loops
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Today 11:49 AM
FIRST Power Up Recruitment Poster #2 Discussion
I think that the red robot in the poster looks vaguely like a Pac-Man ghost. It appears in the wallpapers and backgrounds as well. What seems odd about it to me is that it doesn't appear to have any...
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Today 11:00 AM
Is Bash@Beach happening?
Yes, everything is fine. He just didn't make the meeting last night where we discussed it. Anyway, Bash will hopefully be another great year!
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Jon Stratis
Today 11:00 AM
different radio every year? (Need to know for purchase)
For those that want the rule, it's covered in the blue box under R51 for the 2017 rules:
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Today 10:16 AM
Team 1619: 2017 Robot
According to the controls subteam lead, they used Solidworks drawings.
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Today 09:15 AM
MAR 2018
Added. I think the CMP history might be a little off, I grabbed the old data from a CD whitepaper and manually added MAR events in '16 and '17. Will have to update more recent CMP results manually.
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Today 09:05 AM
Disabling Windows 10 Firewalls
Thanks for your help. I have got every thing like it should be.
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Today 08:52 AM
paper: Team 900 Presents— Zebravision 5.0: ROS for FRC
Synchronizing time across machines, I'm guessing? We're hoping some of the RTC implementations pan out this year. We've had OK initial luck with slam-gmapping, at least in the lab :...
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Today 08:37 AM
Pit Setup
Our team had two large pit crates.. and many of our mentors/students are in love with the big pits used by 973 and 1678. They are very cool, but I am eager to streamline. We went down to one large...
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Today 08:25 AM
Westcoast Drive bearing + axle retention
For those of you losing screws from drive axles: are you using any torque specification or torque control when assembling your drive? We have been using screws in live axles for a few years now...
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Today 08:00 AM
Snap Raise
Agreed. Edco was a pleasure to work with.
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Koko Ed
Today 07:46 AM
2017 Rah Cha Cha Ruckus
FRC 4023 has signed up and FRC 5406 and 340 have signed up a second robot listed as FRC 9406 and FRC 424 respectively. 20 191 222 291 340 378 424 578
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Today 07:34 AM
2018 Game Speculation
Also the trophy at the top of the coins confirms that either coins will be important or some kind of capturing of something, maybe similar to the 'capturing' of the stronghold castles.
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Today 07:27 AM
Battle for the Bluegrass 2017
5 slots left 0 Team # Name School State 1 2783 Engineers of Tomorrow Louisville KY 2 3140 Flagship Knoxville TN 3 3814 PiRobotics Florence KY 4 3843 RoboRacers Murray KY 5 3844 Kentucky Wildbots Lynn...
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Today 06:34 AM
[Java] GRIP Vision help?!
The exported GRIP pipeline does not contain the Network Tables code. You have to do that yourself. I posted some sample code at...
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Today 06:31 AM
Dual Input Gearbox with Talon SRX Question
+1. That's what we did this year, and why.
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Today 06:02 AM
Design Review to Mentors
Makes sense. Some of our sponsors make it to the competitions, but most provide finiancial support and that is it. We do have a few mentors from our sponsors, but they keep the two very separate for...
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Today 05:43 AM
Best way to accomplish hosting web server on Jetson (+couple other misc. questions)
TIL. If this dude says it can be done then I'd trust his word over mine. I'm not into the pain of rolling my own protocol though - I wish I was that hardcore.
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