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Today 11:42 AM
Problem With Talon SRX PID Control
Make sure the talons have the latest firmware installed. That often fixes problems where code works on one talon but not an another.
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Today 11:24 AM
Robowrangler 2017 Off-Season Robot
Woah! I love it, we used a similar bot this year and it worked wonders.
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Today 11:16 AM
paper: Using JeVois camera in FRC
You can avoid much of the RIO's CPU loading by having JeVois do the YUV to MJPG conversion. The command to launch a Script, or as you suggested to switch modes, contains all you need to acquire...
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Today 11:01 AM
2017 Bay Area AI (Machine Learning) Workshop | Dec 16th
I'd love to come but being 3000 miles away, if I hope to see a recording or the materials.
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Today 10:29 AM
Pixy LabVIEW doesn't identify all signatures
Greeting Everyone, Our team(1577) is currently trying to use pixy camera to identify objects using color processing. However we have encountered a problem, The pixymon program recognizes all the...
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Ryan Dognaux
Today 10:11 AM
pic: VP ratchet actuated
Also true. I need to dig into the CAD and check it out. Such a cool product!
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Coach Norm
Today 09:53 AM
Registration 2018
The teacher in charge of the program left and started a personal business promoting F1 in Schools.
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Today 09:49 AM
Ozzyboards products
My order status was changed to "Shipped" on Dec 11 but I haven't received my boards just yet. Will try to post an update as soon as I get them.
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Today 09:26 AM
pic: DataZ for FRC: Full Field View? Why not DataZ?
I totally understand current implementations are limited, hence why I said... In terms of navigation, it might not be precise enough for autonomous control, but drivers navigating through a large...
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Today 09:12 AM
NASA and possibly FIRST budget cuts
I read somewhere that the "cuts" were line-item cuts to specific programs and that the overall NASA budget actually increased slightly. A lot of it probably depends on what you consider a "cut",...
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Today 08:46 AM
Surgical Tubing Rollers
+1 for alcohol. Just make sure you bring your own supply to events. People stop in their tracks when Pit Admin announces "Team xxxx needs alcohol" :yikes:
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Mark McLeod
Today 08:45 AM
Bread Board Communication Hardships
From the photo it looks like the roboRIO has an operating system running and is communicating with the Driver Station app., but there isn't any user code running on the roboRIO. I'd suggest...
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Today 08:28 AM
FRC Apple Grant?
I was told that Christina no longer works at FIRST after emailing her regarding the grant. The email told me that it was forwarded to someone else at FIRST but I have not had a reply since. Has...
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Today 08:05 AM
RPI won't load shared libraries
It looks like neither of the two ntcores on your RPi are for the right architecture. all of the other shared objects say "hard-float" while neither of yours do. Where are they coming from? Are you...
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Today 01:43 AM
Homemade CAD system?
I'm going to derail a little bit, and try to think like an engineer to solve the problem. Problem: ijensen wants to hone his coding skills. Solution: Code more, code tougher, code a stretch...
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Today 12:58 AM
Autodesk and FIRST 2017
I use Fusion 360 and HSM Works all the time. I'd just like to try out as many Autodesk product offerings as I can. Trunest has some advanced functionality that could be really useful. I'm trying some...
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Today 12:27 AM
[Behind The Lines] Leveraging COTS with Justin Foss! 8pm ET Wed
Good broadcast, really enjoyed re-watching the recording of this. I am a big proponent of COTS items, especially for lower resource teams that don't have the skill set or tools to do tight design and...
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Yesterday 10:23 PM
"Quotes" that were said during build season
Student (definitely not me:p ): "You can never have too much lube" *while spraying robot slides with white lithium grease Mentor "You can MOST DEFINITELY have too much lube" (Can attest, you can...
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Yesterday 09:54 PM
[FF]: Orange County Regional 2018
7230 please
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Yesterday 09:21 PM
[FF]: Smoky Mountains 2018
First Pick 3824 3201 4504 Falcon 2614 6858 1293 The Lunch Company 4265 1038 4630 The Kellen Hill Fan Club 2638 6928 3966 Cup Of Joe ...
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