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Today 01:04 AM
PNW District Championship Projections 2018
Unfortunately, I don't have things set up to give accurate numbers while events are in progress. I can update you after Pine Tree finishes though.
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Today 12:56 AM
Blue alliance api: Match Number
Yes it is.
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Today 12:53 AM
1717 back???
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Today 12:40 AM
Issues with VP integrated encoder and absolute positioning
Take a look at page 53 on the Talon SRX Software manual. That has information on how to look at encoder values in the webdash and may provide some helpful debugging info. Good luck tomorrow, and see...
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Yesterday 11:24 PM
2018 Orange County Regional
OPRs - Top 15 "Day 1 Qualifications"(?) Team OPR 3309 232.08 5802 193.68 3476 182.06 4322
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Yesterday 10:50 PM
pic: PowerCube stack
I will say that this was fairly scary to do. I wouldn't recommend it without a hard hat. Those things are pretty heavy, and falling from that high, they could really injure someone. Be careful folks!
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Yesterday 10:46 PM
Totally awesome experience today. The field went up at the Ashe Center with enough time to run practice matches before we left at 10pm. Almost everyone is inspected and ready to roll tomorrow. So...
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Yesterday 10:41 PM
Handling Cancelled District Event?
When I mean "county is closed" student, and usually 10 month staff, are not required to report, but the building is open. C&M and Admin are expected to be in the building. When a building is closed,...
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Yesterday 10:38 PM
Dean's List Interview
Firstly, congratulations! I'm confident that the judges will be just as excited to talk to you as you are to talk to them. Let's talk a little bit about the job the judges are doing. They will have...
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Brian Maher
Yesterday 10:32 PM
2018 Shirt Trading Thread
Now that Shaker Robotics is qualified for Champs, PM me if anyone wants to trade for a 2791 shirt in Detroit. I'm looking for L/XL.
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Yesterday 10:28 PM
Seneca thread
the practice matches were going good too.
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Yesterday 10:23 PM
SHOCKING NEWS: This year's field hurts!
The carpet also has to be conductive enough for the dragging chain to help. There must be a complete path to Ground for the energy generated. That is why I had suggested spraying the carpet with...
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Yesterday 10:08 PM
Equiping a Machine Shop
Appendix B of our Illuminations guide has our recommended tool list. 1000.Spectrum3847.or g has a list of the first $1000 we would spend if we were starting a team Those should help get you started...
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Yesterday 09:53 PM
SmartDashboard Reads in Empty String
I used a SendableChooser in the beginning (which had its own errors and limitations), but I switched over to text fields to customize our autos on the fly. I'd rather hard code in the strings and...
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Yesterday 09:30 PM
Frank Merrick Email - "A Note to Ohio and West Virginia Teams"
When i heard about this how does this help to benefit teams in new jersey and delware if west PA becomes apart of MAR. I just don't see it.
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Yesterday 09:18 PM
Pittsburgh Regional Scouting Presentation
Thanks for uploading this
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Michael Corsetto
Yesterday 09:18 PM
Uncooperative Alliance Partners
Looks like 7291 right now... :)
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Yesterday 09:09 PM
Better or worse?
Launching: I don't know if I want it wide open. But I could support it being looser than it is now, especially regarding the switch. Switches worth the same points: I mean, they are? Unless you...
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Yesterday 09:06 PM
2018 Southern Cross Regional
Hi! We are rookie FRC Team 6996 Koalafied and we'd like to say a huge THANK YOU to all who competed at the Southern Cross Regional. We are so honoured to have won the Rookie All-Stars Award! We had...
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Yesterday 08:14 PM
2018 Chairman's Award Winners
I have always enjoyed your Chairman's predictions and insights. As a chairman's mentor, it was always great to take a look at what other teams were doing and see where we stood relative to other FRC...
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