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Today 05:24 AM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #693
My corn dog is naked!
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Today 05:19 AM
2017 Radio CAD
http://www.solidworks.com/sw/education/robot-student-design-contest.htm It should be in the 2017 Gray Tote zip file.
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Today 04:30 AM
pic: 5987 Swerve Example
Thanks for the advice! Iíll make sure we get some shims when we order the bearings. Youíre CAD model was a large part of the inspiration for our design, and I expect that the final module will end up...
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Today 12:15 AM
CNC Routers for FRC Robotics
Velox has great technical support and they will often get back to you after listed business hours.
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Yesterday 10:29 PM
New to Java: HELP!
When you see "build successful", your code has not yet been downloaded to the robot. It has been built (i.e., it has compiled and linked), but it's still on your computer/laptop. To deploy your...
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Yesterday 10:05 PM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #692
At last! (Hey, you know I've had a week.) First place goes to: Second place goes to:
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Yesterday 09:10 PM
[FRC Blog] Important Deadlines Coming Up!
Maybe some sort of capture the flag game? And/or something could be offset from a platform, so robots will need to drive up, then reach out to grab a power up or other item? On the topic of flags,...
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Yesterday 08:58 PM
MAR 2018
752 lost their school's support and will not be competing this year. Sadly, it seems their win in Bridgewater was not enough to gain favor from their administration.
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Caleb Sykes
Yesterday 08:55 PM
Minnesota Regional Invitational 2017
I talked with a handful of people at the event who were wondering how predictive my simulator's results could be considering that offseason events clearly have key differences when compared to...
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Yesterday 08:09 PM
NetworkTable Server
Anyone have sample code for NetworkTable server? I don't want to implement the whole dashboard thing. Just want to setup networktables server. Thanks, CM
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Yesterday 08:03 PM
C++ Eclipse DOxygen NT Table Server
I have a really simple C++ code for NT table client available at: https://github.com/chaoticmachinery/3534/tree/master/networktables_cpp Download client3.cpp and go.sh. go.sh is used to compile...
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Yesterday 07:57 PM
Source for 12 AWG wire?
Check out your local automotive parts dealer. For heavier gauge wire you can sometimes get a good deal by purchasing booster cables and cutting off the...
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Thayer McCollum
Yesterday 07:52 PM
[FRC Blog] Behind the Lines Episode 2
Excellent choice of team! I look forward to it.
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Yesterday 06:05 PM
Programming Brake/Coast Modes
I agree it is academic, but yes, they could.
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Yesterday 04:12 PM
Using a numbering system for CAD files
Looks cool! If I were you'd I'd make the part generator assembly options a dropdown of the options, then a master list of all the mechanisms. Then you can reference the corresponding assembly number...
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Yesterday 02:57 PM
Capital City Classic 2017 - Registration Open
Just to be clear, my actual birthday is Sunday so don't sign me into the Seniors club on Saturday.
(5,415 views, 30 replies)
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Mark McLeod
Yesterday 01:50 PM
Registration 2018
So far, the Regionals with the most countries represented (since Districts are single country affairs)... With 5 countries each: New York City Silicon Valley Southern CrossWith 4 countries...
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Yesterday 01:08 PM
Is this Solenoid Valve Setup Legal?
I hear your frustration - but please keep in mind that it's not always the 'retailer' that makes that decision. At Automation Direct we strive to post the most comprehensive documentation possible...
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Yesterday 12:55 PM
2018 Game Speculation
Kanye West announced that he was going to release an album in 2014. It took him 2 years, but he released TLOP in early 2016. Kanye West announced that he was going to release an album in 2016. It...
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Ty Tremblay
Yesterday 12:51 PM
U.S. vs Japan Robot Duel
Here's their YouTube channel where they've been posting regular updates: https://www.youtube.com/user/megabotsinc Here's a link to an interview FIRST just did with them about 45 min...
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