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Citrus Dad
Today 02:50 PM
Poll : The Bag and You
I think we can speak with the strong qualifications on this issue. We do take a couple of days off after Bag Day (because it's Mon/Tue, and we usually meet Wed/Thu, so we skip the latter days and we...
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Today 02:45 PM
Jaci pathfinder build issue
We are not using gradleRIO, however, it is possible that the .so file was not included in the code - and is not loaded on the roboRIO.
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Marcus Q
Today 02:44 PM
pic: Cabon Fiber Reinforced Nylon Filament 3d Printed Parts - FRC 3986
We actually have two of the same parts in our lab, one printed with a Markforge and one printed with a Prusa i3 Mk2 if you want to check them out :D. For those who don't have access to our lab the...
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Jeremy Germita
Today 02:24 PM
5012 CAD Release
A bunch of people have been asking about the radio case on our offseason bot, but I realized we didn't end up updating the CAD release files with the final version of the casing. Here's the final...
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New Post
Today 02:20 PM
goto first new post broken with Chrome on Windows?
I've found a way that works most times. Go to the most recent page of the thread (it helps if you change your page size setting to max). You have to go to the last page number directly from the...
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New Post
Today 02:09 PM
Eclipse Problem
Hi, and thanks for the tip! But we tried using VScode and there is an error when including anything. Apparently we should do something called includePath but after searching the matter we still dont...
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New Post
Today 01:39 PM
Ri3D 2019
Your efforts have been an inspiration to me, my former team, and the Ri3D team we're starting at our university. Thanks for all the hard work you've put in. To add to the discussion in this thread,...
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New Post
Today 01:31 PM
pic: 3 NEO Low Profile Reverse Mount Gearbox
You are correct, 6 spacers would be overkill if this were consolidated into a single piece.
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Today 01:26 PM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #750
Who says that gears fall off the spring? It looks stiff to me.
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Today 01:22 PM
NEO Hall Effect Res
This is true, but the code could be written to ignore (insert amount of rotation of motor shaft that has no effect on the rotation of the drive shaft), thus compensating for the backlash. The amount...
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New Post
Today 12:12 PM
How to use joystick button to activate talon?
Presuming that you want the "tilt" motor only to be active WHILE you are holding the respective buttons down, I don't see anything amiss. When neither control is active, the tilt motor will be off,...
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New Post
Today 12:08 PM
No, You Don't Need A Robot To Test Your Code
Hard to know for sure without seeing the log output...you can run ./gradlew --debug test to get diagnostics (and the output is hideous but helpful), but here are a few tips: 1) I have not...
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Today 11:46 AM
Wanna Look Like A Genius?
Thanks Joe. We'll miss you!
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Today 11:44 AM
Personal experience here: I had absolutely no programming experience at the beginning of this year, knowing neither text based or graphical languages. LabVIEW was for me difficult and cumbersome, not...
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Tyler Olds
Today 11:41 AM
The Great Bag/No Bag Debate + 2019 Motors & More!
Thank you to everyone who watched live last night! We had a very healthy and informative debate on the end of Stop Build/Bag Day with perspectives from multiple ends and make sure you check out...
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Today 11:33 AM
FRC Blog - 2019 Motor Controllers and MXP
Wanted to give a little update from 225. We successfully installed the motors and controllers in our 2018 robot using 2 REV brushless motors per transmission (previously 3 mini-CIM). Here is a...
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Today 10:39 AM
Build a bot, scrap a bot; build two, scrap two or one?
For the past few years that we've build second robots, the twin has been taken apart and the competition robot lives on to some degree - whether it's fully in tact or stripped of controls components...
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Dan Katzuv
Today 09:19 AM
Autodesk Synthesis with CTRE Motor Controllers
Thanks, but we currently use Java.
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Ginger Power
Yesterday 11:44 PM
2018 JUMPSTART Training Event
Last I heard it'll be 850 people for JUMPSTART and another 250 for the FTC event. So 1100 people in total which is our limit due to the fire code in the ballroom! This will definitely be an...
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New Post
Yesterday 11:09 PM
Sharing our Case for the CTRE Pigeon
I was asked if the LEDs were visible.
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