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Yesterday 11:25 PM
Most Improved Team?
Iím not looking forward to having more teammates be confused about the difference between the two Gators (3750 and 5172). Jk, love you both! Thanks for the compliments as well Kaeden - hope to see...
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Yesterday 09:48 PM
Is Power Up Good at Ranking?
Of course. Naturally a Scale robot can do the Switch, but if executed properly a Switch Specialist does the job of a Switch better than a Scale bot (Unless you're the Poofs of course.) What was...
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Yesterday 08:59 PM
OpenWRT on OM5P-AC
This will point you in the right direction: https://github.com/true-systems/om5p-ac-v2-unlocker/wiki/Lock-down-of-Open-Mesh-devices This is not a procedure for most people. This thread is hilarious.
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Mike Marandola
Yesterday 08:53 PM
What COTS parts would you like to see?
Then a vendor can capitalize on a COTS robot up-righter.
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Yesterday 08:19 PM
pic: 3863 Swerve V2.1
Looks very nice! Would you be willing to share the cad?
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Yesterday 07:56 PM
2018 IRI Invitations
Looks like a great roster! Can't wait to see the action this summer :D
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Yesterday 06:52 PM
BIG BANG! 2018
I will post the updated list Tuesday. On vacation for the weekend
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Yesterday 04:28 PM
775 Pro Drive
The only issue I could see with the heatsink is that it seems kind of awkward to be sticking off the motor. I wonder if its really the shaft that gets that warm, or are you suggesting on the back...
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Yesterday 04:22 PM
FRC Blog - FIRST Core Values
Some of these values sound familiar :) https://youtu.be/b1JHME3BzuI?t=42s
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Yesterday 03:33 PM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #724
E02. All team members must wear safety glasses (only ANSI-approved, UL Listed, CE EN166 rated, AS/NZS certified, or CSA rated non-shaded) while in and around the playing field and in the pit area....
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Yesterday 02:49 PM
Turning Motor / Gear Ratio for swerve drive
So much this. I've been wanting a 550pro motor for a long time, maybe even with a 5mm output shaft so that all the 775pro stuff fits on the shaft, because for a lot of things, 775pros are grossly...
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Yesterday 02:00 PM
FRC Pathfinder Reverse Code
We created a reverse Distance Follower from the one Jaci provided on GitHub. It runs from the last (forward generated profile) segment to the first. Acceleration values need to be negated and...
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Yesterday 11:19 AM
pic: 2910 Off Season Swerve Video
Here is the link for the CAD of the robot shown in the video. https://github.com/woolfepr/Swerve-MK1
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Yesterday 10:30 AM
Controllers reverse in autonomous and teleop
The gamepad axes send -1 when pushed all the way forward and +1 when pulled all the way back. Meanwhile, we tend to think of + as forwards and - as reverse (especially when writing autonomous code)....
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Yesterday 10:30 AM
paper: Encyclopedia Robotica Volume 2
Thanks for putting this out, we'll be using it during our design training season for sure
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Yesterday 10:27 AM
2019 Game Speculation
So we'll have to pull modules from a computer's memory core during teleop and the endgame will be opening the pod bay doors? I like it!
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Yesterday 10:19 AM
Cooler Master Gaming Tournament
i agree! trying to get some people on our team interested.
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Koko Ed
Yesterday 09:55 AM
WVROX 2018
I'll give it a shot. I'll probably die but I'll die trying.
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Yesterday 09:34 AM
pic: Quantum Drawing
Wow. That is amazing. Are you thinking of doing other bots?
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Yesterday 09:24 AM
3D Printers
Buy 3 Josef Prusa i3 Mk3's. Spend the rest on filament. The Ultimaker and the Taz are nice printers but they're still playing catchup with the Mk3. The print quality is just not as good.
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