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Today 03:33 PM
FRC 2220 Blue Twilight's 2018 Chairman's Video Submission
Awesome video and great essay. Your friends and neighbors on 4215 are rooting for you!
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Today 03:30 PM
New York Year in Review
If you only plan on doing one district event, there won't be much/if any difference because NY events have been about the size of most district events. The upside is you get a second event "included"...
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Today 03:29 PM
BIG BANG! 2018
How do you sign up to possibly volunteer?
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Today 03:21 PM
Thanks First... for trolling us
I think they will release them at the same time they did Houston's, which was 8:30 AM CST. Tomy
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Today 02:56 PM
EMCC 2018 Registration Now Open!
Hello everyone- The registration is open for the 2018 East Metro Collaborative Competition. The event will be held at East Ridge High School in Woodbury, MN on Saturday September 22, 2018. ...
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Today 02:45 PM
2018 Houston TV Channels
I scrounged in my basement and found an old HDHomeRun tuner box that we'll set up in our pit and establish a local (wired only) LAN where we can stream the video to a laptop. I have it successfully...
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Today 02:34 PM
$90 Houston Match Prediction Contest
Im surprised Ether didn't get in on this
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Today 01:57 PM
A-stop Button: A modest proposal
Great Idea. It makes too much sense for it to actually happen.
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Today 01:39 PM
Any other streaming sources besides Twitch?
Louis Rossman, an Apple motherboard repair technichian, streams his repairs on YouTube. He streamed them on twitch for a bit and had a contract for a Twitch partnership, or the like. He mentioned...
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Today 01:16 PM
So You Are Going to Championship (Detroit)!
Yeah cobo doesn't really have stadium seating that i can remember, its a convention center so FIRST is probably bringing in their own.
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Today 01:15 PM
LGBTQ+ of FIRST Presentation
We are excited to announce that we will be having a presentation at the North Championship in Detroit! The presentation will focus on inclusivity of LGBTQ+ people in the FIRST community, and it's...
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Mitch Stokes
Today 12:40 PM
2018 Galileo Subdivision
Just wanted to give a shout-out to the Galileo inspection team. When we got a red card in our second match they followed us all the way back to the practice field and helped us rectify the problem...
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Today 11:44 AM
Highest Quality Camera Stream
I'm working on generating a video stream from a Jetson TX1 and displaying it on the dashboard as an Axis-like camera stream. So far, we can view it on Firefox/Chrome while streaming 640x480 @ 30fps...
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Today 11:34 AM
Updated scale autos - Team 2471
Yup I noticed that the far one was not for this year, but there are definitely two identical 2018 robots in that shot. Wasn't sure if there's a third in the bag, since they are a district team so...
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Today 11:27 AM
Thank You to 195
+10 Gino, Sandra, Rob, Sir Lance a lot, (and all the other mentors) you have built a team that always strives to be the best. Sandra said it best earlier, "Although not always perfect (who is?), we...
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Today 11:17 AM
Ommni Wheels...
I think one of the main reasons why 7179 is so good at the regional level is because of their omni-wheel drive train. Their driver is so good at whipping that little robot around the field. The...
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Today 11:07 AM
Michigan State Champs
The 2018 MSC was an incredible event. Organizing a 161-team event can't be easy, but the event ran smoothly and everyone had a great time. Thank you to everyone involved, especially all the...
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Today 11:04 AM
Arduino + MPU-9250 + AHRS = ???
I am also trying to make the IMU9250 system work in a robot where I only need relative (not absolute) heading (yaw) information. I'm using the Sparkfun 9250 breakout with a Teensy 3.2, and I'm...
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Today 10:56 AM
Detroit Volunteer Assignments?
I'm also still pending, but I specifically requested to be in a division with my sister's team. As division assignments haven't gone out yet, if you have any conflicts or division requests, that may...
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Today 10:40 AM
How many teams achieved perfect 4.0 RP score in Quals?
Agreed. Like you and others, we also tried to help the other teams with their auto programming, but not all teams want help or advice... especially when they already believe that they have a working...
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