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Today 09:47 PM
paper: FRC Drivetrain Characterization
Interesting. Knowing which constant to tune late in a season (as robot parts wear) is crucial to keeping consistency in automation. I think this paper lays a good foundation in that regard. I'm...
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Today 09:33 PM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #697
Everyone's wondering which of them will be the first to invent a robot to give hugs.
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Caleb Sykes
Today 08:56 PM
paper: FRC Elo 2008-2016
I have just published an update to my Elo model titled "FRC_Elo_2005-2017." This model incorporates a couple of major changes to the Elo model I used during the 2017 season, and this will be the...
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Today 08:46 PM
Team 159 Robot Tread Testing
I did some testing of Blue Nitrile when I was with MOE and found rather different results in some aspects, mainly the contact area effects. Two variables you have not given are the weight of the...
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Today 08:26 PM
Benefits of building a chassis?
I like rivets but the size of drivetrain gussets is starting to encourage me to use screws in the corners. Bellypan should be riveted to save weight, but for the corner gussets I'm looking at using...
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Today 08:11 PM
Thoughts on OpenMV Cam M7?
Having looked at the JeVois, the M7 that OP is asking about, and the Pixy... I'd pick the JeVois out of the three... it's absurdly impressive. We're also currently beta testing a thing that might...
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Today 08:10 PM
Oh I know https://imgur.com/a/EkKdB 1285
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Mark McLeod
Today 07:12 PM
Registration 2018
As of 11/19/17 Open registration closes tomorrow 3671 teams 2955 Regional event slots assigned 2895 District event slots assigned 5850 total event slots takenRegional teams: 2122 regional teams (32)...
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Today 06:36 PM
Battle for the Bluegrass 2017
Results have been posted to TBA https://www.thebluealliance. com/event/2017kybb#results
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Today 06:06 PM
Stuy Splash hosted by FRC 694 StuyPulse
Team 694 StuyPulse is hosting Stuy Splash. Stuy Splash is a series of lectures geared toward rookie robotics teams as well as veteran robotics teams all throughout the Tristate area, covering...
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Today 04:52 PM
Profiling the roboRIO? Why not?
Granted, there are different ways of executing profiling. Not all profiling is attempting to track where wall time is spent.
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Today 03:31 PM
Hi, Im just a new design lead looking for resources, anything helps
For shooters in particular it's hard to calculate precisely how long they take to spin up without using calculus. For me, I just gear the RPM at whatever the prototyping yielded to be a good result...
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Today 03:18 PM
4-cim vs. 6-mini-cim drivetrains
Dang it Paul. I thought we were done innovating in the drivetrain gearbox. It's pretty hard for us to refute the logic of a 6 Mini CIM drivetrain, especially since we see so much heat fade. Sounds...
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Mark McLeod
Today 03:08 PM
Old robot replacement electrical system
What you could do is visit a car audio store in person with a 40a breaker and find a fuse block it fits.
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Daniel Ernst
Today 02:11 PM
Photos - FLL Jr. at 2017 Frog Force Frenzy FTC Qualifier
My photos from FLL Jr. activities at 2017 Frog Force Frenzy FTC Qualifier Novi Middle School on 11/18/2017 are posted at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/danielernst/albums/72157689795803235
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Today 01:33 PM
Now's the time to start E-scouting apps
Everyone who may be considering electronic scouting for the upcoming season, Now is the time to start assembling your app framework, looking into community solutions/open source, figuring out which...
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Today 01:23 PM
pic: 2 CIM Flipped Shifting Gearbox
The gearbox should be around 7.8 pounds including everything. Right now, it sticks into the frame about 4.25in because of the space added to run chain outside of the tube. If the chain were run...
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Today 12:52 PM
Possible drive train 2018
As it stands, it looks like you're liable to tip backwards when the omni wheel is up. The back-most traction wheel is only a little bit behind the center of the robot, so if the CoG shifts to behind...
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Today 11:54 AM
Team 900 Role Call
Hey CD i'm Mason, I'm a transfer from 1533, and i'll be assisting with mechanical and CAD now with the Zebracorns! I'm looking forward to designing more crazy ideas for you guys to get excited about...
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Today 11:43 AM
First Choice Security
Thanks Jerry !
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