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Today 08:06 PM
Possible Applications of new Brushless Motor?
Do you have any evidence that lithium batteries are unable to handle repeated impacts?
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Today 08:01 PM
[FF]: Laguna Regional 2018
Blucifer 2283 5093 4262 Hammerheads 4400 6832 7217 First Pick 3158 3480 7046 Falcon 6896 7018 6966 The Lunch Company ...
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Today 07:57 PM
[FF]: Bayou 2018
Hammerheads 3937 6810 7049 First Pick 456 6923 7275 Falcon 1912 1818 3946 The Lunch Company 3991 7288 2221 The Kellen Hill Fan Club ...
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Today 07:44 PM
Introducing Limelight for FRC
From what I can gather (and I'm not from a beta testing team, so I can't confirm) limelight takes care of/ makes it easy to implement the first part - identifying the target. This is the part of...
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Today 07:33 PM
Things to do with airships
Make it into a large Tricopter as the GDC intended.
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Today 07:17 PM
Eclipse Doesn't Even Start to Deploy
Hey everyone! I have been plagued with a big-time issue that I just can't wrap my head around. I have eclipse neon installed on my windows 10 (64bit) laptop. This is a fresh copy of windows, so...
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Today 07:10 PM
Robot Not Moving
Clamp and Ejector are never assigned in TeleOpPrototype1, so line 47 (Clamp.setPosition) will throw a null pointer exception. The same can be said for lines 49, 53, and 56. In addition to that, you...
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Today 06:56 PM
Vision or Gyro-Encoders? Where to put time?
In my opinion, even with all of the cool vision products out/coming out now, I still think a gyro/encoder setup is way more useful than vision. There is always a way to get around being very...
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Today 06:21 PM
paper: Using JeVois camera in FRC
Looking at the test code that you linked a few posts up, the issue may be that you need to set the pixel format for the UsbCamera....it defaults to MJPG rather than YUV. So unless you've setup a...
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Paul Copioli
Today 06:15 PM
VEX EDR V5 Beta Now Open
The title says it all. I am excited to announce that the application form to become a V5 beta tester is now open! We are looking for students, educators, programmers and robotics enthusiasts to...
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Brandon Holley
Today 05:15 PM
3d printers
This for sure. Because of the extrusion temps required for nylon that better layer adhesion combined with the toughness characteristic (crack propagation through the material) you'll likely find...
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Today 05:10 PM
2017 Bay Area AI (Machine Learning) Workshop | Dec 16th
If the meeting is not being recorded, is it possible for any of the teaching materials to be posted later? Just like slides or something for people who are out of range.
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Trying to Help
Today 05:02 PM
Best New England teams that folded
I've talked with some of the Team 3585 (Rogue Robotics) mentors this summer. I don't see them returning to FRC. They did Vex and SeaPerch last year and they're not going to continue with Vex this...
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Today 05:01 PM
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Today 04:54 PM
Miami Valley Regional Team Social
Sorry, some of the information got deleted during revision, it is Friday, March 2 from 7-10 PM, I know this is scouting time we didn't get the reservation early enough to book that Thursday. This...
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Mike Marandola
Today 04:32 PM
MAR 2018
316 got into CHS North Virginia
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Today 04:31 PM
Homemade CAD system?
Rather than making a new CAD system, maybe it makes more sense (not sure what you want) to take existing software and build you own customized tools for it. Many of EricH's examples have ways of...
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Today 04:28 PM
[FTC]: Scoring Program Not Importing Data Correctly
The FTC Scoring program is not importing the league competition information correctly. We've run our first league meets and when closing out the program it prompts to export the match data for the...
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Jacob Hess
Today 03:59 PM
Teleop problems
Sorry, yes, turning it to brackets did help. I was getting errors for turning it to brackets, but they might not have been in the right place.
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Andrew Schreiber
Today 03:52 PM
Team 900 Role Call
I think Kevin's statement is accurate as stands.
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