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Yesterday 09:59 PM
IRI Food and Services Map
Note for those of a Floridian persuasion: Lawrence North is one exit away from the only Tijuana Flats for 400 miles. I somehow swayed an entire busload of CyberTooth kids to partake during the Perry...
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Yesterday 08:58 PM
IRI Hotels 2017
I've got a block of 8 rooms with 2 beds in each room that I'm getting ready to release at: Motel 6 Indianapolis NE - 8325 Bash St, Indianapolis. My reservation only includes Thursday and Friday...
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The MARtian
Yesterday 07:42 PM
The MARtian: MidKnight Mayhem 2017
MKM V Recap MidKnight Mayhem V was feeling blue, and not just because of the lack of the Wacky Wavy Inflatable Arm-Flailing Tube Men. Impressively, all playoff series were won by the blue alliance,...
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Yesterday 07:29 PM
Financial Support for Struggling Teams?
Been a while since 851's competed... "Back in my day..." ;) I can think of a couple options. --VEX/FTC. It's cheaper, at least once you're set up. (Wasn't available last time you guys were in...
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Yesterday 07:11 PM
A Scouting Tale from the Ages
We had a similar issue to this during this year. We were 13th seed, and moved up to 8th alliance captain at the last second due to captains picking a lot of other captains. We did not plan to be...
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Yesterday 07:10 PM
Aluminum Sandwich Panel Source and Use?
I'm not a mechanical engineer, but that is probably a good idea. it might also be possible to put a bracket on both sides and run a bolt through them at the bend to clamp onto both sides, keeping...
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Yesterday 06:57 PM
Time lapse of CORI set up
We had a full official field (the field perimeter is owned by Wright Patterson AFB and lent out to the Center Of Robotics Innovation, our FTA saud the game specific elements and electronics were the...
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Yesterday 06:45 PM
2015-2016 correlation coefficient matrix
Very interesting data! It's interesting that "teleop points" has a 91% correlation with "teleop takeoff points" :P
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Thayer McCollum
Yesterday 06:39 PM
Updates on Colorado Off-Season Events?
Just wanted to give everyone an update as I have been quiet about this lately. I was struggling to get times with the school but I finally made progress today. I don't have a date yet, but now I know...
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Yesterday 05:27 PM
First drive gearbox
6 775s will be fine as long as you watch your current. Breakers are less likely to be a problem compared to the motors themselves burning up or brownouts, but it's best to monitor current just to...
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Jay O'Donnell
Yesterday 05:05 PM
2017 IRI Team List
I prefer "That HOT Force"
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Yesterday 03:24 PM
pic: 3d printable HTD pulley Generator
A simple solution would be to remove the flanges, and instead use thin (1/32") aluminum to create flanges, adhered to the 3D print. Thin enough aluminum is easy to file into a decent hex, and you get...
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Yesterday 03:15 PM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #676
Senator Leverette may not have as much time this year as in the past, now that he'll have to spend so much time in Washington. What an amazing election! ...Who is William? ;)
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Yesterday 03:12 PM
pic: Essential in the Average Pit
Well doesn't that just s0ck? Up shavings and other small debris, that is? A small broom and dustpan are also handy, but that vacuum cleaner can better get into the robot for those bits that got past...
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Yesterday 01:26 PM
pic: Looking for feedback on belt driven WCD design
It's worth noting that running HTD belts "out of spec" is pretty common practice in FRC - the specs you'll get from Gates are formulated for industry, which requires orders-of-magnitude longer...
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Yesterday 01:13 PM
[FF]: 2017 IRI Draft
Team List Updated:
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Yesterday 11:11 AM
2017 Beantown Blitz - June 24th
What a fantastic event! What a great experience for my first (of hopefully many) New England events! I had such an awesome time hanging out and volunteering. Derek (our FTA) was an absolute...
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Yesterday 05:54 AM
Being Proactive About Paper Airplanes on Einstein
At one time there was a pause function. It may even still be embedded in the FMS. But years back, maybe around 1998-2000, we were told not to use it any more, because they weren't sure what status...
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