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Chris is me
Today 09:45 AM
Move to Java
I would start over with an IterativeRobot file, just all in one .java file to start. Get your very basic teleop driving working, then start breaking things off into separate classes and files from...
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Today 09:26 AM
Greater Kansas City and Heartland Regionals 2018
Team 5801 has reached out to members of 3528 so that if any should still want to participate in FRC that they may have a place to go. Hopefully the Up Next program can be revived next year and...
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Nate Laverdure
Today 09:20 AM
2017 Rumble in the Roads
Meet the Key Volunteers that make this year's Rumble in the Roads possible!
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Today 09:05 AM
There are also real salt water batteries. The navy used to use them to power sonobuoys - the buoy had both the anode and cathode plates, and the sea provided the saltwater electrolyte. ...
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Doug Frisk
Today 08:47 AM
2017-2018 STIMS Guide (Youth/Parent Registration)
Have you verified that the email address you're sending the invite to matches the account email the parents are using and the student specified? If the team member said the parent is mom@mail.frc...
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Today 08:35 AM
Error Using CAN Talon SRX
I've never actually seen this before, but just from reading the error description it looks like you're missing a library function called by the CAN Talon library. Assuming you've tried closing and...
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Chris is me
Today 08:34 AM
WCD Versablock vs. WCP Side Bearing Block
If you want to be certain of a good fit, the 2x1 tubing that Vex supplies and the VersaBlocks are toleranced to each other, so they will fit every time. That said, regular 2x1 from various suppliers...
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Today 08:06 AM
pic: 5987 Octocanum CAD
Missed that part. :o Fair enough. Well, if you want to do things the easy way you could do that...:cool:
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Today 06:59 AM
Researching Folklore of FIRST Robotics
Oooh, next would you tell the story of Pooh Bear and the Decagonal Wheels? No, wait! Andy and the Purple Tank!
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Today 05:31 AM
Official Thread - Duel on the Delaware - October 21, 2017
Duel on the Delaware Saturday, October 21, 2017 Salem Community College Carneys Point, NJ Davidow Hall - DuPont Field House Webcast https://youtu.be/ZGsB_1KcMkI TEAM LIST
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Today 02:58 AM
Jetson TK1 OpenCV development
Can you define what you mean by "training?" Are you referring to an OpenCV cascade classifier, or do you just mean writing vision scripts? We do all of our development on our laptops, then transfer...
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Today 02:55 AM
[FTC]: Best motor for winch?
Spectra, Dynema and UHMWPE are all good options cord wise. You should look at getting some V-groove bearings to run the cord around, it'll help reduce friction and wear on your cord. REV stocks...
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Today 12:32 AM
DM Robotics AZ State Championships Teaser
In Less Than 18 Hours Sir Brewster will be back and ready to compete!!! Check out a little teaser from DM Robotics!!! See you at the AZ State Championships! https://youtu.be/EB25eCov-O0
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Yesterday 09:11 PM
2018 FRC events
FYI - TBA has been updated.
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Yesterday 07:41 PM
[FRC Blog] Last Chance for Second Round Preference Submissions and Some Data
TBA doesn't update immediately. Try FRCLinks instead, that'll get you to the FIRST site for either your team or your event. As I tell the FF players: TBA is NOT an official source, so if you don't...
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Mark McLeod
Yesterday 07:38 PM
Sudden loss of DS log files?
Thanks for letting us know. It makes sense the new files were getting lost in the clutter of old files. P.S. I have seen that before and one year the file naming scheme changed thereby making the...
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Yesterday 06:47 PM
Reference Charts and Tables in the Workshop
We like to keep parts and tools and goggles on the wall (on shallow shelves and pegboards and shoe bins). We also have dry erase boards and calendars and bulletin boards. Usually, the information...
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Yesterday 06:40 PM
Disney Research: Realistic Motion Calculator
This stuff is really neat. By parametrizing not just the design, but also the results of any design configuration, it becomes possible to do some really advanced stuff by handing off some of the...
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Mark McLeod
Yesterday 06:39 PM
OpenMesh Radio not giving an IP address
Use the same FRC Radio Configuration Utility 17.3 (2/14/17) to reflash the OpenMesh firmware. Use the Load Firmware button. Regardless of the radio IP address, which you do not use, can you ping...
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Yesterday 05:12 PM
NavX Gyro Issues
Here's the (effective) code we use to initialize the navX in our robotInit: public static AHRS imu; try { // Try to connect to the navX imu. imu = new...
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