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Today 08:31 AM
Rare Radio Problems - URGENT
There is the possibility that this could be caused by ESD, as several teams appear to have had issues from it: https://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?threa did=164028
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Kyle Fenton
Today 08:19 AM
pic: Team 121 Rhode Warriors 2018 Robot
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Today 08:18 AM
[FiM] FiMside Scoop 4: Banana Split
Mattawan WiredCat's (5675) 3-stage lift is tuned, hardened, and ready for battle at West Michigan! Looking forward to seeing lots of friends there! https://i.imgur.com/TkwCbFd.jpg
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Ryan Dognaux
Today 08:11 AM
Team 1720 PhyXTGears Presents: Pixel
Thanks Akash! We really went all in with the swerve and buddy climb. Hopefully it pays off. Thanks Spencer. 1747's two cube autonomous is so good - I'm very happy that you guys added Plainfield. I...
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Today 08:08 AM
CAW/Withholding Allowance Question
CAW is what the robot is inspected with.
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Today 07:48 AM
Scoring 2 Cubes at once, G22 or G20
Assuming you're talking about the double gear... What do you think should have been called and why?
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Eugene Fang
Today 07:40 AM
Blue alliance api: Match Number
As prior posts have suggested, check out comp_level. Also, take a look at set_number.
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Today 07:34 AM
Team 3476: Code Orange presents Gnaraloo (2018)
Needs more turret and swerve
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Today 07:32 AM
FRC Top 25(40) Week 3 Results. Show Link
Anybody who ever thinks they deserve to be ranked fundamentally doesn't understand what top 25 is. You don't magically become popular by being consistent and winning a few district events. Sitting...
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Today 07:30 AM
SHOCKING NEWS: This year's field hurts!
I didn't have a problem at the Westtown District but everyone was commenting on it at Springside Chestnut Hill. It was extremely dry those days.
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Today 07:28 AM
Uncooperative Alliance Partners
Here is our teams process for approaching match strategy: ->Decide upon Auto strategy based scouting data and teams response to confidence level on their programming. (Will send software team over if...
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Today 07:26 AM
2018 Hudson Valley Regional
Hope everyone is doing alright with the snow! We're not able to get to our lab until late tonight if at all today, so looks like it'll be a hectic load in tomorrow morning...
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Today 07:09 AM
Team 5046 Power Up
Link to our Scale autonomous https://youtu.be/Iym1HO4zoY8 Link to longer version of our new intake https://youtu.be/8URM2A8YS9Y
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Today 07:07 AM
pic: United States Team Density by County
It's a whole different concept of scale. People complain on the east coast when they have to travel more than an hour or two to get somewhere. Out on the west coast, it can take four or more hours to...
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Today 06:56 AM
PNW District Championship Projections 2018
Do you happen to have a point cutoff prediction for the New England district?
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Today 06:53 AM
Team 7190's First Ever Robot
Looking forward to seeing a team from my home town compete here in Houston :-)
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Kevin Leonard
Today 06:47 AM
Team 2383 Ninjineers - 2 Cube Auto, 1.5 Cube Cross
You guys killed it last weekend. I'm just sad we won't get to play with you or even see your robot in person this year. Best of luck at South Half-champs!
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Brian Sherman
Today 06:45 AM
Frank Merrick Email - "A Note to Ohio and West Virginia Teams"
I don't think that is the strategy. I think FIRST does not want to split a state in half (i.e. Pennsylvania). I believe they are okay with combining states, but I could be wrong. In my opinion, the...
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Today 06:40 AM
how to introduce CNC & train the team?
Back in 2016, we invested in a Velox 5050 and it has become invaluable. Being the CNC lead, watching videos like NYCCNC and ThisOldTony has become a great resource. I learned most of my tricks from...
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Today 06:08 AM
Mid-Season Predictions: Arcade Junkies
So where is the camera hidden in our lab? :D As always, thanks for the updates.
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