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Jarren Harkema
Today 08:14 PM
When to use the Vault
What I am saying is that the points earned in autonomous cannot be earned elsewhere in the match. If you are placing cubes in your vault right after auto, you could be artificially closing the point...
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Today 08:13 PM
The Robonauts 118-Everybot
any assembly instructions available for reference.
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Today 08:06 PM
Greyt Universal Cascade Elevator and Powercube Claw
I love the COTS revolution. It has done an excellent job of raising the level of accessibility to this program and provides professionally engineered parts that teams can integrate to their robot. I...
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Today 07:53 PM
No elim points for RP tasks this year
Not giving a bonus for the Autonomous RP makes sense to me, you already score 25+ points for it with minimal effort for higher end teams. Assuming you already have a cube manipulator it requires a...
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Joe Ross
Today 07:50 PM
Unhandled exception java ?
The stack trace will tell you which line of code is allocating the port the second time, you then just have to find the first time.
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Today 07:28 PM
navX-MXP Java Problems
Post your code. It is very difficult to fix what we cannot see.
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Today 07:26 PM
HELP (talons, robotDrive issues)
Take this advice or leave it, but I have some comments for improving your team's code. I'm assuming some of it came from Screensteps, which has outdated examples relative to the ones in the Eclipse...
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Today 07:16 PM
Internal battery resistance test tools
I thought of that as well. Dozens (over 70) of measurements with the probes shorted at the same temperature greatly reduces the risk it's the greatest driving factor. I all but thought it was a...
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Today 07:11 PM
Game plan
Climbing can't be ignored this year, but I don't think I'd give it the same kind of weight as last year in game strategy. Last year each climb was worth more than a rotor, the only way to win a...
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Today 07:08 PM
Detecting Keyboard
There’s a means of connecting your own switch/button/potentiometer to the Drivers Station PC: https://wpilib.screenstepsli ve.com/s/currentCS/m/java/l/599722-driver-station-input-overview Having...
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Today 06:55 PM
Nav-X Micro Libraries
If you can, switch to a full size navx-mxp. The navx-micro has many problems that can occur! Angles get messed up and the components on the micro are not accurate. Get the navx-mxp, from experience....
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Today 06:55 PM
CAN bus not displaying
I had the 2018 RoboRIO firmware installed, CTRE Lifeboat Dashboard, Talon SRX firmware updates, and the robot driving. Suddenly, everything broke. The code remained roughly the same, but now...
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Today 06:42 PM
CANifier 5V LED Support
It should if it has a 5v digital output, although I've heard the CANifier is somewhat slow and you could probably get the same result with either an Arduino or the REV Blinkin (assuming they're...
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Today 06:39 PM
FIRST Choice round 2
We won the lottery with the 3 cubes. I am surprised we were allowed to order that many though, might have made more sense to keep it at 1 cube for Round 2 to spread the love. I certainly paid for it...
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Tanya & André
Today 06:26 PM
Power Up Driver's Test
Thank you for making the test available. Please send me the answer key. Thank you, Tanya Lead Coach 2 and Mentor Express-O 3986
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Today 06:26 PM
Motor Safety Check Error
Here is a link to the code on GitHub. It is code mostly generated by RobotBuilder 2.0 for 2018. https://github.com/BlueCrewRobotics/Kylo
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Today 06:18 PM
New Post
Today 06:11 PM
Double Solenoid programming Labview
Can you post a screen shot or maybe a zip file of the code you are working with? Have you tried clicking on the broken run arrow in the upper left hand corner? It will give you a description of...
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Today 05:44 PM
No VictorSP support for SpeedControllerGroup?
I'm guessing you are trying to pass pointers into the SpeedControllerGroup constructor. SpeedControllerGroup actually takes references. I recommend initializing them how the PacGoat example does. It...
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Today 05:36 PM
Where are the ntcore c++ build libaries raspberry pi
I have ntcore compiled on a raspberry pi, but i cant seem to find the c++ build libaries.
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