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Today 01:51 AM
Team 2485 Presents: Neo
Best pits ,cool bots...see ya in San Diego!
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Today 01:42 AM
How to Win Power Up as an 8 Seed?
I think you'll find that with effective use of power ups, as well as the possibility of a strong switch/ramp robot available for the 8th seed but not for the 1st as a second pick, there may be a few...
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Today 01:20 AM
LIDAR and Bluetooth Assistance Requested!
It sounds like a really great project. One thing that I would ask though is whether any research has been done into how the lidar will perform in bright daylight with bright snow as a background? I...
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Mr V
Today 01:16 AM
Poll-How many teams scrap their robots after the season ends?
With my old team we had kept quite a few, some stripped of all of the electronics and others that were kept functioning. However with the building of a new school there wasn't an option for a shelf...
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Today 01:01 AM
Gearbox Screaming Noise
Do you have any pictures of said gearbox? We're doing 4-775 single speed for ours and it isn't loud at all.
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Today 12:59 AM
Robowranglers 2018: Uppercut
I noticed it mentioned being 30-50 lbs lighter than most robots. Is that the case in the final configuration? What metal and what thickness is the robot? Did you have to go thinner this year than...
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Today 12:55 AM
Team 5407 Reveal Video
Great to see someone pull off this design at FRC scale. Well done!
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Trevor Kroells
Today 12:54 AM
Team 2175- 2018 Robot POV Teaser
2175 Link Here's a short teaser of our 2018 robot's abilities. We will be releasing a full reveal soon, so stay tuned. Look for us at the Lake Superior and North Star regionals.
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Today 12:47 AM
Robot wiring vs. residential/commercial wiring
This thread reminds me of something my first Electrical Engineering (EE) professor said, many years ago: There are many old EEs, and there are many bold EEs. But there are few old, bold EEs.
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Today 12:38 AM
Team 624 CRyptonite 2018: PaCRat
That is one slick climber. An amazing robot as usual.
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Today 12:37 AM
The Robonauts 118 - 2018 Video
The attention to detail that 118 displays every year is astounding. Every single part of that machine does its job perfectly.
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Today 12:34 AM
pic: Team 701 Presents: Mjölnir
If the Regional schedules work out, I'd love to come out to Colorado again!
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Today 12:33 AM
FRC Radio Firewall Config
Hi, I configured the radio access point with the firewall enabled to simulate how the game field control system behaves but found I could still download code to the robot which its supposed to stop...
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Today 12:31 AM
Problems with SendableChooser
I have a sendableChooser and m_chooser.GetSelecte d()->GetName() doesnt output what i expected, when i make a object like m_chooser.AddObject( "Auto1", new Auto1Command); it doesnt output "Auto1" also...
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Today 12:26 AM
Team 4189 Presents: Overthrow
Reveal Video Jackson County 4-H The Chargers present our 2018 Robot. Designed to be unique, fast, and efficient. Full width intake PowerCube ejection from 3 sides 6" 6wd 4 Cim Drivetrain Welded...
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Today 12:08 AM
2018 Central New York Regional Robots
Team 694 StuyPulse's 2018 robot: Wildcard https://www.instagram.com/p/BfclEb6gvSI/ Good luck to all teams competing at Central NY :)
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Yesterday 11:53 PM
FRC Krawler scouting app questions
We scouted with tablets for the first time last summer at IRI. We used FRC Krawler and it worked very well, but there were a few things that were a bit inconvenient. I've seen other teams talk about...
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Trevor Kroells
Yesterday 11:47 PM
TALON SRX Can Frame too stale issue
My team has been having issues where our motors stop running and we get an error message saying "Error - 3 CTR: CAN frame not received/too stale" we aren't sure what it means but it seems to happen...
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Yesterday 11:38 PM
Controlled Acceleration/Ramping
Well, if we were smart enough to do speed PID's... I'll run two experiments next week: send the bright team off on the gravity project, another at least rate limiting the driver to motor control, to...
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Yesterday 11:24 PM
2018 FIRST PowerUp Rules Quiz
hi! can I have the key please?
(3,650 views, 29 replies)

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