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Today 02:37 PM
It's Official - No More Stop Build Day! (In 2020)
After a couple of days of thinking about this and reading all the plus and minus comments, I still have mixed feelings. Here is an out of the box suggestion that may eliminate some of the negative. ...
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Today 02:24 PM
New AndyMark Website
Also! Tonight at 6pm ET you will have a chance to chat with Jerry and Bharat live while they go into some of the changes to the new website, along with the continuous improvement you'll see between...
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Basel A
Today 02:21 PM
New key volunteer position for 2019!
Definitely in favor of having a dedicated scorer (or multiple). There have been cases in previous games where referees are overwhelmed with both scoring and looking out for rules violations. The...
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Today 02:05 PM
Blockading Rule Reform
Good that we can come to an agreement for the first part of the post I think. I think I finally understand your point, so that's good that we can get some clarification on that. Allow me to...
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Chris Mounts
Today 01:57 PM
Using srx mag encoder with wcp ss 3 cim gearbox.
Assuming you are asking about this: http://www.wcproducts.net/wcp-ss-gearbox your best option is likely to put the encoder on another driven axle. I assume that was the intent when these were...
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Today 01:02 PM
FIRST Choice and vKOP Webinar (11/15@7PM EST)
I will mention GitHub. Anyone have others?
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Akash Rastogi
Today 12:38 PM
Burnout and Preseason
Shoot me a PM. Let's find you some local mentors on other teams to reach out to and help you.
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Today 12:32 PM
Pneumatic code
Just looking at the code, I wonder why you're negating the left and right inputs and setting those motor controllers as not inverted. It is cleaner to use inverted to do the negation. Double...
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Chief Hedgehog
Today 11:59 AM
2018 JUMPSTART Training Event
We are currently at 29 teams and 631 attendees registered. We will have to cap this event for 2018 at 800. Here is the most current list of registered teams: 2177 2239 3023 3100 3102 3134
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Today 11:30 AM
CAD File Not Printing Correctly?
Hi all! I wanted to let everyone know that after I edited the CAD file, the robot part printed fine. Here is a picture if you were interested: https://imgur.com/gallery/7Ydli2d Thanks!
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Today 11:02 AM
Significant Change coming to FRC (in 2020)
That's... Wait. 100% accurate. And something that a LOT of people don't understand. *checks out the window to see if there's any airborne pigs*
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Today 10:56 AM
3x NEO Gearbox
If you do that, please at least leave the part where the wires connect to the motor, that way when people are designing gearboxes they don't inadvertently design the wire outputs into impossible...
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Today 10:50 AM
WOW District Parody Video contest
Link is broken, but typing it manually seems to work.
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Ty Tremblay
Today 10:49 AM
C# is Open Source. Is Anyone Using it?
I vote stick with Java. Industry is full of choosing languages and infrastructure because they're officially/best supported. In this case, Java and C++ are the only officially supported languages...
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Today 10:33 AM
2nd robot survey
This exactly. The amount of wear our comp bot already receives is severe and by the end of the season our practice bot gets so much work it's basically done. I can't imaging what how one bot could...
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Today 09:53 AM
Beginning Pneumatics
Our team does a board but it needs to rebuilt for this year. I'd like to setup a couple hours sometime in December for training our students doing this but more would be welcome to join. I'd...
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Today 08:19 AM
Which Markforged to get?
We were able to work out a discount (10%, I think) with the vendor we bought our Mark II from. We're coming up on a year with our printer, and we've gone through almost 4 spools of filament and maybe...
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Today 12:46 AM
33 The Killer Bees - 2018 Swerve Module
Interesting the 64 tooth gear was printed. Very cool. Was the gear driving it also printed? If not, were there any wear issues caused by the two different meshing materials? Was there any type of...
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Yesterday 11:37 PM
No Bag and Tag vs. Event volunteers
Exactly, FIRST is not mandating anything here. Teams can still do whatever teams want to do. If your team didn't work on iterating the robot design after 6.37594 weeks of build time (before the...
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Yesterday 10:06 PM
[FF]: [OFF] Minne Mini Tier 2
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