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Today 08:52 PM
Difference between Mead and CKD solenoids
Mostly price and size, the more expensive solenoids are smaller. The smaller solenoids have a smaller CV (which tells you how fast air can move through the solenoid). The CKD solenoids have M5...
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Today 08:31 PM
paper: Using JeVois camera in FRC
If I'm understanding your comment above, are you passing serial commands from the roboRIO to the JeVois to initiate the video stream? Have you tried just using the initscript.cfg to start the stream...
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Today 08:13 PM
[FF]: Colorado 2018
Questionable Decisionmakers 1619 2083 1584 Blucifer 1011 4293 4593 Hammerheads 2848 5126 3729 First Pick 1730 3200 6459 Falcon ...
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Richard Wallace
Today 08:07 PM
Team 254 Looking For Mentors
254 would love to have an active mentor for every blue banner they've earned. At this point, they could use the things for shop rags.
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Today 08:02 PM
FRC Blog - 2018 Beta Teams, Brushless Motors, and More!
AM's Nubs are rather spotty on fitting 6mm D shaft - sometimes too tight, sometimes slightly loose. The best hub we found last year was this one. I noticed this morning that AndyMark has a 6mm D...
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Today 07:51 PM
From where does your team but its wires?
Just to clarify, stranded wire is not more "rugged" than solid wire. Indeed, solid wire is slightly less susceptible to damage from a pinch point. Solid wire can be bent to a tighter radius - once...
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Today 07:04 PM
What's your best match?
https://www.thebluealliance. com/match/2017paca_qf1m1 Quarterfinals in Pittsburgh #8 seed over the #1 seed. (And a little contrversy too)
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Tom Line
Today 06:58 PM
Introducing Limelight for FRC
I'm scared to ask what lidar unit you're after marshall..... I'm just happy because I got the pulsed light and pixy working with LabVIEW......
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Today 06:21 PM
Mounting an Encoder to a Live WCD Axle
We did this in the past for drivetrain and arm rotational sensors, but moved to the dedicated systems provided for the VexPro Ball Shifter and VP Integrated Encoder. The surgical tubing solution,...
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Today 05:36 PM
Candidly Speaking 12/5 8:30pm EST: Supplier Ethics, CAW and more!
Or, as was brought up on FUN, not misleading teams about the resources necessary to be successful in FRC. Don't tell them it's a six week program, don't tell them they don't need any tools or...
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Today 05:17 PM
3d printers
The promega does look like a good printer. Not quite what we are after at the moment though. Have you seen it live in person or know how their actual production is progressing? on their site they...
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Today 04:54 PM
Matlab Licence for FRC
I haven't personally used it, but a few years ago our team considered doing vision processing in Matlab/Simulink (I forget which). I know that other teams have done so. 696 did simulations of a...
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Tyler Olds
Today 04:35 PM
FRCTop25 Popularity Poll for Charity! Vote, Troll & Win!
Update: Here are the prizes for those who donate to the FRCTop25 Charity Poll! The stream starts at 8:30pm Eastern at https://www.twitch.tv/firstupdatesnow When we reach x in cumulative donations...
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Today 03:57 PM
FirstChoice, what did you get?
No NavX, but we did get one of the brushless motors to mess with, and miscellaneous other things. Interested to see what people do with the NavX
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Today 03:52 PM
Best Robots by Age
So, winning the Championship Chairman's Award is associated with how the team performs on the field? I believe you were thinking that HoF status was a rank of team success, and that I can agree on.
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Today 03:25 PM
What's the rule on changing wheels at an event?
If you are replacing an exact identical item such as a standard wheel you do not need to be reinspected because there should be no change to height,weight, etc. For our team in the past we have had...
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Today 02:37 PM
High performance 3d printed plastics
Thanks jgerstein, do you have any photos of where / how your team used the markfroged 3d printed parts? it would be great to see them
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Today 02:37 PM
[FRC Blog] 2018 Safety Animation Award sponsored by UL
Thanks to everyone who replied lol. It did turn out that my problem was not being assigned as student submitter. Here's the safety animation we made, if anyone would like to check it out:...
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Today 02:21 PM
Plenum cable: Is it legal?
Thank you all so much for the great suggestions, recommendations and warnings. After comparing the costs of 100 feet, 12 ga, stranded copper wire with red and black pvc-jacket, we decided to purchase...
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Today 02:08 PM
2017 Bay Area AI (Machine Learning) Workshop | Dec 16th
If you're interested in getting into AI, come join current and alumni members of teams 254, 604, and 1868 for our intro to machine learning workshop this Saturday, Dec 16th from 8am-4pm, hosted...
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