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Today 05:55 PM
Robowranglers 2018: Uppercut
At one point during the season, I actually looked to one of my mentors and joked about the idea of intaking another robot's bumpers. We sat there and we actually laughed about how ridiculous that...
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Today 05:54 PM
"Quotes" that were said during build season
“Why are you drinking root beer off a table?” (It spilled, so there was some of it dripping off the table, and they had spoons... Yeah.) Me: “Are we going to have to explain to why you were drinking...
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Today 05:54 PM
Encoder Cables
Thanks for the reply it is good to hear it isn't a just us issue. Our team is talking about ways of making a beefier connection. I don't have pictures but will get some when I go to lab tonight....
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Today 05:44 PM
FRC 548 Robostangs 2018 Reveal
I've got to be honest, I thought that you were hanging from your ceiling at first. You guys have a very simple yet effective robot design, I like it.
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Ginger Power
Today 05:38 PM
FIRST in Minnesota 2018
We completely overlooked these possibilities when we registered for Lake Superior... We hope to learn from our mistakes and do better in future years.
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Anuraag Routray
Today 05:38 PM
Let's see your build space.
Here's our build sites through time. https://imgur.com/a/4Fsvd
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Today 05:36 PM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #711
I don't care what they said on CD about velcro rope. I give it two thumbs way up!
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Ginger Power
Today 05:35 PM
FUNalysis Week 0 Events 2/22 9pm ET
Fair point. "Everybot Cycle" is probably more appropriate/accurate. That's just what I've been calling them with my team - probably because we tried doing 2014 "Death Cycles" and fell in love with...
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Today 05:35 PM
2018 Team Update 13
True , it would be better if in the actual rules and definition of "Launching" was as unambiguous as possible, in lieu of that the next best is QandA in the same year then possibly blue box...
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Today 05:21 PM
Bumper Number Issue
You legally unbag the robot. Unbagging just to get the bumpers outs would clearly not be legal unless you somehow got permission from First. But if the bag was opened legally, not putting something...
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Today 05:21 PM
LEGO Power Up!
Hi all, Now that build season has come to a close, please help support our LEGO Power Up set here: http://https://ideas.lego.com/projects/ec760584-0a01-4432-a94a-ca07d7aad681. Once you have supported...
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Today 05:20 PM
what is the largest airports we can have on an air reservoir
Yes. A lot of teams do.
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Today 05:19 PM
frc 179 2018 release
Looks nice! I like the climbing mechanism! It looks as if a cube could maybe fall into your robot during a match... be careful! Wouldn't want to end up with a non-manipulable cube in your control....
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Today 05:18 PM
Team 346 RoboHawks Reveal 2018
Who are you kidding. You will totally be at DCMP.
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Today 04:45 PM
Pneumatics Cylinders
I think McMaster is expensive for pneumatics but thanks!
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Today 04:43 PM
Team 1574 MisCar: 2018 Robot Reveal
Awesome Robot Reveal! Can't Wait to See you at District Event 1!
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Peter Johnson
Today 04:28 PM
Autonomous not working? Could be the name of your auto routines
Indeed, this bug was fixed in the 2018.3.3 release.
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Peter Johnson
Today 04:27 PM
The deployment scripts use a special Ant plugin to "discover" the RoboRIO IP address (using a variety of methods) to make deployment as bulletproof as possible. A similar method is used for Riolog. ...
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Today 04:24 PM
pic: FRC 1319 - 2018 Power Up Robot
Aside from manipulating the crates extra fast the shape does allow for other desirable traits. During wind tunnel tests the lightning bolt shape performed far superior to other intake shapes. While...
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Today 04:19 PM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #710
Nah, I didn't have much going on the last couple days. You? First place goes to: Second place goes to:
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