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Today 12:37 PM
Simulate flywheel for linear LinearMotion
I'm attempting to simulate a PID controller for a shooter using the velocity of an encoder in ticks/sec. The relevant parts of the PID are here: def returnPIDInput(self) : velocity =...
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Today 12:27 PM
[FF]: [OFF] Fall Fiesta Varsity 2018
1. tmpoles 2. BrennanB 3. SPang 4. nomythicalbeast 5. Brian Maher 6. pchild 7. Attention 8. mman1506 9. Big-b 10. Stryker
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Today 12:24 PM
pic: Det vs Hou: Travel Time- Sincerely, A Geographer
Okay - then I would interested in Cleveland and Salt Lake City.
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Nate Laverdure
Today 12:12 PM
am i going to go kaput
Sure, you can make a jetcycle. One of the major design decisions you'll need to make is whether the vehicle is going to be propelled by the thrust of the exhaust gases through the outlet nozzle, or...
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Today 12:11 PM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #744
if I lose a finger I can't be forced to assemble transmissions
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Today 11:51 AM
Robot Signal Light
Hi David, Sorry it's taken so long for me to get back to you. Here is a link to what I purchased from Digi-Key. These work...
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Today 11:39 AM
FRC Monopoly Board Suggestions
can someone please send this to me when its done i would so pay for that
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Today 11:36 AM
Tinder as a platform for alliance selection?
no, because tinder doesn't show all the options I think "match" would be better for alliance selection. or what if the last alliance was chosen by a game of musical chairs on the field.
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Today 11:01 AM
FIRST Team 1296 Annual Car Raffle
I'll be sure to buy my tickets! If you haven't purchased already - don't miss this excellent opportunity to win a car (and support a team, I guess ;))!
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Today 10:38 AM
B.E.S.T. Robotics
Wondering if any of the teams on here also compete in B.E.S.T. Robotics competition during the fall as well. Seeing the discussing and an explanation of the OCCRA competitions has prompted this...
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Today 10:34 AM
Kangaroo Power Cord
I'll try to get on a ladder and pull the plug from my Kodi Kangaroo and get a physical measurement of the plug for you.
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Today 10:20 AM
Hello. Please welcome FIRST in Upper Midwest.
It's not clear to me if South Dakota should be the FUM equivalent of the UP for FiM or the equivalent of Northern WI for FiM.
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Today 10:03 AM
New England Offseason Event List - 2018
RiverRage still has some spots available!
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Today 09:24 AM
pic: Zebra's DART at HHH Invitational (Data Release)
WOW! That heat map is really nice looking. Normalizing all play to a single side really adds some clarity to the data. Yes, sorry for the delay in responding but you are right. You can tell...
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Today 09:10 AM
[FF]: [OFF] IROC 2018
1. pchild 2. drwhorx 3. nomythicalbeast 4. SPang 5. Hailey.faiella 6. ThatSoftwareGuy 7. Miklast 8. tmpoles 9. BrennanB 10. Big-b
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Today 09:10 AM
What gauge wires for 775pros?
Same here! They are a great way to control the wires and are much more secure than the usual connectors, and take up less space.
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Today 08:42 AM
Huge voltage drops and hot battery wires
I bet that you have a contact/spot resistance issue in a battery connector, likely on the robot. Carefully inspect any crimps or contacts (metal pads inside the Anderson, for example) in this area....
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Today 08:00 AM
[FF]: [OFF] Fall Fiesta JV
PSA closing signups at 3pm est
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Jim Zondag
Today 07:54 AM
Why I love OCCRA
Rich, Thanks for the great write-up and I am glad to hear that you and your students are enjoying the new game challenge. I look forward to seeing their robot in just a few days. I have been on...
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Richard Wallace
Today 07:31 AM
Average Foundation
Hi Akash, Replying in the open because you asked, and because you're not the only one. I am not the proposal author, and I only consulted technically on some of the details. The full proposal...
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