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Today 10:04 AM
Extra Flexible battery's cable
R44 is crystal clear (at least to me :]). You are allowed one pair of SB connectors between the battery and the PDB. If my team was in a situation needed more than one pair of SB connectors in that...
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Today 09:53 AM
First Global Burundi Team goes missing
Considering the most likely border crossing is in to southern Ontario, I think you might be out of luck on that one.
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Today 09:44 AM
IRI - Good Things and Even Better If ...
It was a great event and my team enjoyed it immensely. We were a skeleton crew and did not perform as we'd hoped, but we have no complaints. It was especially fun to see fellow upstate New Yorker's...
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Today 09:37 AM
Keeping and teaching new members
We are a pretty large team, about 40-50 students on average. I think the following contributes to our ability to maintain a core of talented students and limit drop-offs: We support an FTC team -...
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Elizabeth Lowe
Today 09:15 AM
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Today 09:15 AM
What else is there, in Indiana
There is Brown County State Park which boasts a covered bridge and allows camping with horses. We often camp here on our way out to Champs in St. Louis. There is also Columbus Indiana which boasts...
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Today 08:46 AM
2017 Rock River Off-Season Competition (R2OC)
I didnít see an R2OC thread, so I thought I'd start one. The 2017 Rock River Off-Season Competition will take place on Saturday, July 29th. This is the fifth R2OC, and it looks like itís shaping up...
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Today 08:03 AM
FIRST on Class Rings
Sorry for the thread necromancy, but I wasn't aware this was a possibility until yesterday when one of my students got his class ring with FIRST on it. Still very cool and I'm glad this is available...
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Today 07:54 AM
Welding 1x1 Steel Tubing vs 80/20 for Pit Cart?
Team 1108 usually has welded steel tubing (1/2-box section) as structure on robots too, so yes, it was 'practice.' Mostly 1" box section tubing and 1-1/4 angle on our cart. If you want it to be...
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Today 07:34 AM
What camera(s) do you use?
Which version of RoboRio firnware do you think they patched the Linux they use to support the Microsoft LifeCam correctly? I tried this last year and the LifeCam still would not operate correctly in...
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Today 04:41 AM
Where do you get your uniforms/custom team jackets?
you guys check custom.ph! they make such a good team uniform with a very good service.
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Today 02:01 AM
Free AWS compute instances for teams wanting to try deep learning
There are 2 instances remaining.
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Today 12:55 AM
Using Arduino
I note that your planned use is "to test sensors outside the robot". This is a great use for the Arduino, and since you're doing it in the off season, or off the robot, then FRC legality really...
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Yesterday 11:43 PM
2017 Beach Bot Battle
Thanks for the wonderful offer, but even though I'd have loved to go to B3, given how well our programming camp is going this week I'm glad we stuck with the plan! After 13 hours of our 25 hour camp...
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Yesterday 09:36 PM
New MN Off-Season Competition - EMCC!
We have been working on the website and have been encountering unexpected errors (no pun intended). We'll get the correct list on the site as soon as we can. Our website actually has it wrong -...
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Yesterday 09:08 PM
pic: Swerve Drive Pod 1
FWIW, technically even the 40A snap action breakers aren't enough to stop a 775pro from smoking itself. Talon current limiting is probably a better option due to faster response times, but it's...
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Yesterday 08:41 PM
pic: New The Hi Fives 4944 Logo
The word "The" seems smaller than the others. Other than that the only other comment I have is to make it all caps. It looks really good. I like the design.
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Yesterday 08:18 PM
pic: What happens when there's a farmers market outside IRI
One of our members bought a cantaloupe and went to the barbecue food truck to borrow a knife to cut it. Funny part was that when she got back with the knife we used another members necklace to cut a...
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Yesterday 04:40 PM
2017 Texas Robot Roundup
From the TRR email we got today from Susie Rich If you have a functioning practice bot, I'd bring it in case teams don't show. I'm not part of the committee so I don't know but if it falls under...
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Yesterday 03:30 PM
sysProps.xml doesn't exist
Which language?
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