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Today 09:59 PM
Design Review to Mentors
I certainly don't mean to discourage you from using a more mathematical approach to your decision making, but make sure that everyone understands what is really going on with this process. I have...
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Kevin Leonard
Today 09:57 PM
Nasa Grant Question
It's always seemed to me like they added that option for events that need more teams to sign up for them. I don't think CNY is going to have any attendance problems.
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Today 09:56 PM
Sorry we're 7 years behind but we finally did it: https://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?threa did=159615
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Today 09:27 PM
paper: Team 900 Presents— Zebravision 5.0: ROS for FRC
http://cultofthepartyparrot .com/parrots/hd/parrot.gif We will of course be answering any questions anyone has but I want to say how rediculously proud of these students I am. They've done some...
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Today 09:01 PM
Team 1619: 2017 Robot
What is the software that y’all used for the wiring diagrams?
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Today 08:38 PM
Best way to accomplish hosting web server on Jetson (+couple other misc. questions)
Oh, yeah you could use them to calculate the angle offset, but the entire point of making a dashboard like this is so you can tune the values in your OpenCV filters. In other words, we are trying to...
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Today 08:30 PM
MAR 2018
Thanks for your support, Howard.
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Today 08:27 PM
Recent Trend In Game Themes
As much as I love the mentor perspectives, I'd like to add what I see as a student for diversity of opinion, as we experience very different things in our roles. I for one have had quite the...
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Chill Slacker
Today 08:10 PM
2018 Game Speculation
Good meme.
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Chris Fultz
Today 07:57 PM
2017 IndyRAGE - Team and Volunteer Registration
UPDATE: Right now we are at 16 teams for the 2017 IndyRAGE. It would be awesome to have at least 18 for 6 x 3 team alliances for eliminations. (Team limit is 24 to be able to accommodate...
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Jon Stratis
Today 07:51 PM
Any word on when STIMS will be open?
There was an email blast today that mentioned it:
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Thayer McCollum
Today 07:41 PM
Snap Raise
You're right, my bad I miss-typed. Your team gets to keep 70-77%, And Snap Raise takes 30-23% not the other way around.
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Today 07:12 PM
Vision tracking Java questions
We had some success with the pi, it was more just unreliable. It worked (as far as filtering out light for the most part and allignment) but it seemed like it just wasnt picking it up as fast, or...
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Today 07:06 PM
Pit Setup
As Marcus said, this helps our workflow. The most crucial part though is that every day, the team pulls the road case out of the closet, we lay down our mats, and set up a pit space to work in. At...
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Today 07:06 PM
AndyMark Swerve & Steer: Feedback?
Some additional thoughts occurred to me today while getting last year's practice robot ready for my engineering students to rewire. The modules were very easy to install on a couple different old...
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Howard C
Today 05:18 PM
Looking for FIRST Events/Teams in Taiwan
I sent you a PM. I hope you enjoy your time abroad.
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Today 05:03 PM
Is Bash@Beach happening?
I found this on eventbrite (where the sign up was last year): BASH 2017
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Today 03:36 PM
[Java] GRIP Vision help?!
Okay -- Thank you so much to you both! I was able to get it to a point where the vision thread would run and continue to loop; but now I think it's an issue with the pipeline. No values are...
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Today 03:33 PM
vex planetary assembly problems
Thanks. I see that now on the V2 manual. We've been looking at the V1 manual all this time...
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Today 02:40 PM
FIRST marketplace sale
$20 hat, $20 shipping! WHAT A DEAL
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