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Today 08:30 AM
WVROX 2018
Detroit is getting in our way with preparing for our display at the Hall of Fame. Probably right after Detroit. Trying to make it go faster.
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Today 08:25 AM
FRC Top 25 Houston Champs Results. Show Link
Demeris is similar to Pappas & Goode Company. They have been around Houston for a long time. Have not had Tin Roof or Pete's
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Today 08:13 AM
CNC router for prototypes
Is it ever necessary to put a screw down in the middle of the material to hold it firm? YES!! We purchased a Velox this summer and absolutely love it. The only problem we had was the aluminum plate...
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Jon Stratis
Today 07:59 AM
Student Government on FRC teams
Student leadership is essential on our team. We have two co-captains, and a number of sub-team leads. Co-captains are selected by the mentors, based on an application, interview, and team poll...
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Today 07:57 AM
Pathfinder Motion Profiling Help
Please post again, and attach the CSV file for inspection.
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Today 07:34 AM
4 Cube auto Wed Practice match on Turing
What happens if the scale is up for the later cubes? Does not look like they can make it if the opponent possesses the scale.
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Today 07:30 AM
A Request for the Houston A/V Crew
It would also be very nice to get the alliance color on the scoring display lined up with the field. - Sunny G.
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Today 07:25 AM
A-stop Button: A modest proposal
I think this is a great idea, and a variety of the implementation methods (from dead-man's switch to Big Button to whatever) would be better than what we have now. If every team had unfettered...
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Today 07:04 AM
Getting Started with Java
As far as where to get started setting up to use Java, the first response of the WPILIB ScreenStepsLive site is corrrect. As for addition resources, I put together a list of resources document for...
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The MARtian
Today 07:00 AM
The MARtian: Ready Player (Three Forty) One
A District By Any Other Name Would Smell Just As Sweet The cubes say MAR, but the banner above them says FIRST...
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Today 06:57 AM
2018 Championship Userbars
I think the link to the imgur gallery is wrong. These are great!
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Today 06:49 AM
Thank You to 195
195 has always welcomed us with open arms (along with anyone else who would come) to their amazing practice space, never hesitating to offer advice or assistance. They've offered us machining...
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Today 05:45 AM
Double Climb Instances
As mentioned, we (4917) do it regularly from the side and its been key to our wins this year. 23343
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Today 12:57 AM
2018 Turing Subdivision
Not a bad start to the competition! Looking forward to Thursday! https://youtu.be/B_W8Y09x0bg
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Yesterday 11:36 PM
$90 Houston Match Prediction Contest
Was originally planning on being cool and using glmnet's 'elastic net' penalization that combined ridge and LASSO, but found that it didn't actually net me any better OOS Brier scores and hurt my...
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Yesterday 11:31 PM
Updated scale autos - Team 2471
Yes. We also got a couple successful 4cube routines on the practice field. We had some repairs to make, so we missed pur practice match.
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Yesterday 10:46 PM
SmartDashboard preferences storage
Thanks very much Austin That did the trick
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Yesterday 10:28 PM
3 Cube Scale Auto - Team 291
looks fantastic, and love the #teamtoproller intake!
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Doug Frisk
Yesterday 10:14 PM
FRC Blog - Houston is Looking Good and We’re Eliminating the Bag!* (For Houston!**)
There is an audience display screen at either end of all six fields that is driven from the same systems that drive the audience displays. So yes, you have real time scoring information as a driver...
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Yesterday 09:54 PM
Who is the best necromancer?
4 weeks, 1 day, 3 hours, 32 minutes
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