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Landon K
Today 12:08 PM
pic: Reverse 2 CIM SS Gearbox Render
That is great advice, but my team doesn't have a lathe so I was trying to design for our capabilities. That all totally makes sense, thanks for the feedback!
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Today 11:10 AM
Main Breaker Tripping
I've heard of other teams experiencing this, even ours. It's like once you trip the breaker one time, it's more susceptible to tripping over and over again, with less current (like they break in). I...
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Ali Ahmed
Today 11:06 AM
Beach Blitz 2018
We're excited! Stoked to be able to play with some old friends. Can't wait to see what we can learn from those Idahoans.
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Today 11:03 AM
Gitchi Gummi Get-Together 2018
Hey all. Due to some miscommunication the Get-Together is not being broadcasted on The Blue Alliance. However, if you're interested in some excellent matches between some of the best teams in the...
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Today 10:41 AM
Vex Configurable Parts in Onshape!
Definitely aware of MKCad and use it regularly. I agree it would be nice to have them integrated and will speak with Marcus to that end. The main issue is that without some help directly from...
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Chris is me
Today 09:48 AM
6 wheel chain drive idlers and friction
The idlers are going to wear in a bit, yeah. Ideally they'll "wear happy" or wear to a sort of equlibrium point. Your chain isn't actually fully tensioned though, the bottom section has some sag....
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Today 09:10 AM
Solenoid for t-shirt cannon options
It appears to say the ball valve you referenced takes 3 seconds to open fully. Have you tested this? Thanks
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Today 08:25 AM
2018 China Off-Seasons
Have fun guys there! Hope you will enjoy CRC with 5883 Spice Gears :D
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Today 08:02 AM
RAMP is back!
Yeah, understandable. Examples of "good enough" are really valuable on their own.
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Today 01:50 AM
Fan for 775pros
It was done by having just enough power to slip the wheels. think dragster. if the module is geared to have just enough power to slip the chosen wheel and traction surface. for us that is a 4x1...
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Today 12:48 AM
Electrical help
This was definitely on the technician's reading list: https://wpilib.screenstepsli ve.com/s/currentCS/m/cs_hardware/l/144972-status-light-quick-reference
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Today 12:31 AM
2019 FRC events
From the KC STEM alliance July newsletter: Or weeks 1, 4, and 6 as rumored. Also, weeks 1 and 6 are Friday-Sunday tournaments.
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Today 12:20 AM
2019 Game & Season Manual preview?
...Well, that's enough CD for today. My brain hurts.
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Yesterday 11:43 PM
6th Annual Red Stick Rumble
Add Fusion 364 to the list! I know it will be a great event!
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Yesterday 11:25 PM
2018 SCRRF Fall Classic
Unfortunate that this is the same weekend as Chezy Champs. Oh well, maybe next year.
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Yesterday 11:05 PM
Planning for a water game, I see.
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Yesterday 09:28 PM
pic: Usable Caster Drive Design
I was taking a closer look at the CAD and I was wondering how the rotation gear is kept concentric. There is a gap between the flanged button heads. Maybe I'm missing something?
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Yesterday 09:02 PM
pic: gotta go fast?
Did you find a spare Tesla battery pack or something? :D
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Yesterday 05:46 PM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #732
(Some time earlier) Electronics lead: Where did you plan on putting the radio again? CAD jockey: We have a radio?
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Yesterday 04:09 PM
Name the Planet Contest
Hmmm, the planet is described as lifeless and toxic with an ever changing landscape. Not super flattering. But... if we do the math, maybe we can save this world.
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