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Today 01:37 PM
First Drive Train, ADVICE NEEDED PLS!!
Nice job! If your using a laser cutter to fabricate the frame then I'd consider going with a lightening style that takes advantage of the laser better than just circles. The reason 1114 used circles...
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Tyler Olds
Today 01:25 PM
FUNalysis Tonight 8:30pm 71 & 254
Thanks to everyone who tuned in last night for FUNalysis! Check out the segment archives on YouTube if you missed it: FRC71 2002 Newton SF1-1: https://youtu.be/Pmig2PYQHmA FRC254 2018 Hopper Q113...
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Today 11:33 AM
Team 5818 Differential Swerve Drive
I'm just spitballing here: In previous swerve design threads, people felt comfortable with a bag motor steering at ~100:1 ratio. Since CIM motors have about 6x more torque than a bag motor you...
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Today 11:32 AM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #736
How to make a robot inspector die inside for just a few hundred dollars.
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Today 11:25 AM
pic: baby bot v2 final
It looks (render on right) like the gearbox drives a belt which drives a lower shaft (shaft not pictured, but toothed pulley on lower shaft is). This then drives rotation of the intake around an...
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Today 10:50 AM
Swerve drive cost
Fabricate for $400 ok... but the design effort, both for the hardware, and then the software is going to be quite a daunting task that consume much of the team's resources while you develop, test,...
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Today 08:42 AM
F4 CADathon 5: 2nd Place - Team 157: Minotaur Presents: Blockade
Hey, thanks for asking! Our lift is continuous rigged for power up and power down, and the four smaller spools on the top with the helical string guides drive the lift up and down. The giant pulley...
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Today 01:35 AM
Operation Slam God
I don't understand what is happening but it seems fun.
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Today 01:28 AM
F4 CADathon 5: 7th Place - Team 246: Team WOW CAD Release
My Brother and I are proud to present our CAD for the 5th Bi-Annual F4 CADathon: Connect F4. Our robot design exceeded our expectations and placed 7th overall. Thanks to the GDC, FUN, and all the...
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Yesterday 11:02 PM
Using Raspberry Pi as coprocessor
Its pretty common to use as a coprocessor. Lots of teams have published code online on places like Github to view it. The most common way is gonna be pynetworktables which publishes data to network...
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Yesterday 10:50 PM
The Koala Foundation: Drought Appeal
I can't believe you missed out on the opportunity for a water game joke shirt. :deadhorse: Well wishes! I'll definitely be getting one!
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Yesterday 10:43 PM
RoboZone Podcast Episode #070 - Recruiting, Fundraising, and School is Back!
Spiece is working with 314 this year?!? Oooohhhh boy... :rolleyes: In regards to a potential off-season event at SVSU, someone should tell them to get a hold of FIRST of the Great Lakes Bay Region;...
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Yesterday 10:16 PM
Pressure not rising smoothly
My personal preference on locating the gauge is at the far end of the high-pressure side of the system from the compressor: just before the regulator to low pressure. Then a second gauge on the...
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Travis Hoffman
Yesterday 10:07 PM
New tool for C++ Programming for old cRIOs
This sounds promising. For the benefit of more people than just me I'm sure, could you possibly post here what specifically you changed in the solenoid code to get it to build correctly? Thanks!
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Yesterday 09:36 PM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #735
Thank goodness camps are almost over! First place goes to: Second place goes to:
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Yesterday 07:24 PM
Team 254 Presents: Lockdown Technical Binder 2018
We took your advice and added 0.05" to all our belt C-C's in the intake and also made room for 1/16 hex spacers between the wheels and the bearings and it seems to have fixed the issue. Thank you...
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Yesterday 06:18 PM
Techbrick Robots Just Posted its Awesome Resources for 2018-19 Into Orbit
Techbrick Robots Just Posted its Awesome Resources for 2018-19 Into Orbit https://techbrick.com/fll-resources/fll2018 Kick Off PowerPoint's: Very Important Stuff! Images For Your Own Worksheets,...
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Yesterday 04:38 PM
NY Tech Valley Robot Rumble 2018
It's only August and we only have 1 space left!! It's incredible how much this event has grown from just 13 in our first year! Updated Team List (23/24 available spots): Team 20 (x2): The...
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Yesterday 04:31 PM
Off-Season Battery Cart Design
From a look at this cart, I have a suggestion.. Biggest issue I see with this design is the caster location. These are laid out in a similar fashion as the cart from Andy Mark P/N am-2797... Last...
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Yesterday 04:05 PM
Vision on a Pi
There are some nuances in the definition of "real time" - Often times, people mean "really fast" or "low lag". And although these go together, the more specific definition I lean toward is...
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