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Today 08:25 AM
Power Outage at CAGE Match 2018
There was some talk of playing in the dark, however, it was decided not to as to keep people seated so no one fell.
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Today 08:08 AM
Class of 2019, where are you applying?
One of the schools that makes up Team 74 is a charter school, which allows them to have something like this as a graduation requirement.
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Today 08:04 AM
Screw Drives
What you're describing is a ball screw or lead screw. Teams certainly have used them in their robots, but there are often better ways to get the motion you want. (Of course, that depends on your...
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Today 08:00 AM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #745
"Why don't we just take the wall put it somewhere else?" "Alright, lets not get political here. This is a robotics competition." "No, the wall of the school!"
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Today 07:59 AM
2018 Alliance Selection Results
IROC 2018: 1) 2363-346-339 W 2) 122-1885-619 QF 3) 5549b-1086-3373 QF 4) 1731-611-2914 QF 5) 623-5115-540 SF 6) 4099-422-612 F 7) 4472-2537-888 SF 8) 6239-1418-5830 QF
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Today 07:39 AM
[FRC Blog] 2019 Awards Update
I am sad that the Team Spotlight is going away. We used it as a way to organize our judge materials and resources; we used it as a way to organize some of our in-season Chairman's supporting...
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Today 07:25 AM
pic: Duel on the Delaware 2018 Trophies
The LuNaTecs always make such great trophies. And can you figure out what they used for these? (Old Nintendo cartridges)
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Today 07:22 AM
Uses for Spike Blues
We used them in 2017 for more simple pieces of the robot that does not take a talon srx like our climber that year but for more advanced procedures we use talon srxs.
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Today 06:17 AM
Am I Using Command-Based Correctly?
Yup, especially for Git, keeping people working on different files (or at least different parts of the same file) is what allows for smooth integration. Note that while splitting into multiple...
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Today 06:02 AM
Running Grip Pipeline On Jetson TX1
Hmmmm. I'm always a bit cautious about copying installed binaries between folders - in general a program assumes it has a full set of files it was installed with. If one thing is missing, usually...
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Today 05:54 AM
Sensors, TalonSRX vs Roborio
Worth a discussion perhaps, but there are some legit reasons to have it set up that way. CAN bus load, latency, etc. can be problems. Additionally if the master is changing at 1ms, you technically do...
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Today 12:13 AM
360 Degree Video from IROC Quarterfinals Match
I think YouTube does this for you if you upload as a 360 video.
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Yesterday 11:31 PM
Issues building/deploying with alpha build
The Gradle issue is one of either of the following: - You have a JRE installed, not a JDK (please send the output of `java -version`) - You don't have write access to ~/.gradle (on windows:...
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Yesterday 11:01 PM
Team 2102 Presents Our Offseason Robot
Team 4613 did it as well https://youtu.be/bFiySP0L6o4 I think the benefit of doing this is that you get that much more torque without having to have a large gearbox, and the load of the arm is being...
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Yesterday 08:32 PM
2018 STEMley Cup Championship
STEMley SUPER CUBES: Two special STEMley SUPER CUBES will be in play at the November 3rd STEMley Cup Championship: one red-colored SUPER CUBE and one blue-colored SUPER CUBE. The cloth cover of the...
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Yesterday 07:21 PM
Fouls requiring multiple robots
This is a valid point, but why should a replay be dependent on the type of match being played then? I'd argue if the logic applies to fouls, it applies to replays as well, since both scenarios could...
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Yesterday 06:10 PM
Team 20 Help Desk
I just posted a video about how to solve the java runtime not found error in Visual Studio.
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Yesterday 04:52 PM
Robot loosing comms to major voltage drops
Thanks guys but figured out. Battery just not charged enuff
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Yesterday 04:22 PM
Mission Mayhem 2018 Live Stream
https://i.imgur.com/I3UZYPF.png Im not totally sure how livestreams work, but in theory the uploader can go in and remove the songs that are getting it blocked. It will look like one of these two...
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Hugh Meyer
Yesterday 03:27 PM
CAGE Match 2018 Photos and Video
Hi Everyone, CAGE Match 2018 photos and videos are at the following links. Photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/cybercards1529/albums/72157699441865032 Match...
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