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Al Skierkiewicz
Today 11:42 AM
Choose your Forum Wisely
For new comers and veterans alike, please choose a forum where you questions can receive better answers. Motor questions in the Motor forum for instance.
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Today 11:38 AM
Eclipse IDE Unsolvable Error
We have the same error. Please tell us which folder messed you up and what other weird problems might have caused your error message. Thanks.
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New Thread
Today 11:36 AM
Andymark button board
For anyone who uses a button board from Andymark, either the am-3753 or the am-3831, when you press the buttons, do they stay down until you press again or do they quickly pop back up? Thanks.
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Today 11:35 AM
Chairman's Exchange
Sounds interesting! I sent you an email!
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Today 11:34 AM
Demolition Derby
So battlebots :eek: :eek: :eek:
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Today 11:34 AM
Syntax error
I suspect that your code looks like this: public class ClassName { WPI_VictorSPX rightDrive = new WPI_VictorSPX(1); WPI_VictorSPX leftDrive = new WPI_VictorSPX(2); DifferentialDrive...
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New Thread
Today 11:28 AM
Claw Design Help
I have been working on a claw design to pick up the power cubes that looks a bit like this https://d2t1xqejof9utc.cloud front.net/screenshots/pics/3bab63d826169460eca0 b9e97157bb3d/large.gif I'm fairly...
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Today 11:22 AM
Rookie Team Help Request - Kit of Parts Chassis
Something that can always help is if you draw/tape out the box (33x28) and see if your robot can fit in it in either direction, since there is no rule about orientation of your robot, it may help to...
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Al Skierkiewicz
Today 11:20 AM
Measuring robot extension during inspection
Adding to Jon's discussion above, if your mechanism is software controlled and the software or hardware fails, you are still responsible for the failure. See G05.
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Today 11:11 AM
[TBA]: 1stRoboticsRocks
I can send you a few flickr accounts with about 15 years worth of robot photos in them. Ive been manually screenshotting (ShareX automatically uploads them to imgur which i can use in submitting to...
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Today 11:10 AM
How to send IR signal using Labview?
Not sure you are going to be able to without designing something custom yourself. It seems like the lightdrive would fit this better. Here are other popular light controllers Blinkin, LightDrive
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Today 11:08 AM
Drive train with encoders and tough-box min: How do you wire it?
You wire it to one talon, then set the other to "follow" mode.
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Al Skierkiewicz
Today 10:59 AM
Powering LEDs on the Operator Console
Lundo, Did you mean 5 volts at 2.0 amps? That is what modern USB charging ports are capable of supplying. Not all USB ports can provide 2.0 amps, 1 amp or less is the common output for USB...
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Today 10:50 AM
When to use the Vault
Levitate 3 if one is not climbing is worth 45 so no brainer...3PC effort Force 2 is desirable if they own the scale, net 30 points (-10 them, +10 +10) 2 PC effort Boost 1 is worth 15 points 1 PC...
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Basel A
Today 10:47 AM
Greyt Universal Cascade Elevator and Powercube Claw
A thought activity for everybody: jump into this hypothetical scenario. How much time do you think the team spends on putting together the robot? How do they spend the rest of their time? How well do...
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Al Skierkiewicz
Today 10:43 AM
COTS question
I need to add here that most jacks have considerable grease on the lead screw. Please read the robot rules about contamination. Particularly R08 and R10.
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Today 10:43 AM
Victor SPXs in WPILib?
You must install the CTRE Phoenix Framework to use the VictorSPX. Installation guides are on CTRE's website.
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Al Skierkiewicz
Today 10:36 AM
Batter Charger Question
In general I was responding to measuring terminal voltage with the battery connected to the charger and only looking at voltage. If you do not monitor current at the same time, you may not be seeing...
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New Thread
Today 10:36 AM
Victor SPX in WPILib?
This year we want to use Victor SPX from VEX. However, there isn't any classes for them through WPILib, only Victors and Victor SPs. We also haven't been able to find anything on them in Delphi, so...
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Today 10:35 AM
FRC 95 2018 Build Thread
Not every time, no. Reminded me of our first prototype that had a longer pivot arm. See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TaUXLpf5GmM If the arm is long enough to let the roller continue climbing up...
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