Go to Post So we are able to run a very competitive and active robotics program. Sustainability, alas, is a month-to-month issue for us and is dictated by the space situation. This is okay today. Tomorrow could be different. We live like this. - Clem1640 [more]
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Today 05:06 PM
Code Ran successfully but not being able to deployed
To my knowledge, static mean that there is one copy of the member exist within the code. Since this is a pointer to an object, we wouldn't want its content to change. Please correct me if I'm wrong,...
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Today 04:45 PM
[FF]: Miami Valley 2018 LIST-ENFORCED
Times enforced on 11/25. This is a list-enforced draft. What that means is that at draft start time, if you have not submitted a list, you will get randoms for all remaining picks. In the event that...
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Today 04:34 PM
[FF]: Montreal Regional 2018
Times will be enforced 11/24, in PST (due to draft runner commitments) Hammerheads 7:00 8:02 8:04 The Breakfast Company 7:03 8:00 8:06 ...
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Today 04:15 PM
[FF]: Dallas Regional
Boop. It's your captain here speaking, please fasten your seatbelts and remain seated until the seatbelt sign turns off... Times enforced on 11/25/17. Send me lists, or pick early if it's your...
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Today 02:27 PM
RoboRio Successor Wishlist
Ding ding ding! This is really important to us. Like really important. I understand the desire to have everything be cheaper and cheaper, but that will require a less reliable product. Reliability...
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Today 01:52 PM
REV Robotics Expansion hub detached error
We replaced the USB cable and still see the issue occasionally. It is very unpredictable and random. Any other thoughts / suggestions Thanks, RoboLords
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Coach Seb
Today 01:09 PM
Best alternative to Anderson Power Poles?
We were about to switch too but found this little guy... makes it a breeze to remove the housing from the contactors. Also use the retention clip and never had any...
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Thayer McCollum
Today 12:53 PM
Thanks CD!
Thanks CD for collectively teaching me a lot of stuff and being full of cool people.
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Today 12:36 PM
Best Battery Charger
Speaking of, I happened to find this on Amazon's Black Friday deals. Excellent price, although it looks like it's only active for a couple...
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Today 12:11 PM
Virtual KOP lists and issues
Thanks, buddy! Happy Thanksgiving!
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Today 11:08 AM
2018 Game Speculation
Oh nooo, please not that again. That was the coolest robot to watch but every single match looked exactly the same.
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Today 07:23 AM
old tutorial videos, quick reference guides moved or deleted?
Okay, I'll work on getting those fixed. The community platform migration at PTC has really made a mess of things. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
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Today 02:49 AM
544 no power ups https://imgur.com/a/nfQni I've just about maxed it out, maybe room for one or two pressure. Unless someone finds a loophole to the hopper limit.
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Today 02:24 AM
Ethernet Switch
So there are some reasons not to do it this way. Specifically, USB devices use the CPU to process commands. This means more work on the RoboRIO CPU. Additionally, it opens up some weird networking...
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Today 01:27 AM
Aerospace Valley Regional 2018
Congratulations to the 10 Teams that were selected for the NASA Regional Challenge Grant for the Aerospace Valley Regional. 597 Foshay Learning Center Los Angeles CA 2493 La Sierra High School...
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Today 01:22 AM
FIRST Choice
Cooler Master is participating for the 2nd year. https://imgur.com/moRid9c http://www.firstchoicebyand ymark.com/fc18-089
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Jonathan L.
Today 12:53 AM
Reviving the old cRIO
The cRIO imaging tool should be within the 2014 FRC update on the page linked to below just above the comments...
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Mark McLeod
Yesterday 11:37 PM
FRC Blog - 2018 Beta Teams, Brushless Motors, and More!
The legal wiring requires a PWM port connection, and that provides the robot Disable safety. There isn't any way to bypass the safety in software. It's handled in the FPGA that generates the PWM...
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Yesterday 11:32 PM
3CIM Shifter Gearings
+1 to the idea of not thinking about a specific gear ratio (or pair of ratios) until after you've done strategic analysis of the game. Of course, working out a suite of ratios and how you would...
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Yesterday 11:10 PM
Robowrangler 2017 Off-Season Robot
Are you guys are using Mini-Cims for the drivetrain and gear intake and 775 pro's for the climber?
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