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Today 05:08 PM
Basic Drive Train Coding
Video 5 of the 2013 Robotbuilder series has some good insight on this. Watch the whole series it very helpful.
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Today 05:07 PM
[FF]: [OFF]: Turkey Off-Season 2018
Probably results will be posted to our website and/or frcturkey.com I don't know about full rankings we don't usually bother with that.
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Today 04:59 PM
What do they do in beta?
Likely some further testing of VSCode and GradleRIO. I don't have my email yet, but I'll be sure to post back here when I get access.
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Today 04:12 PM
How do you teach new programming members?
All of the above, but develop a task-based project, where success is easily defined. Like "Make the robot move". Help but don't do.
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Today 04:07 PM
how just how
Your team needs to pay closer attention to the location of that switch. Yes, there is a trade-off between access (must be good) and protection; this is called Optimization.
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Today 04:03 PM
Programming Help
FYI, double-posts are generally frowned upon. Everyone can see both.
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Today 04:00 PM
new to CD and in need of help
Welcome, Tony. Be a contributor, not a consumer. Reputation points are given at a whim by one member to another. You can get positive, neutral, or negative reputation. Positive reputation is...
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Today 03:56 PM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #745
You're going to put WHAT in your pit?!?
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Today 03:56 PM
Minor help
2018 R08 states the following: "ROBOT parts shall not be made from hazardous materials, be unsafe, cause an unsafe condition, or interfere with the operation of other ROBOTS" The blue box beneath...
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Today 03:49 PM
Minor help
GrabCAD is a popular place for teams to post their Solidworks CAD files. Autodesk Inventor and Solidworks are both 3D modeling CAD programs capable of making 2D drawings. There are differences in...
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Today 03:47 PM
Are we out of touch? Is memes bad? Are meme good?
I think a big source of disagreement in discussions like these is whether or not ChiefDelphi, as a form of communication within a community, is closer to email or a platform like Slack and Discord....
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Today 03:42 PM
[FTC]: Motor Controller Recommendations
I generally use Victor and Spark controllers for my java coded FRC bot but I want to broaden my usage for motor controllers. May someone let me know what different motor controllers I could use and...
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Mark McLeod
Today 02:58 PM
Issues with Teleop
Your code looks fine as far as the Talons are concerned. It might just be where you have the Gamepad assigned. What kind of Gamepad are you using-it looks like an xbox controller?Your code says that...
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Tyler Olds
Today 02:51 PM
Hello. Please welcome FIRST in Upper Midwest.
Cross-Posted: Interview with Steve about the new FUM. FUM Interview with Steve Peterson
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Tyler Olds
Today 02:50 PM
Are veteran mentors out of touch? 8:30pm Eastern Tonight
Sorry for the delay here are the segments from last night: Generational Gaps in FIRST FUM Interview with Steve Peterson Future of FIRST in 5-10 years NH Governor's Cup Scaling to Multiple States...
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Today 02:33 PM
[FF]: [OFF]: Mission Mayhem Tier 1
tmpoles 22:00 22:37 22:39 Hailey.faiella 22:03 22:35 22:41 BrennanB 22:06 22:33 22:43 LukeB 22:09 22:31 22:45 Attention 22:12 22:29 22:47 Caleb...
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Today 02:27 PM
[FF]: [OFF]: WMRI 2018
1. Hailey.faiella 2. BrennanB 3. Golfer4646 4. pchild 5. Miklast 6. SPang 7. abbymarie 8. tmpoles 9. Caleb Sykes 10. nomythicalbeast
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Today 02:01 PM
NY Grant Available for Starting a Second Team
The Argosy Foundation has provided a "Growth from Within" grant available to large NYS teams who want to split and form two squads. The grant is similar to the FIRST Rookie Grant. For more...
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Today 01:43 PM
Alternate Source for 1/2" Flanged Hex Bearings
I think ideally thunderhex size would be a common bearing size, but the profile of 1/2" hex just does not line up to be close to any standard bearing. You would have to round the corners of the hex...
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Today 01:01 PM
BunnyBots 2018
Rules updated to 2.02. Under “Scoring” a clarification that balls need only be fully supported by a crate in contact with the carpet to score. They don’t have to be contained within it. Previously...
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