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Today 06:32 PM
pic: Flipped NEO AM14U3
Almost enough cool stuff happening in FIRST nowadays to make me want to mentor... :p
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Today 06:21 PM
Poll : The Bag and You
I'm of the opinion that no bag day will have a positive impact on the well being of team, its students and mentors. I'm also of the opinion that the changes to bag day will have very little impact...
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Ty Tremblay
Today 06:07 PM
pic: Simple 6-NEO Drive
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Today 05:55 PM
"The level playing field" in FIRST
So we used to try to get more competitive alliances at TRI (our off-season) and the final system we had worked but no way would I want it for official events. The biggest problem with locking the...
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Today 05:52 PM
FIRST Choice - What are you getting?
I prioritize knowing my options for what I can prioritize. ;) This is based off last year's information, which may be different this year. My personal shopping list tends to look like this: *...
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Jon K.
Today 04:55 PM
What is your Andymark wish list for this year?
You should totally get a or a or maybe a . (Wait until you see the stuff coming out for AndyMark's 2018-2019 Winter Launch Day on December 6th at 5pm!)
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Today 04:39 PM
paper: Preliminary REV MAX and NEO Stall Torque Testing
Absolutely! It was a rather late Friday, but I'm glad I got the data out there! :) Correct! I suspect the SR has an upper limit since the MOSFETs used in the motor controller are likely a...
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Today 04:26 PM
Welcome to Team 1706!
Hey everyone from 1706! I'm Luke from 4557! Welcome to CD!
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Today 03:42 PM
Open Division - Autonomous Mode
I also assume this is for the FIRST Robotics Competition? Your team affiliation lists VRC #4127, which I presume is "Vex Robotics Competition
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Today 03:41 PM
REV MAX and NEO Stall Torque Testing
It's an applied force by the motor, not the motor's weight.
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Today 03:36 PM
1701 Robocubs T-Shirt Cannon CAD
Here are the CAD files for our off season project T-Shirt Cannon that includes a butterfly drive train that we've developed over the past few months. Also check out robocubs.com for all of our...
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Today 02:43 PM
VR Field Information?
just following up in this thread with the link in case anyone missed it: https://www.firstinspires.or g/robotics/frc/playing-field Looks like google cardboard will be in the KOP. Also viewable with...
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Today 02:10 PM
pic: Over-Tube-Gearbox (Yet Another Neo Transmission)
Originally I went with 5mm belt. I think the next iteration is going to replace the pulleys with pocketed gears to cut down further on interior frame intrusion. To do that, I think you have to commit...
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Today 02:01 PM
AM 57 Sport Gearboxes - Encoder
Yea nice encoder. I only say that because of the principle of measuring the motor and not the output of the gearbox, hence my yuck. It would certainly serve 95% of our purposes. Depending on our...
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Today 01:51 PM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #749
Fritz: "Dude...if we don't have an idea for what LEGO creations to make, is it still a mental block?" Other mentor: *facepalms*
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Today 01:44 PM
How to Paint Aluminum
I personally believe that sending your parts to a professional powder-coating service is the best, but with sanding and some isopropyl alcohol or acetone will get a good finish. I like Dupli-Color or...
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Mr. Ackroyd
Today 01:40 PM
How does your school categorized your FIRST team?
We are officially under clubs for our school district. I'm the tech teacher and lead mentor in which I get a stipend. I have two co-advisors that split a stipend. For being the tech teacher I...
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Today 01:19 PM
Gradle- Building vision code on Pi 3
Actually, I watched your series last week. Very well done. It helped me understand some of what was going on and get the FRC example code working. I may still give your version a try (only cost me...
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Today 01:15 PM
Team 973 Signing Off
Not wanting team members to blow their brains out, I gave Autodesk Fusion 360 a shot after discovering Lars Christensen's GREAT video tutorial collection posted on his Youtube channel. I later had a...
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Today 11:17 AM
Welding polycord belts with a hot plate.
Yeah as you say with round belt it is not actually that necessary. For those wanting to do some type of flat belt the actual melting of the belt is the same process but having some type of jig can be...
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