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Today 05:25 PM
[FF]: [OFF] Great Lakes Bay Bot Bash
1. pchild 2. nomythicalbeast 3. abbymarie 4. CurtisB42 5. tmpoles 6. Miklast 7. SPang 8. Golfer4646 9. brennanb 10. Niklas701
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Richard Wallace
Today 05:24 PM
pic: Average Steel Building Frame
Ok, how about: "Steel soars skyward from solid stone, down on Lakeview Drive ...":cool: Height is 20 feet. Here's a link to the webcam.
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Today 05:21 PM
CHS 2019
Just a quick point out, one of the rookie teams is not listed on the all-time CHS Statistics Sheet.
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Today 05:18 PM
Team 2102 Presents Our Offseason Robot
My image decided to delete itself, so I'll put it up...
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Today 04:16 PM
[FRC Blog] 2019 Awards Update
After the FTC/Vex split. It's easy to be welcoming when you have little to no competition. Now they now have a legitimate competitor in Vex, VexIQ, etc. I hope you're right, but many regions...
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Today 04:06 PM
Custom Dog Gear Shifting Gearbox Help - Shift Block
The shift blocks that come with the ball shifters are "clamshell" blocks (2 halfs split down the long axis of the part). Inside the clamshell are two grooves - one for a small bearing and one for a...
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Michael Corsetto
Today 03:55 PM
The Compass Alliance - 2018 Updates
We're working to update some of these forms to embedded google forms. Thanks for the heads up and apologies for the glitch. In the mean time, if you have resources to submit, please do so through our...
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Michael Corsetto
Today 03:47 PM
Capital City Classic 2018
Great question! Due to the open nature of CCC, and the amount of teams coming on a scholarship, we typically have 1-2 teams that will drop the day before or day-of the event. If we did publish a...
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Today 03:24 PM
Running Grip Pipeline On Jetson TX1
The final failure points to "downloadOpenCv FAILED" and includes a URL. Were you able to access that URL from your browser? (I could).. I could not. To me it was a broken link. I was at my school so...
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Today 03:15 PM
Registration 2019
Karthik - At home I have a 2017 file and I pieced together the 2018 numbers when looking at the current CA registrations. I'll post it tonight.
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Today 02:55 PM
Pneumatic System Help
Yeah I talked to CTR. Sending it in for repairs/replacement. Thanks for the help all!
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Today 02:40 PM
Voltage issues, brownouts and battery drain
Concur with above about checking for heating and looking at the power logs and lights. Also check for friction in your drive train and major manipulators. This is strange. This must somehow be...
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Today 02:11 PM
Space Research Opportunity for FLL teams
Hello all, If you are a FLL team or you are mentoring one, this could be an opportunity for your team to get real data from space conditions to use in their research project. The Columbus Space...
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Today 02:07 PM
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Today 01:13 PM
148 Driver Station, Pit Carts, and Robot Cart
Cool. Thanks for releasing this!
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Today 01:07 PM
Can you share your WCD encoder solutions
Fun fact, you can actually make something very similar to that utilizing the versaplanetary integrated encoder and a 3D printer. We utilized the VP encoder housing / mag encoder with a 3D printed (.5...
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Nate Johansen
Today 12:40 PM
Fouls requiring multiple robots
It is worth noting that I have never been in this situation. That being said, when it comes down to it, any determinative match is just a match. The consequence of that match may be different but...
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Today 12:01 PM
RoboRIO DNS issues
Not to appropriate this thread but make sure you are using the latest version of the flashing tool. I'd love to get more information about your setup to see why you are getting a 49.
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Today 11:46 AM
2019 Game Speculation
you know whats deep? the ocean. you know what has a lot of space? the ocean! water game confirmed 2k19. but seriously, They actually might do something like lunacy. except with terrain from 2016 and...
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Ryan Dognaux
Today 10:59 AM
Power Outage at CAGE Match 2018
Great job by all of the event organizers and participants dealing with a tough situation. The field looked awesome in the dark - I really wanted to play a few matches that way! All of our students...
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