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Today 08:12 PM
[FF]: North Carolina District 2019
Never mind
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Today 08:10 PM
[FF]: [SLFF] St. Louis 2019 Tier 1
1.21 GW 1259 8:37 8:39 The Breakfast Company 4143 8:35 8:41 Justin and the Silver Medalists 1706 8:33 8:43 TSIMFD ...
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Today 08:09 PM
2019 Game Speculation
So during my robotics team's meeting, a few of us decided to look at the field material list to find out what we may need, and we possibly came up with what the game may contain. The door brush that...
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Today 08:07 PM
Need help with I2C Communication between RoboRio and Arduino
The notes I have from implementing I2C was that sometimes you need a 10K pull up resistor on the SCL pin to 5v. The picture on this page http://i2c.info/ shows a wiring diagram.
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Today 08:06 PM
FIRST Thanksgiving Fundraising Email
I found that this one was sent directly to my spam folder despite my never having touched any spam functionality on my account. Never mind the fact that, yes, I was expecting a fundraising appeal,...
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Richard Wallace
Today 07:28 PM
AM in the PM Ep. 08 - Raptors and Cannon Balls
A 6 inch clear HiGrip with 77A durometer tread, or so it appears. I don't see the clear option on the AM website, so the one on Nick's desk might be a test sample. Lil goat seems to prefer the...
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Today 07:08 PM
[RSN] 9PM ET Wed (12/12) - 2019 COTS Review Show with Allen Gregory from 3847!
New vendor Swerve Drive Specialties and Armabot's differential swerve offering
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Lil' Lavery
Today 06:55 PM
VEXmas 2018
Frank already had a blog post outlining all of the FRC legal motors and speed controllers for the 2019 season. So even if VEX launches their own brushless, you'll still have to wait a year to use it.
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Today 06:53 PM
2018 Winter Design Challenge
Due to a major event coming up in my personal life, I'm going to have to cancel the design challenge for winter. I do plan on running this in the summertime of 2019. If you have any feedback on the...
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Today 06:42 PM
STL For Compound Planetary
Thank you. As for the potential success.... 1989 embarked on the 3d printing mission we are trying to print the whole robot for a variety of reasons. The youtube channel is to chronicle it and to...
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Today 06:08 PM
FRC Deep Dive with FRC1678 Citrus Circuits Tues 8:30pm Eastern
What does your integration look like? How does each design go around to each group and keep each other updated on what is going on with each system. ie. what sensors are going to be used (for elec),...
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Today 05:47 PM
2 robots at competition
Thank you so much for taking the time to quote this out, especially C05 which I had totally missed. (note to self, read the whole manual, not just the robot parts)
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Today 05:38 PM
CNC Routers for FRC Robotics
The 12mm length of these are some of the best you can get for the money. Several teams have started using them with great results. Start them at 42 inches per minute, 24,000 RPM, at a .04" depth for...
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Today 05:21 PM
"Black Friday" - Robowrangler Sheet Metal Giveaway 2018
Just a quick update. We've received well over 100 e-mails since Friday night, and will begin responding tomorrow. Thank you all for the interest!
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Today 05:11 PM
The Ultimate West Coast Drive Guide presented by 3506
The students and mentors of 3506 have been helping teams in our area build West Coast Drive systems for a number of years and we finally compiled all of our knowledge and tips into one specific...
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Today 04:43 PM
[FF]: The Great Northern Regional of the Year Two Thousand and Nineteen
swap 3928 (dropped) for 4549 :(
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Today 04:30 PM
On-size bearing holes with a drill press
We've had ours for years without major wear issues. Maybe it's just that the grinding gave it a better geometry for cutting aluminum.
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Today 04:29 PM
A profound thought
You reminded me i need to upload match footage from Rewind. Theres a fairly high amount of fortnite dances from it too...
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Today 03:48 PM
[FF]: Istanbul 2019 Tier Two of Also Fun
swap 7140 (dropped) for 7549
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Today 02:33 PM
Using JeVois Smart Vision Camera
Thanks! I knew there was another one, but couldn't find it.
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