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Seth Mallory
Today 12:17 AM
Advice for new FRC team?
Third, find mentors. While there are a few "white glove" teams out there where the students take care of everything (or believe they do), most FRC teams depend on a solid corps of mentors, Having...
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Today 12:03 AM
2017 Tesla Subdivision
Hi! Someone in Tesla has Team 1991's dustpan. We lent it to a team and then that team accidentally gave it back to the wrong team. If you were given a clear and green plastic dustpan and broom on...
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Yesterday 11:52 PM
Team 1991 is looking for their dust pan and broom
We have. About like 5 times.
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Seth Mallory
Yesterday 11:43 PM
pic: Blaze Swerve V1
Your designs are similar to what GRT 192 ran this year. The students developed a lower bearing and that added a lot of strength to their plastic swerve drive. Good luck
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Yesterday 11:37 PM
Single team from multiple schools?
I feel your shrinking pains. I talked to your team at PNW champs and I sympathize with your situation. You are a team that I've always looked up to, so I hope you arrive at a good solution. Team...
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Yesterday 11:22 PM
FRC Live Replay: Match videos, automatically recorded and uploaded in minutes
Most likely. First I want to improve the structure of the code and add some more automation to the deployment process.
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Seth Mallory
Yesterday 11:19 PM
Are all girl FIRST team counterproductive to the philosophy of FIRST?
I posted this 6 years ago and I have not changed how I feel.
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Yesterday 10:43 PM
Outreach Robots
I know that people have shot t-shirts with wheeled shooters. There's no reason a catapult wouldn't work. If you could get the (variable) gearing right, a single CIM could accelerate an 8 oz shirt...
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Yesterday 10:31 PM
Fouls, what do you think?
thanks for your replies! I appreciate the rules context.
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Yesterday 10:15 PM
Stealing a gear from oponnent's peg - VIDEO Steampunk 1577
Video or it doesn't count :D Got to see this one in person. Another great robot from you guys. Israel really made a splash in Carver this year.
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Mark Holschuh
Yesterday 10:06 PM
First instance of rare events
In Carson match 32, the alliance of 4959, 2451 and 1153 lost despite getting all four rotors and 40+ kPa of pressure. https://www.thebluealliance. com/match/2017cars_qm32
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New Thread
Yesterday 09:58 PM
Spare Stronghold patch?
Hi all, this is my second year and i forgot to snag a stronghold iron on patch while i was in Houston, i was just wondering if anyone had a spare that they'd be willing to send out to Australia. i...
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Yesterday 09:54 PM
FMS Affecting Performance In Autonomous
Basically everything Phil said. What you've described sounds like something logging robot-side and not the DS logs. Driver station logs reside at "C:\\Users\Public\Do cuments\FRC\Log Files". When...
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Yesterday 09:43 PM
Download Photos of Newton Division Drive Teams
Made a mistake with the link address, please go to https://frc1678.smugmug.com/20162017-Season/Newton-Division-Drive-Teams/ instead! You can also view these photos on our website, found...
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Yesterday 09:04 PM
How To Win More Awards in FRC - St Louis Championship Conference
Wow!!! This is a great resource that I'll make sure to share with my students!!
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Jeremy Germita
Yesterday 08:25 PM
Did anyone change Championships?
Team 702 and HoF team 597 switched to STL as well. This website has a map of teams and which championships they're attending.
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Joe Johnson
Yesterday 08:19 PM
St. Louis Post Quals Number Crunching
A follow-up to the post below: St. Louis Day 1 By the Numbers... Below is the MEDIAN and 90th Percentile of the Averages per match for some scoring data for the...
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New Post
Yesterday 08:18 PM
4 rotors = different score?
Actually I find your question reasonable since FIRST makes it confusing by adding the 20 point bonus that only given in Auto to the sum of the Rotor points. No matter when a Rotor starts turning, it...
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New Post
Yesterday 08:15 PM
pic: Ratchety Swerve Progress 5
Think it was a joke, hence #7.
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Yesterday 08:12 PM
Curie FMS slow and lossy?
Same, why not.
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