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Today 10:01 PM
Gear Box Advice
Hello Everybody! I've been posting here ever since I've gotten into solidworks, for advice. It's the fastest way for me to learn and I've been making lots of progress with everyone's help! I just...
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Today 09:49 PM
[FF]: [OFF] Capital City Classic 2018 Tier 2
Swaps for free agent teams allowed until 11:59 pm eastern Thursday night (October 25th), at which point lists will lock. Final Results:BrennanB 254 6981 2551 abbymarie ...
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Today 09:47 PM
CHS 2019
Fixed. They were in the 2019 schedule and the 2019 list on All-Time, I'd just forgotten to update the main page. :rolleyes:
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Today 09:46 PM
[FF]: [OFF] Capital City Classic 2018 Tier 1
swap 3859 for 199
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Today 09:17 PM
[FRC Blog] 2019 Awards Update
I frequently refer to this chart, which I found on Chief Delphi, but now I can't find the original source. According to it In 2014, 2015 and 2016 (and previously) teams indeed folded at a rate of...
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Today 09:00 PM
brennanb 3538 1506b 4390 Miklast 3536 5166 6631 nomythicalbeast 1684 703 4819 Golfer4646 3641 5509 5424 Niklas701 2832 2619 5224 abbymarie 4362 5216 5229 CurtisB42 ...
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Today 08:45 PM
Pit - Back Wall Ideas
Had to go there didnít you?
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Today 07:59 PM
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Rory Lippert
Today 07:57 PM
[FF]: [OFF] Rah Cha Cha Ruckus
1. pchild 2. abbymarie 3. Brian Maher 4. Tmpoles 5. jtrv 6. Stryker 7. KaranY 8. Kevin Leonard 9. paperclips 10. Miklast
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Tyler Olds
Today 07:12 PM
Candidly Speaking w/ Allen Gregory: Award Changes & International Issues
Starting in a few minutes! Come join us. https://www.twitch.tv/firstupdatesnow
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New Thread
Today 07:10 PM
#include's not including
Recently, our code, with out reason, decided to no longer accept #include's. Thus resulting in eclipse printing an error Type 'DoubleSolenoid' could not be resolved Our current includes are #include...
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Adham Elarabawy
Today 07:02 PM
CAN Hub to simplify wiring.
Yeah, we are plugging both pairs of wires into the board at the same factory length that they arrived in. Jus tto clarify, are you suggesting that we plug one pair of CAN wires on one column of...
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Today 06:07 PM
Powering a "Test Bench" bot with a plug.
If you have access to them, or can buy them off Ebay - Server power supplies dump out 12v and around 90 Amps, which should be more than enough. You can find some server power supplies that can dump...
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Today 05:25 PM
[FF]: [OFF] Great Lakes Bay Bot Bash
1. pchild 2. nomythicalbeast 3. abbymarie 4. CurtisB42 5. tmpoles 6. Miklast 7. SPang 8. Golfer4646 9. brennanb 10. Niklas701
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Richard Wallace
Today 05:24 PM
pic: Average Steel Building Frame
Ok, how about: "Steel soars skyward from solid stone, down on Lakeview Drive ...":cool: Height is 20 feet. Here's a link to the webcam.
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Today 05:18 PM
Team 2102 Presents Our Offseason Robot
My image decided to delete itself, so I'll put it up...
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Today 04:06 PM
Custom Dog Gear Shifting Gearbox Help - Shift Block
The shift blocks that come with the ball shifters are "clamshell" blocks (2 halfs split down the long axis of the part). Inside the clamshell are two grooves - one for a small bearing and one for a...
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Michael Corsetto
Today 03:55 PM
The Compass Alliance - 2018 Updates
We're working to update some of these forms to embedded google forms. Thanks for the heads up and apologies for the glitch. In the mean time, if you have resources to submit, please do so through our...
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Michael Corsetto
Today 03:47 PM
Capital City Classic 2018
Great question! Due to the open nature of CCC, and the amount of teams coming on a scholarship, we typically have 1-2 teams that will drop the day before or day-of the event. If we did publish a...
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Today 03:24 PM
Running Grip Pipeline On Jetson TX1
The final failure points to "downloadOpenCv FAILED" and includes a URL. Were you able to access that URL from your browser? (I could).. I could not. To me it was a broken link. I was at my school so...
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