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Today 03:54 PM
What COTS parts would you like to see?
I would like to see an update to the VEX thunderhex bearings to include markings that indicate that it is a thunderhex bearing so students do not confuse them with 1/2 inch round bearings. Either...
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Today 03:53 PM
Is Power Up Good at Ranking?
Winning though, is just another way to earn ranking points. Teams are ranked based on ranking points. Winning just happens to give you two instead of 1. The teams that played Power Up at the highest...
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Today 03:06 PM
pic: Quantum Drawing
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Today 02:44 PM
Attention NY, PA, and Toronto Teams, someone is selling their machine shop equipment
https://rochester.craigslist .org/tls/d/machine-shop-liquidation-sale/6560073553.html Lots of good stuff in this. Figured I've had enough luck with Craigslist and auction site I should share the love.
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Thad House
Today 01:52 PM
WPILib maven repo offline
It's back online now. Sorry about that.
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Today 01:19 PM
Summer Heat 2018 (Yikes! Sharks!)
Team 3236 is signed up!
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Eric Scheuing
Today 01:17 PM
pic: 3863 Swerve V2.1
Makes sense, it's easier to cut plastic than steel :P
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Today 01:11 PM
2363 builds a drivetrain - an instructional video series
Guide to episodes posted so far: episode 1 - drive train design introduction https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQ-pMDizdk0& episode 2 - measure twice, cut...
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Today 01:11 PM
12 awg vs 10awg
Yeah, we made the mistake of ordering some "cheap" batteries from Amazon this year that all shipped with an internal resistance between 0.021 and 0.027. Needless to say we did not use them on our...
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Today 01:06 PM
pic: Small Swerve
Its very similar but I changed a few small details with the spacers that go in between the bent plate and I also changed the spacing on the wheels and basically put it together as a finished set. So...
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Chris is me
Today 01:02 PM
Xbox Adaptive Controller –>$@#Easy Custom Controllers?
I thought the same thing when this came out - this makes custom OIs very, very easy to do, since it is presumably just read as an Xbox controller by the PC, and the 3.5mm inputs are an industry...
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Today 12:41 PM
MN State Championship 2018
😂 we’ll join them! You guys can have a battle too see who shuts down our offense!
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Today 12:36 PM
Most Improved Team?
Sounds like we are heading to MRI and maybe the Northern off season event again! Haha yeah we get asked about the similar name a ton! And they’re even more shocked when they find out we live 8 miles...
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Today 10:31 AM
Rookie Mentor to a Rookie Team: Teaching Programming
From an industry professional (large computer manufacturer) point of view, we don't want any more Java programmers. We need more C/C++ and python programmers. Unfortunately Java is all the high...
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Today 10:24 AM
FedEx Crate Shipment Mishaps
We finally have our crate back! Many thanks to 6390, as well as those who were involved in getting it through customs. Here's to hoping that we've all got the right crates and robots now.
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Today 10:05 AM
BIG BANG! 2018
Team 6914 Retro 5ive is excited to be joining in the competition!
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Today 08:24 AM
2018 in 6 words
"Please put on your safety glasses!" - Our safety captain (He caught 282 people for not wearing safety glasses from district events to Detroit. He had a tally going in our pit.)
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Today 08:22 AM
Robot Maintenance and Problem Prevention
Don't just do a pre-match check, do a post-match check as well. Make it someone's job (drive coach or someone in the stands) to remember where the robot took big hits during the match (especially if...
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Phoenix Spud
Today 05:28 AM
Help Tassie Team 5593
G’Day FIRST Community, We need your help! Due to the recent floods down in Tasmania, the small island at the bottom of Australia, Team 5593 (UTAS Robotics) has lost nearly everything. Their lab...
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Today 01:47 AM
FRC 2046 - Need Funds for New Mill
Our team, Bear Metal Robotics - FRC 2046, is looking to replace our IH CNC mill which has been with us since 2009. Overall the machine has served us well, but it has not held up to the heavy...
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