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Today 02:20 PM
Programming CAN vs. PWM in C++
We plan on using it for the encoders.
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Today 02:13 PM
Anchor Labs Sponsorship Now Open + More
We've been monitoring our load to try to predict the last day we will be able to process orders to ensure they are delivered by stop build date. Right now, that date appears to be February 7, 2018....
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Today 02:09 PM
Talon SRX encoder invert
https://github.com/CrossTheRoadElec/Phoenix-Examples-Languages Following Omar's link, this is a similar directory. I'd take a look here first.
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Today 02:06 PM
Are Sleeve Air Bags Allowed?
No where does it say it's a pneumatic actuator. It calls itself an air spring. Air springs are NOT directly called out as legal to be on the robot. If you wish to take that risk, go ahead, but I...
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Today 02:06 PM
Cube orientation
We agree;)
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Today 02:04 PM
RobotPy Version Conflict Error
We are having some issues getting Python to work. We keep getting a version conflict error. The output is pasted below. Does anybody know how to fix this error? We are using the Getting Started...
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Today 01:59 PM
"Quotes" that were said during build season
"Now we just do it and hope that it doesn't break" Everyone in the room cracks up.
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Today 01:44 PM
wiring separation needed ?
Unless your wiring has something like this going on you should be fine :) https://i.imgur.com/EdOP0jE.png https://i.imgur.com/EdOP0jEl.png
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Today 01:43 PM
2018 FedEx Innovation Challenge for build season?
103 reached out to FedEx early this year after not hearing about the challenge at all or seeing anything in the KOP. They let us know they will not be doing the innovation challenge during the build...
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Today 01:40 PM
Availability of Power Cube Covers
None are in stock from any of the usual vendors. I did see one but it was from like Studica or something like that, I wouldn't trust it to ship anytime soon :P I would say get on the email list for...
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Coach Seb
Today 01:28 PM
FIRST Teams Change Lives with GoBabyGo!
This is awesome! Our team partnered with MI Kids on the move (Port Huron, MI) and Kiwanis last year and since we felt we could not handle the potential workload, we got the Blue Water Area...
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Ty Tremblay
Today 01:27 PM
Motion Profiling with Pathfinder and Talon SRX
FWIW, 319 wanted essentially the same thing. We wanted to follow 254's trajectories from 2014, but using the SRX's motion profile capabilities. Here's what we came up...
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Today 01:26 PM
Bending Polycarbonate - best methods?
The cheap and easy solution that we used to achieve the bends is to make a plywood jig/mold that clamps to a table, heat the polycarb evenly along the bend axis with a heat gun, and form it around...
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Today 01:16 PM
And this is why I read thru CD, it is for the precious little gems you find like this solution! Thanks for sharing.
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Richard Wallace
Today 01:14 PM
[YMTC]: What determines a robot's intentions?
Conservative design practice dictates that you should count on your robot being disabled, if it launches a 3.5# game piece that hits the Head Referee in the head!
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Richard Wallace
Today 01:10 PM
AndyMark Compliant Wheels Warning
50# might not fit in a milk crate. I think someone from 2122 could give us a good estimate of 'practical' power cube potato capacity.
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Today 12:55 PM
2018 FIRST PowerUp Rules Quiz
Thank you so much! Can I get the key power-up?
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Today 12:54 PM
Musical suggestions for competition playlists
Hate to do this to you Gee but.... The pac-man fever album should be on the list. Yes there was an album back in the day devoted to old school video games.
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Today 12:29 PM
Measuring RoboRIO Memory Usage
Excellent! This has all been working great, except for one more error which is still showing up when I log into the RoboRIO's file system. It reads: An error has occurred. Please check that you are...
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Today 12:23 PM
NetworkTables help
Ah, sorry about that. wpiutil doesn't have an "all" classifier, so dropping that would fix it. That's what I get for copy-paste GRIP never did that. It has only ever generated the OpenCV image...
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