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Today 09:22 PM
What gauge wires for 775pros?
You can get boards with 2 oz copper at your friendly local OSH Park, which according to AC's trace width calculator should require traces about 500 mil wide to carry 40 A (assuming two-sided boards...
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Today 09:19 PM
Team 20 Help Desk
Of course! I'll post when we upload a new video and what topic it's on.
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Today 09:18 PM
[FF]: [OFF]: Mission Mayhem 2018
1. Hailey.faiella 2. BrennanB 3. Golfer4646 4. pchild 5. LukeB 6. Miklast 7. SPang 8. Attention 9. Big-b 10. KaranY
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Today 09:16 PM
[FF]: [OFF]: WMRI 2018
1. Hailey.faiella 2. BrennanB 3. Golfer4646 4. pchild 5. Miklast 6. SPang 7. abbymarie 8. tmpoles 9. Caleb Sykes 10. nomythicalbeast
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Today 09:06 PM
[FF]: [OFF]: South Carolina Robotics Invational and Workshops VII 2018
1. Hailey.faiella 2. Golfer4646 3. SPang 4. abbymarie 5. pchild 6. Caleb Sykes 7. tmpoles 8. nomythicalbeast
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Today 09:02 PM
[FF]: [OFF]: Duel on the Delaware 2018
1. Hailey.faiella 2. Attention 3. BrennanB 4. pchild 5. LukeB 6. Golfer4646 7. Miklast 8. SPang 9. abbymarie 10. tmpoles
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Today 09:00 PM
[FF]: [OFF]: Turkey Off-Season 2018
1. Hailey.faiella 2. Golfer4646 3. pchild 4. miklast 5. SPang 6. Big-b 7. Leap 8. abbymarie 9. tmpoles 10. Caleb Sykes
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Today 08:56 PM
Fouls requiring multiple robots
In the situation I'm referencing (SVR 2008), the REPLAY triggered the controversy. If the ref had simply corrected the ruling, and the score at issue, there would have been NO controversy, NO CD...
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Today 08:39 PM
SCRIW VIII (South Carolina Robotics Invitational & Workshops 2018)
Updating CD with what I assume is a probably-final team list, as we added 4083 and 5190: 281 The GreenVillains 283 The Generals 342 Burning Magnetos 1102 M'Aiken Magic 1225 The Gorillas 1398 Keenan...
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Today 08:36 PM
FRC at ROSCon 2018
If I recall correctly in fact ROS has been on windows (albeit in a limited and less supported way) for a while now. I remember coming across it when I was first learning about ROS 3 or 4 years ago....
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Today 08:34 PM
[FF]: [OFF]: Battle at the Border Tier 2
swap 5514 with 4584
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Today 08:08 PM
[FF]: [OFF]: Battle at the Border Tier 1
Attention 5012 2102 2658 drwhorx 3255 2543 4160 Niklas701 1538 3647 980 saikiranra 3128 5474 4486 LukeB 1622 1572 9102 Hailey.faiella 5199 3925 4 abbymarie ...
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Today 08:02 PM
[OCCRA]: 2018 OCCRA Over n' Out
Sorry for the delay; the inspection checklist is back up on the post, linked below. Link Here
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Today 07:50 PM
Big Change in JAVA
Yes, Oracle has announced that it wants to start charging for Java. This is certainly something on my radar as I'm a software engineer who primarily works with Java, but I don't think it's going to...
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Today 07:46 PM
RoboRIO DNS issues
It turns out we just had to reinstall the FRC update suite, and then we were able to ping the DNS address. Thank you for all your help!
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Today 07:36 PM
pic: Bash @ the beach quarterfinals match two
There were so many instance of burnt pie that day, I cannot be sure. We burnt 5 to destruction and several other times just let a little smoke out. But if we were e-stopped then it was the motors -...
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Tyler Olds
Today 07:15 PM
Are veteran mentors out of touch? 8:30pm Eastern Tonight
About to start in a few minutes. Come Join us! https://www.twitch.tv/firstupdatesnow
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Today 06:50 PM
Team 2605 Simplified Swerve Drive
I wish 1717 was still an active team. Their 2012 bot was super nice looking. not to mention their 2009 bot with its anodization.
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Today 06:48 PM
CalGames 2018
Here is the wrap up: http://wrrf.org/calgames-2018/ I am a mentor on 2854 and proud of our mostly rookie drive team. The autonomous was rock solid. Kudos to the Funky Monkeys who were the...
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Today 06:36 PM
BAN the person above you!
Banned for effectively having 2 avatars.
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