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Yesterday 09:34 PM
CD's Unofficial Caption Contest #684
In my defense, I am on vacation. First place goes to: Second place goes to:
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Yesterday 09:00 PM
Greatest FRC upsets of all time?
I know Team 71's 2002 robot was already brought up, but I think 71 getting beaten in the Semis at the Western Michigan Regional that year also deserves a mention.
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Yesterday 08:43 PM
Chezy Champs 2017
Most volunteer assignments have been made. If you are still waiting for an assignment, please reach out to us at chezychamps (at) team254 (dotcom).
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Joey Milia
Yesterday 08:13 PM
pic: Flipped CIM Gearbox Attempt #2
The belt issues were primarily skipping belts, and then extreme belt wear due to the high tension used to correct the skipping belts. There was also an issue of pulleys comping off of cim shafts...
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Yesterday 08:09 PM
Eclipse from the Edge of Space
How did you balloon flight go? I hope you recovered your balloon and got awesome footage. We unfortunately lost our planned 3000g in a huge gust when it was almost finished filling. We had just...
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Yesterday 07:37 PM
3d printers
AFIAK while there is no filament DRM you are unable to change hot end temp which I believe is around 270 Celsius. Good luck printing anything that isn't nylon. The Markforge is really meant for one...
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Yesterday 07:00 PM
Build strategies for a post-bag era in FIRST Robotics
70 replies on a bag and tag thread in the offseason over the course of a day? I'm gonna not read this thread on the principle that I can guess that the same people are peddling the same fallacious...
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Yesterday 06:12 PM
So my team and I are very interested in using FRCsim, but are having trouble starting the program. We have done some work with Ubuntu, but really have no guidance. ANY help I could get is...
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Yesterday 05:41 PM
paper: FIRST Robotics Signing Day
Coach Norm: Sorry I didn't see your reply sooner, but thank you so much!
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Yesterday 05:32 PM
FRC in one slide
I'll echo what has already been said, but also include a hard example of what I did when I went around recruiting new mentors. I did it at about 6 meetings with only 10 or so people in each meeting,...
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Yesterday 01:58 PM
[FRC BLOG] Jim Beck
There will be a Celebration of Life for Jim- Sunday, Aug. 27, 2017 in Campbell, Calif (Silicon Valley). Per his obituary RSVPs are requested by his son, I'm sure to be able to accommodate all the...
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Yesterday 01:40 PM
pic: I was making a diagram to explain our new framework and decided to make this
I mean it's accurate enough, It's pretty good if you ask me
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Yesterday 01:37 PM
Lathe tooling/accesories
You can make almost anything with a good turning tool and a good cut off tool Those are top priority. We use ISCAR at the shop I work at, but that's high end stuff. If you have a mill, you will...
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Yesterday 01:25 PM
The Fifth Annual Red Stick Rumble
Daniel just sent an e-mail. Also attending: 5785 The Shield 5863 Brusly High Robotics 5864 ROBO PELICANS
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Yesterday 12:26 PM
Factor of Safety in FRC
The VP gearbox is an interesting case study. It is entirely possible to follow all of the load guides and mounting instructions perfectly and still break them. They can break when the mechanism they...
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Yesterday 11:09 AM
Scrapbook Ideas
Every year we've made a scrapbook and it is nice to have that team history. Alumni have enjoyed looking at past seasons and remembering them. I don't know how many teams document their history,...
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Yesterday 10:16 AM
Volunteer Culture & Burnout
As a person who volunteers at any event my team attends (I help them design it and build it and teach them to maintain it, but I can't watch) I will say a huge part of being a repeat "visiting...
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Loose Screw
Yesterday 09:17 AM
FRC Varsity Teams
Bedford Express has been since 2010. We always try to help other teams earn this recognition, so if you PM me I can get you the contact info for our main coach.
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Yesterday 09:17 AM
EV3 software will not load
I am having a bit of a dilemma where my EV3 software will not load. I have checked my Silverlight and it is up to date and I have uninstalled and reinstalled both the ev3 and silverlight and neither...
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Yesterday 09:06 AM
SCRIW VII (South Carolina Robotics Invitational & Workshops 2017)
August in South Carolina means three things (this year...): The eclipse, Gamecock football hype, and SCRIW starts accepting B-teams. We've got two already, from 3489 and 4935! 283 - The...
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