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Today 02:20 PM
Final Countdown for Georgia Dome
I graduate college in that dome. Sigh. Unless you were late. :D
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Today 02:03 PM
Using Source Control with LabVIEW
Hi Jonathan, Thank you very much for sharing your lv-merge-and-diff-wrapper. We are using SourceTree for about half a year for our LabVIEW projects, and as you know merging different versions of...
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Thayer McCollum
Today 01:54 PM
Vote: Battle of the Brains KC
We want to vote for 'The Barstow School' right?
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Thayer McCollum
Today 01:39 PM
Team 159 Robot Tread Testing
I can't seem to find the blog post where they mentioned the old carpet being discontinued. But the new carpet is barely different than the old stuff.
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Brian M
Today 01:15 PM
FRC Team members at events
There was a guy from Quebec who did it aswell.
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Today 12:58 PM
JeVois Smart Machine Vision
Without a doubt, 2073 WILL be sporting this camera on our 2018 robot, as long as the game lends it's self to vision and/or vision tracking! (Actually 2 JeVois) At this point in time, we intend to...
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Today 12:46 PM
FRC Blog - 2018 Beta Teams, Brushless Motors, and More!
It seems that they're in stock at AndyMark right now for $100
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Today 12:35 PM
pic: Small CIM in wheel swerve
Thanks for the interest. I'll try to get the CAD models together for the swerve modules you asked about. Keep in mind, these designs would honestly need quite a bit of work in order to be usable in a...
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Today 12:32 PM
[FRC Blog] So many things...
Most of our events didn't have them or else we would have put our awesome standard up. I think our field at MICMP was the only one without them actually...
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Today 11:53 AM
Will the game be updated with more robots or is this steam-powered in it's final form. The robots I think that could be added would be: 125- 118 but with a faster RoF but no gear capabilities, 195-...
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Today 11:02 AM
Speed Flow Control Pneumatic Connector mechanical
That's exactly my question:cool:
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Today 10:37 AM
FRC Kid Goes On Arctic Expedition?
Hey FIRST People! I'm Luke from FRC Team 111 WildStang. I'm a senior, and I'm applying for a 300 Km dog sledding expedition through the Scandinavian Arctic. However, I need your help! The contestants...
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Mads Eskildsen
Today 10:31 AM
pic: Short coaxial swerve module
Could you release the cad of this on grabcad. If possible in Inventor Format. The swerve drive looks great
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Caleb Sykes
Today 09:37 AM
Minne Mini Regional 2017
I'll throw some predictions up here around lunchtime tomorrow, but my pre-event predictions for MRI were so awful that I don't want to attempt to predict anything before the event starts.
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Today 07:20 AM
Absolute encoder keeps returning strange values
Cold joint seems like the most likely culprit, but in all honesty we're not willing to figure out how to fix all four of our cables (with three soldered wires each). We're just going to use physical...
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Today 02:04 AM
The tools you can't get through FRC build season without?
Here is a video explaining how to use collet blocks to make a hex shaft. https://youtu.be/DzWolYW_MKc
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Yesterday 11:45 PM
How do teams pass knowledge down?
I talk about this all the time in my team culture presentations. In most cases with FRC, a veteran teaching a rookie a skill is not enough. Say I'm teaching someone new how to cad a drivetrain. I can...
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Yesterday 10:22 PM
Driving Style
I have no idea. I think it was some fighter pilot game. I know he's also has driven zero-point turn lawn mowers for the past 6 years.
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Yesterday 09:22 PM
CNC Routers for FRC Robotics
Totally agree with building your own table --we went very basic with ours and everything works out well --although we'll probably build a nicer one like you guys have! Although, we've had issues...
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Yesterday 08:42 PM
Power Up teaser / Boston Dynamics
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