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Today 09:23 AM
2018 El Paso Robots
spy photo from the pits, 4183 in Flagstaff. I hear the design is subject to change, without notice.
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Today 09:20 AM
Gyro returning wrong numbers
A couple general gyro things to keep in mind: Gyros measure rotational velocity. To get robot angle, you have to integrate this measurement. While standing still, there will be noise in the...
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Today 09:20 AM
Error in Drivestation
When you reply, there are "Additional Options" below the text box. One of those is manage attachments. Both VI and ZIP are valid file attachments there.
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Today 09:19 AM
Double Climb Instances
133 and 319 pulled off climbs together in most of their playoff matches at the North Shore District Event (most matches don't have videos up yet) https://www.thebluealliance. com/event/2018marea
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Today 09:16 AM
Central Illinois Regional
I really enjoyed watching this regional online, there were some amazing robots and the competition was exciting! Also, a huge shout-out to my old 5822 teammate Jack who received a very...
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Today 09:16 AM
Rare Radio Problems - URGENT
This might not be related to your issue specifically, but one of the things I was told by the FTAs was that the new (flat-top) radios have a small design flaw. There's a capacitor inside that shorts...
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Chief Hedgehog
Today 09:15 AM
Chairmen's Equipment Provided
Interesting. We have never used props.
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Today 09:08 AM
Talon closed loop position mode
Good to know - thank you for correcting me!
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Today 09:07 AM
Shuffleboard starts slowly
Slow startup was an issue for us as well. At Heartland Regional, we couldn't cross the line for Auto Quest on one round because our auto requires a value to be set in Shuffleboard, but Shuffleboard...
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Today 09:00 AM
2018 Shirt Trading Thread
Hey ya'll! I'm a member of 1678 and I'll willing to trade with any team, just PM me. Size medium, if you will, and we'll be at the Sacremento and Central Valley Regionals, both in California. As I'm...
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Today 08:52 AM
FRCTop25 Week 3 Poll Open. Closes 3/19 7:00pm Eastern
Brian, Thank you for the shout out- we decided early in the season not to stretch our resources and be a really good switch/exchange robot. This would save us time and allow our programming team time...
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Today 08:52 AM
Greater Kansas City and Heartland Regionals 2018
Team 6886 wants to congratulate 1986, 1723, & 5098 on their winning alliance. Our team learned a lot by watching these experienced, well-run teams manage their robots and resources throughout the...
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Today 08:48 AM
Talon CTRE encoder values
Thanks to both of you for the replies. I should have noted that we are using the CTRE SRX Mag Encoder, which provides both quad and PW readings. I should also have noted that we are using Java, and...
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Today 08:42 AM
2018 Greater Pittsburgh Regional
Really excited for the competition later this week and the opportunity to meet so many teams from all over! Safe travels to the teams coming in from out of town :) It'll be an interesting competition...
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Today 08:24 AM
Using Talon PID slots
Do you hold position using the motion magic, or switch to ControlMode.Position ?
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Today 08:19 AM
SPEED 3542 Robot Reveal
I was able to see this robot in person at Lincoln and it is going to be a force in the coming weeks. Can't wait to play with you guys at Livonia!
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Today 08:18 AM
paper: Caleb's Scouting Database 2018
Thanks, Caleb. The work you're doing to maintain the Excel Workbook and all the tabs is AMAZING and MUCH appreciated, and plenty. There are enough of us who love data that we can each have a role...
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Today 08:14 AM
Pathfinder way points and coordinate system
Thank you So the theta parameter is relative to "world" as well, not to robot current heading?
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Today 08:04 AM
FRC 95 2018 Build Thread
We wound up seeding first (one of our stretch goals for the season) with a 12-0 record, picking 230 and 7127, who were great alliance partners. We ran some nice clean matches in the quarters and...
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Mark McLeod
Today 07:59 AM
Spark Motor Controller Voltage Ramp Rate
In code compare the current power request to the previous power request and only let it increase/decrease by a limited amount. For example, previous=0 requested=.95, allow a maximum .1 change, would...
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