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What is a tag?
A tag is a keyword added to an item (paper, photo, etc) describing that item. A tag can be a small phrase, but best works as a 1-2 word general description. A good tag would be "transmission" or "Dean Simmons and the Kamen Brothers". See the tag naming conventions, below. A bad tag would be "my favorite robot" or "awesome red team shirt". Tags will replace the current 'folder' or 'sub-gallery' organization scheme that existed in the old Picture Galleries and White Papers sections of ChiefDelphi.com

I added a phrase tag and it was changed to all one word in some places; what gives?
All tags are stored internally as lowercase concatenations of the original tag. So, "Dean Simmons and the Kamen Brothers" would become "deansimmonsandthekamenbrothers". When displayed on the page, you will see the version you entered (with the spaces).

Is there a certain way to format tags?
Yes, we are going to try to enforce some naming conventions in the tagging system. Below are some guidelines for adding tags:
  • Years: 4-digit years should be used. (ie: 1992, not 92 or '92)
  • Team Numbers: frc47, fll23, etc. Please use the simplified version (frc47, rather than frc0047, etc.)
  • Regional Competitions: "Greater Toronto Regional" "Greater Toronto Regional 2006" 2006 regional (note: all 4 should be added; one for the regional event and one for the particular year, one for the year in general, one to note it's a regional) Regional names should match that on the FIRST website regional listing.
  • Off-Season Competitions: "Indiana Robotics Invitational" "Indiana Robotics Invitational 2005" "Off-Season Competition" 2005 (note: all 4 should be added; one for the event and one for the particular year, one for the year in general, one to note it's an off-season competition)
  • People: "Andy Baker", "Dave Lavery", etc. You should only add a person's name as a tag if they are pictured in the photo, or the paper is about them. Please use full names, wherever possible, to help differenciate 'Andy' as Andy Baker or Andy Grady, etc. Authors and photographers can be documented elsewhere.
  • Robots: The 'robot' tag is appropriate when there is just one robot (generally, in full view) in the picture. It is used to distinguish those photos that are showcasing their robot.
Tags can always be edited, and multiple versions of a tag can be aliased to the same tag. A 'tag editor' will be made, eventually. For now, if you see something really weird, send a PM to Brandon Martus.

What prevents a user from adding incorrect or improperly formatted tags?
Every tag that is added to an item will have to go through a community-based moderation. Every member of the Chief Delphi Forums can vote on the addition/removal of tags. Rules:
  • Four unanimous for/against votes will add the tag to an item.
  • After two weeks and at least one for/against vote, majority rules. Tags stay pending addition/removal until there is at least one vote.
  • Voting access can be removed on a per-user basis.
  • Some members and administrators will be able to bypass the voting system. Please don't ask for this ability -- it will be given out.

Should I add a tag for the author or photographer?
No, this is documented (and searchable) in the record for the item you are adding. Tags should be keywords about the item (people/things in the photos, people/things the white paper is about, etc.)

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