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Yeah it can be pretty scary to be writing a business plan when you have no idea what to do, that was me last year.

Ok, here are some things to include.

1.Executive summary- Overview of the whole business plan, but keep it short and sweet. This always goes first, even before the table of contents!
2.Table of contents- self-explanatory
3. Team description- what is your team, another overview basically, you will go into more depth about your team further into the plan.
4. History- what has your team won, gained, lost, everything important!!
5. Organization- a page or so about FIRST, since that is the organization your team is involved with.
6. Target market- simply who do you promote FIRST to? How? Why?
7.Goals- The goals set for your team, go into depth about the important ones. Why did your team set this goal? What are you looking to accomplish?
8.Long-term growth- If you are a veteran team, how has your team grown and progressed?
9.Marketing strategy- How do you promote your team within FIRST? How do you promote your team within the community? Why do you choose to go about it that way?
10.Management and Organization- How your team is run (coaches, mentors, etc.)
11.Operations- Of your team has a complex way of getting things done explain each group (build team, awards team, etc) in depth
12.Budget- What exactly your team has spent, fundraised, sponsors, donations, etc.
13.Community Involvement- How your team interacts with the community (demonstrations etc)
14.Competition- Even though we all show gracious professionalism, talk about the team you graciously run up against often.

Here are basics of what to have. Of course go in depth with each one and feel free to add anything else you feel is necessary. It doesnít have to go in this order, the exception of the executive summary. don't forget to add the negative things that have happened to your team because the judges aren't looking for which team had less trouble, they are looking at how well thought out your team is run. Everyone has bumps in the road! Hopefully this helps you. Anyone feel free to add to this! Plus donít hesitate to PM me or email me with any questions you have. Iíll be more then happy to answer them.
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