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Wink Fundraising

Here is a great fundraiser.
Take the car wash to the next level.
Here is how it works, Advertise two to three days a week after school you will be hosting a car detailing fundraiser. The cars must be washed prior to bringing them to the detailing.
The materials needed:
1.Windex glass cleaner
2.Armorall protectant for tires and rubber parts
3.Three to four foam sponges for wax applicators
4.Paper towels
5.Old towels for wax removal
6.Cotton "T" shirts for armorall application

2 students apply wax
2 students do rims and tires
2 students remove wax
1 student does outside of windows only
1 student applies armorall to rubber car components
1 supervisor usually an adult will monitor quality control

Once you get the routine down you can finish 4 cars per hour
our team was asking for donations of minimum $25 for regular cars and $35 for SUV's

We were clearing easily $150 in as little as one 2 hour session
and raised nearly $2000 for the short time we did this.

Get on this activity ASAP if everyone works well and learns their job, and the participants work as a team it will be very successful.
The time to do this is now! everone is looking to wax their car for the winter season.
P.S. Use the term Car Detailing /Waxing it makes a difference.
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