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Tips for storing premade wires

We're making a push to get all of our inventory buttoned down and organized. We're focused on getting most 'smallish' things into containers like this this harbor freight parts storage box.

We have one tub that is full of premade wire. Even after purging it of bad / useless / easy to remake wires, we still have a lot of wires that are useful to hang on to. Things like wires with barrel plug output for going into cameras and/or switches, solenoid control wires, 3 wire pwm cables, things like that.

I wouldn't say it's a lot, but it's enough that the tub is a pretty nasty jumble.

I've tried twist ties and velcro ties. I find you still get a fair bit of jumble with that. I've tried ziploc bags, and that's my current go to strategy. I think our default is to get a few of the harbor freight boxes and a bunch of ziploc bags and go with that. All the students and other mentors look at me funny when I suggest this, though, so I'm wondering if I'm missing a better strategy.

Anyone have better practices that work well for managing premade wires?


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