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That game is madd fun. Personally knowing dean's speeches, I don't think he would allow such a game, especially if FIRST enters his mind for a second. I'm sure he wants to be known as the head guy from a "cool" company, but it is like the "cool" dad, do you do the "cool" thing, or the right thing? I dunno, personally I laughed my butt off when I read the following line from the letter sent to

".....and your portrayal of our product in connection with the mistreatment of elderly people."

YOU WOULD NEVER THINK IN A MILLION YEARS ANYONE WOULD EVER SAY THAT! I bet you THAT person was the First person to EVER say those words!! There are some sentences you know that NO ONE has EVER SAID! and THAT was one of them! You should think a sentence to call your own, one that was never said before... but it probably won't compare to the above one! LONG LIVE SEGWAY, LONG LIVE FIRST, LONG LIVE OLD PEOPLE!
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