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CDI: Part III?

Hi Joe,


Part I.
I remember the days of CDI when we arrived early Saturday morning, had 4 hours to design and construct our kits, and then competed all afternoon. Good stuff.

Part II.
I also remember being dismayed when CDI suddenly became a 5-6 week project. Don't get me wrong. The games were a blast, the whole idea was good. But for those of us with limited mentoring and engineering personnel, it was too much and too close to FIRST kickoff. Time - a big issue.
Personally, my team and I couldn't handle it because of the work required to run Sweet Repeat in late October each year.

Part III.
Okay. I like this idea a lot. This will encourage greater use of the EduBot, which can only be a good thing. Just think of the creativity we'd see with this wonderful little kit. This is perhaps one of the strongest rationales for bringing back the CDI, and it would dovetail beautifully with FIRST's objectives.

The EduBot seems to be under-utilized and underappreciated. I'm sure the folks at FIRST will applaud this venture.

This can only lead to better things. Practice in design, strategy, time management, flying-by-the-seat-of-their-pants, and teamwork; all in a very workable, very do-able microcosm. The use of EduBot is right. The timing is right. The price is right. Good stuff. I love this idea, Joe.

"If you build it, they will come."

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